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Yeelight 1SE Smart LED Bulb Global Launched On Gearbest: Ultra-low Price $0.99 (Only 2Pcs Per Day).

Yeelight 1SE Smart LED Bulb Global Launched On Gearbest: Ultra-low Price $0.99 (Only 2Pcs Per Day).

On July 27th, another light lited up at GearBest store -- the Yeelight 1SE Smart LED Bulb.

Just 24 hours after its launch, more than 300Pcs have been sold.

Rock Bottom Price $15.99

During the global launch, the price of Yeelight 1SE Smart LED Bulb on Gearbest is only $15.99.  Once the launch period is over, the price will return to the original price of $29.99.

In other words, if you place an order now, you can enjoy a 47% discount, save $14!  

Save is earn! 

Note, however, that Gearbest only offers this bottom price for the first 1000 orders.

This means that you should settle it from the shopping cart as soon as possible, otherwise you will run the risk of losing an extra $14. I'm not kidding. You should know how popular Yeelight bulbs are.  

2Pcs For $0.99 Per Day

Yes, in order to attract more customers, Gearbest offers 2 Yeelight 1SE Smart LED Bulbs per day for trading at a price of $0.99. 

As far as I know, you still have a good chance of becoming the lucky one.  

Why not try it? Come on, the coupon code is: YEELIGHT1SE

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Yeelight 1SE E27 6W RGBW AC 100 - 240V Smart LED Bulb Colourful Light Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )




Click To View, Gearbest Official will pick 2 winners to give away Yeelight 1SE for free.


Voice Control, Operate without Leaving Sofa

Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulb support voice control, which saves you the trouble of getting up to turn on / off lights. Support Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa.

16 Million Colors to Suit Your Every Need

16 million colors are available, which can change the bright colors according to different festivals and scene needs. You can switch colors freely. A variety of lighting scenes create different atmospheric effects for you.

Color Picking, Combined with Practicality and Fun

When you point the scanning area of the light bulb to an object, the colored light bulb can change to the color of the object in real-time. This function increases your interaction with the light bulb, and also increases the fun of the light bulb.

Color Temperature Adjustment, Always Find the Most Comfortable Light

Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulb can adjust the brightness and color temperature. Cool white light with high brightness and color temperature can be used to provide a clear working environment. Use warm yellow light with low brightness and color temperature to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Sync Lights with Music

Yeelight 1SE intelligent LED bulb can sync with the rhythm of music, turn on the music mode, the bulb will sense the change of the surrounding rhythm, and can switch any color. Very suitable for use when gathering with friends.

6W Ultra-low Power Consumption, More Energy Saving

Yeelight 1SE smart LED bulbs consuming the only 6W, saving energy and using less power than normal incandescent bulbs.

Moonlight Mode Accompany You To Fall Asleep Quickly

When you switch the bulb to moonlight mode, it emits light as light and comfortable as moonlight, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Other Features

Simple installation: Direct installation without hub

On/off timer: You can preset the light bulb switch

25,000 hours lifespan: Super durability and stability


Where To Buy

Yeelight 1SE E27 6W RGBW AC 100 - 240V Smart LED Bulb Colourful Light Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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