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Testing the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the First Xiaomi Smartphone in 5G Era: 1400% Faster Internet Speed!

Testing the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the First Xiaomi Smartphone in 5G Era: 1400% Faster Internet Speed!

Here comes the 5G era. So far, manufacturers including Huawei, ZTE, Vivo have launched and produced 5G smartphones, and they are officially for sale. Although the number of 5G smartphones is limited, quite a few users are experiencing the charm of 5G ahead of many others.

However, among all the manufacturers, Xiaomi hasn’t launched 5G smartphones in China yet. 

On the way to 5G, Xiaomi is never slack in its work.

Ever since it made smartphones in 2011, Xiaomi always emphasizes that it is a company born for the exploration of technology. After missing the chance to usher the 3G and 4G era, it will definitely grasp the great opportunity to guide the 5G era. 

Xiaomi launched a 5G smartphone much earlier, targeting the European market. The smartphone is Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G version. As far as we know, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is Xiaomi’s flagship for the latter half of the year 2018. It is a mature product, so as the 5G version.

Mi Mix 3 5G version does make a difference with upgrades.

There’s nothing worth mentioning about the appearance of Mi Mix 3 5G version as it is the same as the 4G version. The only difference is the logo of “5G” on the back. The full-screen slider, 6.39-inch screen, and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner remain unchanged, so as specs of the camera. 

However, some internal components are different!

First of all, the processor. As Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is powered by Snapdragon 845 which doesn’t support 5G modem as an add-on, the chipset of the 5G version is Snapdragon 855 with Snapdragon X50 as the modem to support 5G. 

Therefore, the internal structure, especially the mainboard, must have been redesigned and modified. 

The second difference is the battery capacity. Based on the 5G smartphones on the market, we can conclude that 5G smartphones are more power-consuming than 4G ones. That’s the reason why Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 integrates with a 3800mAh battery to ensure sufficient battery life.

5G network speed is 14 times faster than the 4G one.

What is the advantage of 5G? Let’s see! Here is the performance of Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 with 5G network (left) and 4G network (right). 

Please note that currently, 5G network is in the trial - quite unstable. Thus, the Internet speed can’t reach the ideal now. 

However, despite the status quo, the download speed of Xiaomi Mi Mix 5G is up to 810Mbps, which is 1400% faster than it is with the 4G network. Additionally, the upload speed is over 500% higher


As we can see, Xiaomi will definitely be the front runner of the 5G era. By the way, the sales of 5G smartphones have just lasted for less than a month. At least, Xiaomi is ready for the competition, as another Xiaomi 5G smartphone is coming, the Xiaomi Mi 9S! 

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