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Xiaomi Never Let Me Down, So Did The Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker

Xiaomi Never Let Me Down, So Did The Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker

I am an introvert, and the music is indispensable to me, my friend gave me this original Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 speaker as a birthday present. 

She asked me to tell her about my experience, and if it worked well, she would buy one for herself. So far, I've been using it for almost a month. Now it is the time to share my experience.

When I received the gift, I got to like it. Its appearance is pure white, rectangular, minimalistic. There is no redundancy. It is the consistent style of Xiaomi products. 

The reason why I like Xiaomi products is that its product design always focuses on user experience. This Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is no exception. 

It's as big as the palm, easy to hold with one hand, and you can put it in any bag easily. Also, the four corners feel good. The entire body of the Bluetooth speaker has only two buttons, the power button, and the voice button, as well as two interfaces. 

You can use it without referring to instructions, which is good for anyone. My friend seems to know me well. She was sure that I would like it. The Bluetooth speaker works well with Android as well as iOS.

I use this Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the beautiful sound, and Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker has never let me down. Because of its high fidelity and stereo, when the music plays, I feel as if I was in a concert, sinking in the ocean of music.

Of course, everyone has different feelings about the voice. It is difficult for me to evaluate the quality of sound objectively. But I found that since I had this Bluetooth speaker, my life has become more enriched. Drink coffee while listening to music. 

Everything is so beautiful, every weekend I ask two or three friends out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the resonance of music as well as the slower pace of life. I like the life-changing product.

First of all, I put the Bluetooth speakers on the table, and after playing music for a while, I felt the temperature of the speakers with my hand, and the results were satisfactory. 

During the test, the table did not make any sound, indicating that the vibration of the speakers was minimal so that the speakers didn't make any noise.

In the first three hours, there was no sign of heat on the speaker surface because of its excellent heat dissipation function, but in the fourth hour, I felt a little hot on the speaker surface, so I turned off the speaker and finished the test. 

Electronic equipment needs maintenance, especially after it runs for a long time, the accumulation of heat will reduce its service life.
Therefore, it is recommended that the continuous playing time shouldn't exceed 3 hours.

I usually charge the speakers every three days, and the battery life is about 10 hours, the same as the official. The last time I went on an outdoor picnic, I used it for more than six hours. Probably because the volume was too high then, but it met my needs.

Cleaning is a headache for lazy people like me. As you all know, Bluetooth speakers can easily attract a small amount of dust when they work, so every time I use it, I wipe it. Fortunately, it is easier to clean. 

All you have to do is sweep it gently with a soft brush. I didn't buy any special brushes because an old soft toothbrush satisfies me.

At first, I thought Bluetooth speakers were trivial and not worth buying. However, after using the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker, I found that the quality of life mainly depends on such dispensable things. If you want to improve your quality of life as I do, don't hesitate to buy this mini Bluetooth speaker.

Original Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker



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