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The Absolute Baby Stroller of Daddy's Dreams! YOYAPlus 3 Versatile Folding Stroller with Extendable Infant Toddler Footrest

The Absolute Baby Stroller of Daddy's Dreams! YOYAPlus 3 Versatile Folding Stroller with Extendable Infant Toddler Footrest

Why does daddy/mummy need a reliable baby stroller?

Among all the products that you would buy for your baby, getting a stroller for them is essential as it helps in moving around with much more ease. 

When you go out for a short walk or to a supermarket, your newborn will need to have a carriage to sit down flat facing you. In addition to this, toddlers can easily get tired while walking. 

Walking can create a lot of stress and strain on their legs and feet. Toddlers can only walk a small distance before getting tired. However, this should not stop you from going to the park. 

As a result of which, it becomes essential for you to have a reliable baby stroller that can carry your child as you take a walk in the park or visit a supermarket for grocery shopping. 

What makes YOYAPlus 3 pram stand out?

YOYAPlus 3 pram is small in size and can be carried quite easily. It comes with a trolley case design that allows you to release your hands. It is lightweight and compact, which means the stroller doesn't take much space. 

As a result of this, you can carry it easily inside a plane or a train or a car. It is quite easy to fold the stroller and can be done with the use of a single hand. 

There is a telescopic pull rod, which makes dragging more labor-saving and your travel more convenient. The stroller can be easily switched between sitting and lying down with an adjustable 98 – 170-degree backrest. 

In addition to this, even the headrest can be adjusted as required to meet different weather needs. With large air vent design, your baby will never be short on fresh air and oxygen. 

It also offers a large storage capacity for keeping baby's essential and a mummy bag to store your phone, keys, or wallets. 

The stroller made from aluminum alloy frame is durable and offers excellent stability to your baby. 

It can even hold the weight of a 65 KG adult. There is an extendable toddler footrest as well, which can be extended as your baby grows up. 

With effective shock absorption technology, you will not have any problems dealing with different types of road conditions. It comes with 7-inch wheels that will carry your baby safely on a flat road without any hiccups. 

There is no reason why you cannot take an evening stroll in the park with your baby anymore or go to the supermarket with them shopping for groceries. 


YOYAPlus 3 pram baby stroller is durable, lightweight, compact, and comes with an ergonomic design. The stroller is currently on sale on Gearbest and is available for only $115.99. 

If you are considering buying a stroller soon enough, the YOYAPlus 3 is the right choice. Check it out on now and get yourself one before the sale ends. You are not going to get the same price ever again.

YOYAplus 3 High Landscape Pram Cart Baby Stroller



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