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True Wireless Power Bank! Adhered and Charging Begins, Use Phone As Normal.

True Wireless Power Bank! Adhered and Charging Begins, Use Phone As Normal.

Nowadays, wireless technology is popular, as we can find a variety of products, such as wireless headphones, speakers, smartphones, power banks, and so on. All depend on wireless technology.

Wireless transmission and wireless control are common, but I have never seen a true "wireless" power bank, until I get it, a true wireless power bank that can be attached to the back of a phone.

This product allows you to get rid of cables and to play with your phone happily while charging.

Adhesive wireless power bank

The reasons why I recommend it:

- Charging starts after adhesion, which is convenient

- Lightweight and portable, in geeks' favorite style

- 2-in-1 design, detachable and practical

- Compatible with many iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi smartphones

Have you heard of an adhesive wireless power bank? To use it, you don't need any cables. 

Avoid using annoying USB cables. Connect the two parts of the charger, attach it to the back of your phone to start charging.

It not only saves a USB cable but also a lot of troubles. More specifically, you won't unplug and plug USB cables frequently, damage the interface of your phone, buy a USB cable incompatible with your phone, entangle the cables, and even spend money on a dozen USB cables later on.

If you can't tolerate the troubles above, go for this wireless power bank! 

If the reasons above aren't convincing, what about this one?

Wireless charging! Because the power bank is light and portable, it allows you to play with your phone. Besides, it won't slip from your hands easily.

For example, when you make a phone call, you can answer the phone while charging; you don't need to worry that the wireless power bank will fall off or occupy the USB interface. 

What's more, you can use it at work, when you watch TV series, listen to songs, and dance.

When it runs out of juice, just charge it with an ordinary USB cable. 

Additionally, it is different from ordinary wireless power banks because its modular design is similar to Lego building blocks. 

Since Google launched "Project Ara," the modular design is widely applied to electronic products, because it means 1+1>2, free combination, and free customization.

The wireless power bank features such a great modular design, printed circuit board (black) + power supply (orange)>wireless power bank.

If you only plug in the black square, it's no different from any wireless power bank. 

If you add the orange square to the black square, you'll have a true wireless power bank.

If the two modules are plugged and attached to your phone, you charge both the phone and the power bank. It saves you time to charge the wireless power bank.

As you can see, it is more practical and interesting than average wireless chargers.

Of course, it is not perfect. The downside of it is that its battery capacity isn't high, only 3000mAh. 

It is the right choice when you want to go out and have a meal. Why take a big power bank instead?

Since it is made for the sake of portability, without a large battery, it is light and small.

Moreover, the power bank looks like a good-looking cigarette case, offering the skin-like feel, trendy colors, and geek style.

Just carry this wireless power bank and your phone. It is so convenient. Don't hesitate! 

Compatible with the following models: 

* The supported models are not limited to the above.
* If your mobile phone doesn't support wireless charging, you can buy a patch to realize the function.

When the stickiness of the black gel is weak, wipe off the dust with a wet cloth and dry it to restore the stickiness.

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