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Is Fitness Training Better Than Plastic Surgery?! Here’s How An Ugly Duckling Became A Sexy Goddess

Is Fitness Training Better Than Plastic Surgery?! Here’s How An Ugly Duckling Became A Sexy Goddess

25kg weight loss=plastic surgery
Here’s the experience of a Thai girl.

Yes, these are photos of the same person!

Losing 25kg, an ugly duckling became a beauty!

The girl on the left was Shereen from Thailand.
Her weight varied between 75 - 80kg during adolescence.
Because of the heavyweight,
She doesn’t pay any attention to her appearance.

She was frustrated about her appearance.

After graduation, she neither had a good job/relationship.
Until one day, she decided to change everything,
Mainly by losing weight.
She entered the gym,
And did weighted training tirelessly.

As one can’t burn fat without aerobic exercise,

Shereen did a lot of aerobic exercises: running,



 And her favorite, boxing.

Like anyone else,
In the beginning, not everything went smoothly,
Even though with tedious aerobic exercise, and a strict diet.
Her weight didn’t change too much.
She even wouldn’t go any further due to the negative effects.
Sometimes, she even wanted to give up.
Luckily, a trainer told her to try Muay Thai.
Hence her life was utterly changed.
Shereen fell in love with the exercise. 
She says,
It is tough to stick to exercise, but whenever I want to give up, 
by recalling that others laughed at me, I would grit my teeth.


Shereen had a rigorous diet by insisting on
High protein, low fat, low carbohydrate.
In the beginning,
Her intake of carbohydrates was under 20g.
She had yogurt, beans, fruits, and vegetables instead,
Strictly controlling the amount of food like bread and sugar,
As well as some sweetening agents
(which meant eating more protein).
When the weight remains nearly the same,
She took a series of measures to maintain the weight
E.g., not eating fish and meat with carbohydrates,
And replacing desserts with vegetables and fruits.


Thanks to the intensive training and a scientific diet,
Shereen lost 20kg over six months.
Look! Her muscles appear so beautiful.

 The change is stunning as if she changed her face!


After losing weight successfully, Shereen didn’t end up there.

Fitness training is now indispensable in her life.
Her body shape becomes better and better.
Later, because of her story and beautiful look,
She has become a fitness influencer.

Fitness training has not only changed her look, 
But it also brought her a new job and a relationship.

After reading Shereen’s story, 
Do you feel excited and optimistic?

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