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Top 3 Worth Buying Smartwatches Under $100 In 2019.

Top 3 Worth Buying Smartwatches Under $100 In 2019.

Smartwatch is a famous device that can bring a lot of benefits for all users. It can help you monitor your health status, monitor your activities, and also let you know the current time. If you look on the market, you can find a lot of types of smartwatches that are available around you. Different smartwatches come with different features and benefits for all users. However, you have to be careful with all available smartwatches. Many cheap smartwatches are terrible because they have low quality. Here are top 3 worth buying smartwatches that are available for less than $100. Although these smartwatches are affordable, they can bring a lot of benefits for all users. 

1. KOSPET Prime SE

It is one of the most famous devices that you can buy from the market. This smartwatch supports the 4G Nano Card, so you can make separate calls, receive, or sending messages easily. Here are some specs that are offered by this smartwatch. 


- Made from good combination of leather and metal

- Work on Android 7.1.1 operating system

- 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM with 1.25 Ghz cores

- 802.11 Wireless connectivity

- Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, and WiFi connection

- 1.6 inches capacitive screen with 400 x 400 screen resolution


a. Super Large Battery Capacity 

This is the most important feature that can be found in this smartwatch. This device has 1260 mAh super large battery capacity for this smartwatch. It is higher than any other Android smartwatches that you can find on the market. It allows you to use this smartwatch for up to 48 hours of daily use or 8 hours of continuous calls. 

b. Face ID Technology

KOSPET Prime SE is the first smartwatch that is going to use Face ID technology. This system is able to protect your privacy. This technology can collect up to 1068 facial details from your face, o you can unlock this watch in less than 0.1 seconds. 

c. Dual Camera

This smartwatch has integrated dual camera design which is 2MP and 8MP side camera. Both cameras allow you to make video calls with other people easily. You can also take a picture by using both cameras from this smartwatch. 


With all features that are offered for all customers, this smartwatch is offered at about $149.99. This price is the most expensive price than the other two smartwatches that we will discuss in this article. However, you should never worry about this expensive price. During this flash sale, this smartwatch is only available for about $99.99. 

This smartwatch is suitable for you who love doing video calls with other people. You can enjoy the best video quality from its incredile camera quality and image resolution. You will be amazed with its beautiful design that is offered by KOSPET brand. 

KOSPET Prime SE Face ID Dual Cameras 4G Smartwatch Phone 1260mAh Battery 1.6 inch IPS Screen Android 1GB RAM 16GB ROM Healthcare Sports Smart Watch for Men




This smartwatch is suitable for all people who want to wear this device in their daily life. It is the best choice for you who want to get fit everyday. Amazfit Pace has built-in GPS, so this device can provide accurate pace and distance for your daily running activities. 


- Heart rate monitor and pedometer

- 280mAh battery that can last for up to 5 days in standby mode

- Silicone band material with ceramic case

- 4GB ROM with 512MB RAM

- IP67 rating for waterproof feature from this unit


a. Large storage space

This smartwatch has large storage space, so you can store up to 500 songs in this watch. Then, you can simply pair this device with your wireless earphones for listening to any of your favorite music. You can free your hands completely when using this smartwatch to listen to your favorite songs. 

b. Built-in GPS with AMAZFIT app

The combination of the AMAZFIT app and the built-in GPS can record all data accurately. Its built-in GPS module can receive signal at any time you want. This technology can record all data, such as altitude, time, distance, steps, pace, calories, sleep, and any other activities easily. This smartwatch can give feedback of your fitness figures. This smartwatch is suitable for any sport modes, including running, outdoor cycling, walking, indoor running, football, tennis, indoor cycling, mountaineering, skiing, cross country running, etc. 

c. Intelligent notifications

This is another recommended feature from this unit. AMAZFIT features vibration alerts and smart suggestions for messages, weather forecase, incoming calls, and any other app alarms. It means that you can get access to any notifications just from your smartwatch. 


This smartwatch only has two color options, including bright orange and black. However, it should never have to be a big deal for you. You can still enjoy all features and benefits that are offered by this incredible smartwatch. 

Many people recommend the use of this smartwatch because it can bring a lot of benefits for all customers. This smartwatch is suitable for all active people who want to monitor their daily activities everyday. 

AMAZFIT Pace Heart Rate Sports Smartwatch Global Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



3. AMAZFIT Verge Lite

If you are looking for a functional smartwatch with beautiful design, you can take a look at this unit. This smartwatch has all necessary features that can help you monitor your health status and your daily activities easily. Here are some features that you will find from this smartwatch. 


1.3 inches high resolution AMOLED colorful screen

Optical sensor with 24 hour heart rate monitoring system

IP 68 rating waterproof system

390 mAh battery capacity that can offer up to 20 days standby time

Silicone and PC materials


a. Long lasting battery life

This is the most important feature of this smartwatch. This device has 20 day battery life and 40 hours of GPS lifetime. You can travel around without bringing your charger. You will never have to worry about battery life. Its built-in low power 28 nm GPS chip can reduce the battery consumption level very significantly. 

b. Accurate heart rate tracking 

If you want to monitor your heart rate regularly, you should consider buying this device now. AMAZFIT Verge Lite comes with accurate optical sensors and also professional algorithms. This technology can support full-day heart rate detection. When it detects anomalies in your heart rate, this smartwatch will vibrate to give you a warning. 

c. Details for Healthy Lifestyle

This smartwatch has all the necessary details for improving your health in your daily life. This smartwatch is going to vibrate when you have been seated for a long time. This smartwatch can also help you track your sleep activities effectively. You can see and analyze your sleep data easily when looking at this smartwatch. 


This smartwatch doesn't have camera for supporting video call activities. This smartwatch is not a recommended product for you who want to have the best video call experience with your friends or families. However, you should never have to worry about this situation. This smartwatch is specially created to help you improve your healthy lifestyle effectively. 

AMAZFIT Verge Lite smartwatch is recommended for you who want to stay healthy and fit everyday. It allows you to monitor your health status, especially heart rate status, in your body. This device is available in two color options including white and light gray. Get this incredible smartwatch today. 

AMAZFIT Verge Lite Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Global Version( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



After looking at those products, we recommend you to buy the KOSPET Prime SE smartwatch. This device has all necessary features that are suitable for your needs. You will be able to enjoy all features and benefits that are offered by this device. Get this incredible smartwatch today when it is available for less than $100 now. 

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