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Populele U1 Smart Ukulele Turns Learning into Playing Games

Populele U1 Smart Ukulele Turns Learning into Playing Games

It's an adorable and portable ukulele that is easy to learn. It allows you to get the hang of the instrument through playing games.

The design of Populele is inspired by the chocolate cookies. You'll fall in love with its fascinating colors and round shape.

The two colors look simple. As the original color of the maple and the chocolate coating harmonize with each other, recalling you of the chocolate biscuits.

The coating has gone through over ten processes of spraying for better control of the spraying precision, ensuring the great tactile experience, and sound effect of the soundbox.

The panel of Populele is made of the best Engelmann spruce.

The overtone effect of the Engelmann spruce is the most outstanding. More precisely, it can reproduce powerful and mellow sound. 

The panel on both sides is the European maple. The maple features high tensile strength, so it can generate crisp and bright echo, which accords with the characteristics of the ukulele. 

The luthiers select each panel, which is made of a big log impossible to be carried by a man. Thanks to the radial cut, the pattern is straight on the cross-section, which ensures the compactness of the wood.

The nylon strings come from the Italian brand, Aquila. The tensile strength is slightly smaller, whereas it is highly flexible. The strings are thicker than ordinary ukulele strings; however, they can reproduce gentler sound.

(Guitars use steel strings, whereas, ukuleles use nylon strings which won't hurt your fingers.)

There are 18 teeth for tuning, which makes the sound more accurate. Moreover, it's easier to maintain for a long time.

The ukulele is so small and cute that a girl can hold it with a single hand and carry it everywhere effortlessly.

It takes 2.5 hours to charge the lithium-ion battery fully. If used 1 hour per day, Populele 2 can work for two weeks. 

It can also be a lovely gift. 

If you choose to buy the combo, a waterproof storage bag is provided. There are two pockets on the front to accommodate different accessories. Additionally, the shoulder straps are adjustable.

The combo version also provides spare Aquila strings and two custom picks. 

Recently, the little instrument, the ukulele, is hot!

It's fantastic that Taylor Swift has published a book, Taylor Swift For Ukulele, to instruct playing the ukulele.

It is a miniature guitar. 

The reasons behind its popularity are:


Easy to learn;



It can activate the atmosphere better than other instruments at a party, on the stage, etc. You'll know it as long as you play it for a minute.

You don't need a teacher because the provided App can instruct you, turning you a talent from a beginner within one week.

Let's see how to play it:

Under the neck are 72 LED lights, which can light up to the music via Bluetooth connection.

You can quickly put your fingers of your left hand according to the indication of the light. Then, use your right hand to sweep the strings by following the instruction on the App. Therefore, a beginner can follow the rhythm and quickly get the hang of it. 

It has a unique sound recognition function, which can detect the sound you make and tell you whether it's accurate or not. From the App, you can see whether you make it right or wrong. It's like a private music teacher. 

You can pass all the levels in 2 hours and master the basic fingerings for the chords.

Next, you can depend on the arrangement and combination of the chords and play the accompaniment music for endless songs. 

The App offers you access to an extensive database of songs, lyrics, accompaniment music, and fingering. You can find all the songs you want.

What's more, each time you play the Populele, you can record the sound and share it immediately to your Wechat or blog. You'd win a lot of likes for the post.

After you get familiar with it, you will know mastering a musical instrument is pleasant. 

After listening to a song several times, you can play it without difficulty. In combination with the rhythm, modification, and ornamented notes, your music is sure to be more euphonious than the original.

You can attract full attention by merely casually performing as if you were a glorious god/goddess. 

There is also the 2-players mode in which one is required to play the Populele, and the other is to beat the drum on the App.

Parents and kids can play together, creating a lively atmosphere.

Needless to mention, what it would be like between a couple.

Is there anything better than it to create a pleasant atmosphere at parties, Christmas or New Year? 

Product Package

PopuMusic manufactures the Populele. 

Its founder is a man born in the 1990s, who has discovered the enormous potential of smart instruments when studying overseas and determined to establish a business later. 

In September this year, PopuMusic was reported and shown on the big screen in Times Square in New York because of its innovative and extraordinary design.

Tips for Use:

1. You can play the Populele U1 as the same when it runs out of electricity, but not connect it to the mobile phone App for interaction in games, because the light can't turn on.

2. How to connect it via Bluetooth: press the button on the Populele U1, open the App to establish the Bluetooth connection. Sweep the Apps to wake up the Populele;

3. As the development of the program, the music library will be updated;

4. Please play in a quiet environment during tuning to avoid errors in sound recognition;

5. Should the App crash, please turn off some Apps running in the background, because opening too many Apps might lead to the crash;

Maintenance Tips:

1. The wooden ukulele must be protected from moisture, heat, and sun;

2. It's recommended that you use a piece of soft cloth without shedding hair to clean the strings and the ukulele body, especially the strings;

3. When not in use, try your best to keep the ukulele in the bag/box to protect it from the dust and damage resulting from impact and collision;

4. It's recommended that you loosen the strings to avoid the deformation of the neck if you don't use it for a long time;

5. Lubricate the gears next to the turning pegs whenever necessary to facilitate tuning.

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