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How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

How to Choose an Electric Shaver?

As compared to hand razors, electric shavers are more convenient and easier-to-use. They are available in a wide range, offering features like sonic vibration, shaving heads, shaving sensors, and chilling heads.

For men's, having a reliable electric shaver is an absolute must for their grooming requirements.

If you are someone who wants to look at their absolute best, you might want to consider buying an electric shaver. 

Making a purchasing decision of an electric shaver is overwhelming because honestly there are too many options worth considering. 

If you are someone who has the same question of which electric shaver to buy, then you have come to the right place. 

By the end of this guide, you will know everything worth considering while buying an electric shaver.

The following are some of the essential things that you must consider when buying an electric shaver for your grooming kit. 

1. Rotary or Foil

There are two main types of electric shavers, both of which serve the same purpose but have a slight difference because of their making.

Rotary Shaver

These type of electric shaver are well suited for those who have tough skin types and for people with medium to coarse beard density. 

The blades associated with such shavers are capable of delivering a close shave. 

They consist of round heads with rotating cutters providing you a close and clean shave. In addition to this, there is also a guard which ensures that your skin is protected from blades. 

These type of electric shaver are perfect for men who have thick and long hair as well for those who are not intended to shave every day. 

Foil Shaver

For someone who has straight and short hair, foil shaver is the perfect choice for your electric shaver requirement. 

It is made from curved thin metal foil which is wrapped around cutting blades. The foil physically lifts the hair just before guiding them into the cutting blades. 

Such type of shaver is noisier than rotary shaver and not suited for people with long hair. 

If you are someone who has sensitive skin and shaves every day, foil electric shaver is the best option for your grooming kit.

2. Budget

Once you have decided the kind of electric shaver that you must buy, the next thing to consider while purchasing an electric shaver is your budget and the cost of the shaver. It is essential to know that the prices of electric shaver vary from $20 to $1000 and above. 

Thus, it is crucial to know who much money you would want to spend on your next electric shaver. There is no point looking at $250 electric shaver and making up your mind to buy it, only to realize that it is out of your price range. 

Look for an electric shaver that is in your budget range and is also good in terms of quality. There are plenty of options available in the market that offer good quality and are budget-friendly at the same time. 

3. Corded or Cordless

The thing with cordless razors is that they offer freedom and convenience. However, at times the battery can become a hindrance, as you will have to charge the shaver more frequently. 

Cordless razors can be a great choice for people who are often traveling. 

Active travelers must always go for a cordless option. However, if you are someone who is mostly at home and does not travel much, the corded type will be a good bet. 

Yes, do not get much freedom with the shaver having a cord, but you will get maximum power, all the time. 

When buying a corded shaver, look at the length of the cord carefully. A long cord can cause a problem when twist and turn. But at the same time, it provides a higher degree of flexibility. 

4. LED Interface

Though having an LED interface is not completely necessary, but having it in your electric shaver does not harm either. The LED interface can prove to be beneficial as through which you can always know the status of your shaver and the amount of battery left in it. 

Thus, if the electric shaver that you are looking to buy has an LED interface, then most probably the cost of it will be higher. 

5. Battery Life

Another thing that you must undoubtedly consider while purchasing an electric shaver is battery life.

For people who are looking for a cordless shaver, this becomes all the more important for them. You must know how long you will be able to operate the shaver on a full charge and how long it will take for you to charge the shaver again. Look for the shaver that offers a longer duration of battery life. 

6. Wet and Dry

A few men prefer to make use of the electric shaver when they are taking a shower, to save the amount of their valuable time.

In addition to this, if you have acne or sensitive skin, you might want to make use of gels or cream while shaving. 

For such cases, look for wet and dry electric shavers.

7. Warranty

There are numerous options to consider when it comes to electric shavers offering from so many different brands. Always look for products that have a good warranty. In the event when your shaver stops working unexpectedly, having a warranty can help you get it fixed or replaced at no additional cost. 

8. Ergonomics of Razor

Lastly, look for the razor that feels comfortable in your hand. 

You can find electric razors in multiple shapes and sizes. The one that is shaped like disposable razors is a good fit for most except for one with larger hands. 

If possible, try an electric razor in your hand, before making an actual buy. Ensure that it can reach all part of your face easily. 

Electric Shavers to Look Out

Look for the product that offers good quality, is in your budget range, having all the features that you need and has the most extended warranty period. 

1. Xiaomi ES3 3D electric shaver

With an elegant design, the Xiaomi ES3 3D Electric Shaver comes with three blades that create a mesh loop to shave from all directions. It has a 600 mAh Li-ion battery that allows the shaver to work for around an hour when it is 100% charged. The shaver has two different shaving modes that can be used for adjusting the speed. High-speed mode and extreme speed mode. 

You can buy the product for approximately $19.99. 

Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor



2. SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver

The SOOCAS S3 Electric Shaver comes with a double-ring mesh that improves your shaving experience. 

The electric shaver is compatible for wet and dry use. 

It has a 600 mAh Li-ion battery and comes with a USB Type-C port for faster-charging capabilities. You can get a fully charged shaver within an hour. You can make use of it for up to 60 minutes with full charging. 

It is waterproof and can be used while having a shower. 

You can buy the product for approximately $40. 

SOOCAS S3 Electric Men Washable Razor from Xiaomi youpin



3. FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver

The FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver offers a secure and comfortable shaving experience and that too at a reasonable price. 

The 3D floating shaver keeps the cutting heads close to the skin for fast and effective shaving. It comes with a rechargeable battery, that can be used for up to 60 minutes within a single charge. However, it takes a longer period, around 8 hours to get fully charged. You can buy the product for approximately $13.99.

FLYCO FS362EU Electric Shaver with Comfort Cut Blade System for Men



4. SHINON Rechargeable Shaver

The SHINON Rechargeable Shaver is popular among people who are always on the go.

It is water-resistant, thus cleaning the shaver is easier as compared to some of the other electric shavers. It comes with an LCD screen, where you can see the amount of battery left. It has a 700 mAh Li-ion battery that requires 90 minutes to get charged completely. 

It is water-resistant and not waterproof. Thus, it must be used only in dry condition. 

Final Thoughts

With so many options available, getting the best electric shaver that perfectly suits your requirements can take a lot of time. 

In this guide, we have listed out all of the details that you must consider while buying an electric shaver for your grooming kit. We have also listed a few electric shavers that we thought were worth mentioning to our readers. 

Follow the tips that we have discussed in the post, and we guarantee that you will be able to get the best electric shaver for yourself.

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