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Don’t Let Blackheads Ruin Your Nice-looking Face! This under $15 Vacuum Suction Tool from Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding Will be Your Savior!

Don’t Let Blackheads Ruin Your Nice-looking Face! This under $15 Vacuum Suction Tool from Xiaomi Mi Crowdfunding Will be Your Savior!

The crowdfunding price of inFace Blackhead Remover is only 99 yuan, i.e., under $15. It is dedicated to the deep cleaning, blackhead removal for both men and women without doing any harm to the skin.

So far, crowdfunding project of the inFace Blackhead Remover has been supported by 114,173 people, with 11,303,062 yuan (over $1,593,505) gathered. As you can see, so many people are looking for a reliable solution to blackheads.

Are you terrified by the repetitive outburst of blackheads? Did you fail to remove them by using nose strips, salt, or pimple pins? As your skin is getting more and more sensitive, is there a reliable tool? 

The inFace Blackhead Remover uses the vacuum suction to effectively reach the root of blackheads, cleaning each pore as it passes by.

The direct suction mode is powerful enough, intended for men with thick stratum corneum, and the gentle mode is suitable for women and those with sensitive skin.

Three levels of suction are available for you. “Low” is gentle, ideal for the dry skin; “MID” is for mixed skin; “HIGH” is designed for deep cleaning the oily skin. 

Additionally, the inFace Blackhead Remover comes with four nozzles for cleaning different areas. The big round nozzle is for the face, the danger triangle, or a large zone with blackheads. 

For the sensitive parts of the face, the little round nozzle will work. The oval nozzle is for lifting and tightening the skin. What’s more, there is a mode dedicated to for acne-prone skin. 

With the specially designed 30-degree curve, the nozzle fits well with the skin, while enhancing the suction without scratching your skin. It can suck out the impurities inside the pores, effectively removing blackheads. 

The gentle mode treats your skin in such a mild way that your skin won’t be reddish or purplish after cleaning. 

The dedicated acne removal nozzle can remove the acne and the impurities together while avoiding the pores from infection. It is safe and hygienic. 

Plus, the blackhead remover is compact, with only 3.5cm in diameter. It is portable, thus, ideal for skincare at any time and anywhere.

Stay tuned with us for the arrival of inFace Blackhead Remover!

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