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You Can't Really Beat the Price! Grab the New Flagship of Xiaomi: RedmiBook 14 Won't Let You Down

You Can't Really Beat the Price! Grab the New Flagship of Xiaomi: RedmiBook 14 Won't Let You Down

To become a participant in the Internet revolution, you need to get a superb laptop for seamless learning.

I was looking for a laptop that would match my taste and offer plenty of unique functions. I did a lot of research which convinced me that it was difficult to buy a laptop. Luckily, last month, I happened to read the post related to the first Redmi laptop on social media, it helped me a lot. 

Honestly, I want to share with you why Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Laptop attracted me. So, let us have a look at some of its unique features.


Xiaomi notebook is easy to carry with an overall thickness of 17.95mm and weight of 1.5kg. It has a 14-inch display which is vivid and delicate, with 81.2% high screen-to-body ratio, 1920x1080 resolution. 

Performance & Storage:

It is powered by 8th generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor which offers smooth operation, in combination with NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. There is also a solid-state drive that has a large storage capacity up to 512 GB along with 8 GB high-speed DDR4 flash memory.


To lower the temperature, or to exhaust hot air, a new cooling system is used in the new Redmi notebook. The large fan with an effective cooling hole design offers efficient cooling to optimize the performance. 

Touchpad that supports multiple gestures:

The touchpad which supports multi-touch gestures helps to scroll up and down by using a single finger. 

A few gestures can be used to complete common tasks, including zooming in and out, scrolling through the document, selecting texts, moving an item, and so on. You can use common gestures or press the button to complete simple tasks, including:

•Press the left button of the touchpad to select an item.
•Press the right button to open the menu and App commands in a system.

Full-size keyboard:

Xiaomi laptop is one of the best notebooks for blogging thanks to its full-size keyboard which has 19mm wide keys and a travel distance of 1.3 mm. For content writers and bloggers, it is essential to select the best notebook for comfortable writing. 

Although writing is the other name of freedom, especially if you are remote working, but sticking with one place for an extended period. 

You will find dozens of latest notebooks in the market, but when it comes to select the best notebook for blogging, Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 is a perfect option. It is also good for entrepreneurs, designers, and webmasters. 

This is because its comfortable full-size keyboard offers you great comfort with the favorable travel distance, which gives a premium experience while typing.

Microsoft Office:

Students who need to prepare for a presentation with PowerPoint, process data with Excel, or want to write an article on Word require Microsoft office in laptops. Hopefully, you will get excited because Xiaomi notebook is preloaded with the latest version of Microsoft office. 

Furthermore, researchers can quickly add the reference by attaching endnote with Microsoft Word. Xiaomi RedmiBook 14-inch Laptop offers student edition which facilitates writing, note-taking, editing, and group study along with routine work.

Battery life:

Within less than 35 minutes, the large battery of 46Wh can be charged to 50% with a 65W adapter. Normally, the laptop can last up to 10 hours if you browse online or stream video. It is great for an office worker who requires a long battery life.

Connectivity option:

There are several connectivity options, including a USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port (1.4 HDMI), a 3.5mm input, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. But the USB Type-C port is missing in this notebook.


The price of Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 laptop starts from $799.99 for 256GB SSD storage and Intel Core i5 processor, but RedmiBook 512GB SSD model is available at $1034.10. For premium users, Xiaomi offers a high standard model with 512GB SSD and 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor at $1287.38.


Based on my research, I want to recommend Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Laptop to writers, bloggers, researchers, students, professors, and entrepreneurs due to its unique, high-quality functionality and features. 

Its specifications are extraordinary, as the 14-inch high-resolution display, 8GB RAM, i5/i7 Processor Core to Windows 10 make it one of the best notebooks in the market. It will be available from 11th June. Don’t miss the opportunity!


Xiaomi RedmiBook Notebook 14 inch Laptop



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