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Ulefone Armor X5 vs. BlackView BV5500 PRO: Which Budget Rugged Outdoor Smartphone Should You Choose?

Ulefone Armor X5 vs. BlackView BV5500 PRO: Which Budget Rugged Outdoor Smartphone Should You Choose?

Although Ulefone began operation in 2014, it has developed into one of the Chinese phone manufacturers that produce high-quality products with a moderate price range. 

While the brand is known not to sell its product within China, Ulefone products have received recognition and acceptance from the global public. Most of its smartphones can be found on renowned platforms such as Amazon, GearBest, Aliexpress, among others.

Ulefone is a brand that focuses on the production of midrange price smartphones for users. Also, it is known to release products only within a few niche products, boasting high durability and extreme battery capacity. 

Fortunately, in recent times, the company is shifting towards the production of high-end smartphones with no exorbitant price tags. 

Users of Ulefone products hardly complain about bugs or processing issues. Also, Ulefone products usually feature a similar design and structure to the likes of Cubot, Doogee, among other top Chinese brands. 

It is safe to say that Ulefone is an impressive smartphone manufacturer that is striving to deliver great products constantly – this is obvious from the release of products such as Ulefone Armor 7, Ulefone Armor 6S, Ulefone Armor 5S, Ulefone Armor 3WT, Ulefone Armor 6E, Ulefone Armor 3, Ulefone Armor, and of course, the Ulefone Armor X5 which was recently released by the brand.

Ulefone Armor X5 has been praised as an improved product compared to the previous releases from the brand. However, to get in-depth knowledge about the values and features that the product would offer users, let’s compare it with another outstanding smartphone, namely the Blackview BV5500 Pro. Kindly read to the end!

Ulefone Armor X5 vs. BlackView BV5500 PRO: Specifications

Here, we’ll be discussing the specifications and features that the Ulefone Armor X5 and BlackView BV5500 PRO possess to have a good understanding of the two products. 

Regarding the structure, the Ulefone Armor X5 offers a better ruggedness with its metal and PC body material compared to the plastic-bodied BV5500 PRO. 

More so, although the BlackView BV5500 PRO features water-resistant and dust-resistant qualities like the Ulefone Armor X5, the latter offers something more as it is certified to withstand several temperatures, transport shocks, explosive gas, shooting vibration, among others. 

Both products feature an impressive screen resolution of 720 by 1440 and a similar screen size of 5.5-inch.

The Android 9.0 pie powers the Ulefone Armor X5 and the BlackView BV5500 PRO. However, users of the former may experience the better performance as Ulefone Armor X5 features a highly powerful, yet power-efficient processor and a larger ROM size. 

Also, Ulefone Armor X5 is capable of performing a split-screen that supports multi-tasking and improved productivity. More so, Ulefone Armor X5 is designed with a custom button on the left that allows for effective and economical communication.

Furthermore, both BlackView BV5500 PRO and Ulefone Armor X5 have the FACE recognition unlocking system. 

Additionally, both products feature sensors such as Proximity, Light, Accelerometer, Gyro, and Compass. With smart audio, users of Ulefone Armor X5 can enjoy music better as it boasts Hi-Fi chip using 0.02% ultra-low THD that supplies clear sound and high-quality music.

The table below is a brief summary of the differences.


Blackview BV5500 Pro

Ulefone Armor X5

Body Material


Metal and PC

Screen size

5.5 inches

5.5 inches

Screen resolution

720 by 1440

720 by 1440

Operating System

Android 9.0

Android 9.0




IP68 Protection Grade






Face ID



Sensors (Gyro, Compass, Light, Proximity, Accelerometer)



Ulefone Armor X5 vs. BlackView BV5500 PRO: Configuration Comparison

In this section, we’ll be making a comparative analysis between the Ulefone Armor X5 and BlackView BV5500 PRO.

The two products share a rugged and compact structure. Compared to the 152mm by 75.5mm by 14mm dimension of the BlackView BV5500 PRO, the Ulefone Armor X5 owns a body dimension of 158mm by 77.5mm by 13.85mm. 

Also, the latter is slightly weighty compared to the former as the Ulefone Armor X5 weighs 235g compared to the 225g of the BlackView BV5500 PRO. Nevertheless, Ulefone Armor X5 is good to hold while the weight gives no burden to users.

While both products work perfectly with the 4G network, GPS, and WiFi, compared to the BlackView BV5500 PRO, the Ulefone Armor X5 offers NFC, OTA sync, and SOS support feature to users. 

Besides, although the MTK6761 processor found in BlackView BV55000 PRO is convenient to use, Ulefone Armor X5 boasts a much-improved processor in its Helio P23 MTK6763V. 

Battery capacity is another essential quality that most smartphone buyers always check out. In this regard, the Ulefone Armor X5 outperforms the BlackView BV5500 PRO as it comes with an outstanding 5000mAh battery capacity compared to the 4400mAh found in the latter. 

Besides, compared to the 5V/1A adapter found in BlackView BV5500 PRO, Ulefone Armor X5 features a much-improved adapter in the 5V/2A, which supports a full charge within 2 hours and 30 minutes.

If you are concerned about memory size, then be informed that while the two products feature a similar RAM size, the Ulefone Armor X5 smartphone features a larger ROM size with its 32GB. 

Other unique qualities to look out for in the Ulefone Armor X5 include HSPA+ Computer Sync, VoLTE, 50 Mbps Upload, LTE Cat6 300 Mbps download, among others.


BlackView BV5500 PRO

Ulefone Armor X5


152 by 75.5 by 14mm

158 mm by 77.5 mm by 13.85 mm




Connectivity (4G, GPS, WiFi)






Memory size (RAM/ROM)



Battery capacity





Helio P23 MT6763V




SOS Support



Camera (Front and Back)

Front camera (5MP) and Dual back cameras (8MP + 8MP)

Front camera (5MP) and Dual back cameras (13MP + 2MP)

Ulefone Armor X5: Design & User Experience

Ulefone Armor X5 has such an impressive design and qualities that have gained high praise from users. Even though most users had wanted to get a Phablet for a commute, only to find out that the Ulefone Armor X5 is a decent product for the money. 

Based on the users' experience, aside from the perfect dimension, which is not too wide to hold, it has an ideal size to play most games out there. Furthermore, users have expressed that it has an excellent image quality on the screen while the overall weight is exceptional.

Although the Ulefone Armor X5 is not the fastest smartphone for downloading apps, it offers an impressive picture quality. According to another buyer, the specs are as described. 

More so, they are always delivered with at least 70% charge, which is ideal for a lithium battery to maintain its lifespan. Also, this product has been reviewed to express a very sharp and colorful screen, good signal strength, and a well-machined case.

High storage and memory capacity are other components that several users have cherished most. Considering the moderate price and the features of the Ulefone Armor x5, most users have found the product to be a bang for the buck. 

Also, users have disclosed how brilliant the browsing is without any stutter. Finally, from users' experience, Ulefone Armor X5 is perfect for reading books, viewing videos, and accessing the internet without issues for an extended time.

Bottom Line

By now, we can conclusively disclose that compared to the BlackView 5500 PRO smartphone, the Ulefone Armor X5 is a better option, at only $99.

Just go for such a powerful, rugged phone, so you will have a peace of mind in your outdoor adventures for the years to come!

Ulefone Armor X5 4G Smartphone 5.5 inch Android 9.0 MT6763 Octa Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 2 Rear Camera 5000mAh Battery Global Version



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