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2 in 1 Magnetic Stylus Pen Set Gives You Tons of Fun. Why Work Or Study?

2 in 1 Magnetic Stylus Pen Set Gives You Tons of Fun. Why Work Or Study?

I liked spinning a pen when I was at school.

I span a pen whenever I felt bored, stressful, or pondered a problem. 

Of course, others mastered numerous tricks, whereas I only span it in the simplest ways. 

After I graduated for a few years, I forgot the only one or two simple ways that I had mastered.

But I've found something more interesting than spinning a pen. That is this creative magnetic fidget pen. 

This magnetic fidget pen is a pen for writing and stress relief.

# Practical for writing

First of all, it can be used as an ordinary pen for writing. It seems that nothing is different.

The shell is at the outside. Go to a stationery store to buy a refill and put it in it.

In spite of brands, you can find refills readily available in any stationery store.

In addition to writing, the other end can also be used as a touch pen. So, you can directly control electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. 

Of course, besides writing, this pen has a lot of fun places.

# Stress relief intelligence toy

This pen is magnetic because it is made of gold-plated magnetic material. We can change its shape randomly. There are no boundaries to your imagination.

For example, you can make a compass with the magnetism, and use it to draw a circle. It is so easy!

After studying hard, make a simple fidget spinner to play for a while.

When you feel uneasy at work, take out the pen and spin it for a while. Maybe you will get inspired later.

Please note that this pen is like a fidget spinner. You can't easily stop once you start playing, and a day may pass by in a flash. 

If someone criticizes you that you always play with the pen and ignore studying, do an Oersted's experiment and tell him that you are doing research and dedicated to innovation.

Additionally, you can use this magnetic fidget pen to make various shapes.

As long as you come out an idea, you'll enjoy playing with the fidget pen.

Of course, we shouldn't only play with the pen, but focus on our study/work instead. (Otherwise, how can we earn money?) 

This pen is available in two colors, namely, gold and silver. You can buy a few of them, and combine them as you like. 

# Reminders

I don't recommend that children use a magnetic pen or similar ones on the market.

Keep the product out of reach for children, because any part of the magnetic pen could be bitten off or swallowed by them. It is also dangerous if they get into the habit of biting the nib of the pen or putting the magnet in the mouth.

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