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If You Only Have One Thing On Subway, Have The Gocomma Built-in 400 Games Console

If You Only Have One Thing On Subway, Have The Gocomma Built-in 400 Games Console

On my birthday, I received a birthday present from a friend. When I opened it, wow, it was a retro game console. The games inside were what we played together, which makes me recall my childhood memories. 

On the way home from work, I couldn't wait to try these games, and then, I am certain this game console has become the indispensable item that I want to bring on the subway.

400 Built-in Games That Are More Attractive Than Your Smartphone

The most attractive thing for me is that there are a lot of games, with built-in 400 games in total, including racing games, adventure games, fighting games, shooting games and so on. All the games that I liked playing in my childhood are included as well as about a hundred new ones known to me.

There are shooting games like the aircraft war, and Tank 1990, which were my favorite. I am so happy to have such a game console.

The most important games for me is arcade games, I experienced a lot of fun when I was a child, like the CONTRA, SNOW BROS, SUPER MARIO BROS, TURTLE, JACKAL, DOUBLE DRAGON and so on. I love playing such games as I believe that the arcade is the soul.  

This device is very powerful. Basically, the games I played when I was young are pre-installed on the SD card and the process couldn’t be saved. However, different difficulty levels are available to choose from. The game console functions exactly the same. Awesome!

I don’t have to download a dozen games which take up a lot of memory of my phone, slower the operation speed, and use limited mobile data on the subway to kill time anymore!

Playing These Games On The Subway Is Like A Time Travel

The feeling of playing the games is no worse than the experience of playing games by using the TV at home. It is because the 3-inch color display is very clear, the buttons are very sensitive, the control is very convenient, and the sound is very exhilarating. 

Although the environment is not quiet at all, I feel as if I am in the world of games instead of real life. It’s so amazing! I don’t feel bored or lonely anymore when I am taking the subway as if I were playing with my best childhood friends.

Long Battery Life For Endless Fun

Gocomma 400-in-1 Game Console offers more than that, i.e. it makes the fun last! You are able to play 6 hours in a row on a full charge. This is wonderful for people like me, because:

A. I just need to charge the game console twice a month! The power is sufficient for over 30 minutes’ playing per day.

B. I can avoid phubbing aimlessly on the subway, and by doing so, I don’t fret about the low battery of my phone anymore and the extra cost of mobile data plan.

C. Now, my cumbersome power bank is no longer a must for commuting.

Of course, it is also easy to charge the game console because it has a micro USB port. Just plug in a power bank, adapter, or computer for more electricity. Moreover, it takes less than 1 hour to fully charge the device.


The Game Console Is Great Because It Can Be With You Everywhere

It is great that the game console is pocket-sized, quite small and light, so I can carry it with me and play it at any time. The retro game console becomes my favorite plaything when I queue, wait for the train, on the way to the destination...

When I stay home at weekends, I can also connect the Gocomma game console to my TV and take advantages of the big screen to play! Just like how I did in childhood!

Budget-friendly. Dont Hesitate!

Finally, I asked my friend whether this game machine was expensive or not, because my brother's birthday was coming soon, I also wanted to send him a game console like this. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it cost less than $20 on the Gearbest website.

This is really the best use of your $20. I believe that people who receive this game console as a gift will also like it very much.

Gocomma Built-in 400 Classic Games Handheld Game Console



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