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Haylou T16: The New Headset killer in 2020 with ANC For About $69.99?

Haylou T16: The New Headset killer in 2020 with ANC For About $69.99?

I vowed secretly that I no longer write about Bluetooth headsets. There are really too many Bluetooth headsets these years. But soon, I violated my heart. Because, in the past two days, there is a headset that has aroused my great curiosity, and that is the Haylou T16 true wireless active noise reduction headset that will be crowdfunded in Xiaomi Youpin.
This ANC active noise reduction headset cost only 69.99 USD, which aroused my great curiosity. Because the most ANC active noise reduction Bluetooth headsets currently on the market are expensive, all-around 150 USD. For example, the earlier released AirPods Pro sells for more than 249 USD, Sony 1000MX3 sells for about 279 USD. If you count the OPPO Enco W51 released this year, the price of ANC is barely around 99 USD.

But a headsets with ANC feature for a price of 69.99 USD that sounds good, I really can’t even think about it, so this aroused my curiosity. I want to find out how this headset is, whether ANC noise reduction is a gimmick or a genuine product? So I will clarify this point for everyone so after reading my review you will know if it is Worth it or not.


The packaging of the earphone adopts a sleeve design. The front of the outer sleeve is a rendering of the earphone, and the back is an introduction to the product's parameters and selling points. There is a layer of plastic film on the outside.

After unpacking, the black box body is exposed. The inner box is made of corrugated paper, but it is relatively thin. The way the package is folded is the upper cover. when you open the lid, you can see the earphone , which are placed separately. The card mold in the middle is a plastic card mold pasted on the bottom of the thin cardboard, which is for cost saving. After all, the price of this headset is here.

At the bottom of the card mold is the headset manual english card, a USB-C charging cable, and 5 pairs of ear caps (not including the headset). The accessories are very complete, beyond my expectation. Few earphones with more than 69.99 USD are equipped with 5 pairs of ear caps. As far as packaging is concerned, although the paper is thinner, the addition of plastic card molds also ensures the overall strength. It also ensures the overall strength. It may be as much as possible to spend the money on the headset!


The one I took is black, and it is only black at the moment. Other colors will not be ruled out in the future.

There is a layer of hard plastic on the outside of the earphone box. When I remove it , the glue on the plastic was accidentally left on the earphone box, which affected the appearance a little, but it didn't get in the way. It is recommended to replace it with a soft plastic bottom strap in the future. The size of the headset charging box is 39.2mm wide and 73.2mm long. This size is placed in the size of current ordinary Bluetooth headsets and belongs to the compact level. If it is placed in the ANC Bluetooth headset, it is even more compact. The whole earphone box is relatively rounded, with a fine matte process, and feels very comfortable. There is a small groove on the front for easy opening, and a type-c charging port on the back, also the product's inscription and certification information at the bottom, all those things printed very lightly. This sleek charging box makes people forget that this headset also comes with wireless charging. The weight of the charging box is about 50g.


When choosing a Bluetooth headset, wearing is also a very important reason. This earphone adopts an in-ear design. Because of the ANC noise reduction, the in-ear type is much better than the half-in-ear. The shape of the earphone looks a little strange, a bit like a raised ingot shape. When worn, the outer body of the earphone is upward and the earplug is obliquely downward to distinguish the left and right ears. The shape of the earphone looks a little bigger than a normal earphone. The weight per ear is 5.1g, but it is much smaller than the Sony 1000MX3. After all, the structure of ANC is different from ordinary headphones, and there are many more components.

The default earphones on the earphones are medium-sized earplugs. I asked my wife to try it on, which is also very suitable. Because my wife's ears are very picky, many in-ear Bluetooth headsets are not suitable for her, or uncomfortable, but this Haylou T16 is very suitable.

This shows that when designing the structure of headphones, Haylou T16 does a lot of tests in advance and takes into account the comfort of women.

After wearing it, I shook my head quickly and continuously and performed a wearing test. The headset was worn well and did not fall off. This Haylou T16 was worn for a long time, and it was okay, there was no feeling of pressure or foreign body. Wearing the above is considered a pass. It can be used for simple exercises and stable exercises. Intense exercises are not recommended.

Connection and sound quality

The first connection of the headset is a bit slow. After turning on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and taking out the headset, it takes about 2 seconds to connect to the Bluetooth. However, it is convenient to connect every time after opening the cover. In terms of sound quality, we must first talk about the sound unit. The official name is CCAW voice coil, the full name should be CCAW (copper clad aluminum wire).let’s just talk about the sound quality

My ears are a bit woody, but this does not prevent me from distinguishing sound quality, because I always believe that there is no harm without contrast. I Connect the Haylou T16 and another noise-cancelling earphone of about 100 USD with a mobile phone, and perform a back-to-back switching comparison when playing the same song, and I can easily distinguish the sound quality of the earphones.

For the bass, I used two different music song . Haylou T16 performance is not bad, not much different from the other pair of headphones, and occasionally there will be some muffled sounds. For the treble, I chose a random high quality song to test with it . The Haylou T16 performed very well, but there is still a gap between the headphones that are several times higher. Overall, the sound quality of Haylou T16 is significantly higher than the sound quality of the 69.99 USD band, but there are still some subtle differences with headphones above 100 USD, and individual treble and bass performance are flawed. But for this price, the sound quality is not bad at all.

Control and noise reduction

Why should we talk about control and noise reduction together? Because Haylou T16 uses touch control, there is no physical switch.

Tap any earphone for one second to pause or play music, and you can answer the call in the incoming call state; you can hang up the phone in any 1.5 seconds; you can wake up the phone's voice assistant by long pressing any ear for 1.5 seconds in listening to music or standby mode; tap the right ear to Switch to the next song twice; touch the left ear twice to switch the noise reduction mode, followed by three modes: transparent, noise reduction, and outdoor; touch the right ear 3 times to turn on or off the low latency mode. All the operations of the headset are done by touch, especially the opening and switching of noise reduction, so this operation process needs to be memorized.

The noise reduction depth of Haylou T16 is 35dB, which is the same level as OPPO Enco W51, and it is almost equivalent to the 40dB of 1MORE noise reduction beans. The noise reduction of the left ear reached a peak of 35dB at 70H, and the noise reduction of the right ear reached a peak of 30dB at 110Hz.

When turning on noise reduction, first touch the left earphone twice, and there will be a voice prompt, so the switch of noise reduction mode can be judged according to the voice mode. You can turn on the noise reduction mode on the subway, and you can clearly feel the noise reduction. In the home environment, it is difficult to hear the noise reduction effect without listening carefully, and only a slight difference can be heard by listening carefully. After all, the physical noise reduction effect of this headset is also good.

In addition, this headset also has the ability to resist wind noise. If you turn on the outdoor mode and blow against the fan, the wind sound will be significantly weaker. The same is true when you turn on the noise reduction mode when walking. The wind noise resistance is still acceptable.

Battery life and other

Haylou T16 uses the current mainstream type-c interface. The charging box has no battery display, but it has wireless charging, which is good. The battery capacity of a single earphone is 50mAh, and the capacity of the battery box is 600mAh. The theoretical calculation charging box can charge the earphone 6 times.

The official battery life data is that the listening time is about 4 hours, the ANC can be listened to at 75% volume for 5.5 hours, and the ANC is turned on for 4.5 hours at full volume. This battery life is not bad, and it is at a medium level in the market. The official endurance time is 32 hours, based on 5.5*6, which is still reasonable and should be the maximum endurance time.

In terms of charging, it takes 2 hours to fully charge a single earphone, and 3 hours to fully charge the charging box, which is slightly longer.
For other conveniences, Haylou T16 uses ipx5 waterproof, which is standard for Bluetooth headsets. It is also equipped with an APP, which can quickly switch noise reduction through APP.

Summary of this review:

1: The prompt tone is in English, and it is recommended that the prompt tone be added in a different language version
2: The charging time of the headset box is slightly longer, and there is no battery reminder.
3: The appearance needs to be enhanced, and the color is only black.
1: for 69.99 USD you can enjoy ANC noise reduction.
2: There is an outdoor mode to resist wind noise.
3: The sound quality is not bad, the sound quality belongs to the 100 USD gear.
4: Abundant accessories, a total of 6 pairs of ear caps.
It is not easy to achieve ANC active noise reduction at a price of 69.99 USD. Although there is a difference in performance from hundred dollars headset, the overall performance of Haylou T16 has already stood out among the 69.99 USD headsets, and it makes ANC active noise reduction. The price of Bluetooth headsets has dropped to a price that the public can consume.

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