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Why Can't You Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4? Here Are 5 Facts That You Should Know

Why Can't You Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 4? Here Are 5 Facts That You Should Know

Xiaomi is the most popular Chinese electronics company and which sold over 10 million Mi Band 3 fitness trackers in less than seven months after its launch in May 2018. The company only ranked after Apple, the biggest wearable maker in the world. 

The article is about the new member in Xiaomi's portfolio of smart fitness trackers, namely, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which has been released recently.

Have you been waiting for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 anxiously in the past few months? Is it possible to get one after its launch? The latest Xiaomi fitness tracker is so popular that it is out of stock on the official website now.

What's behind its attraction? Let's find out!

Let's start by looking at the specs to understand Xiaomi Mi Band 4 better which is the first Mi Band which comes with a color display and Bluetooth 5.0. Here we go!

· Brand: Xiaomi

· Model: Mi Band 4

· Color: Available in black, wine red, blue, orange

· Display: 0.95''AMOLED

· Screen resolution: 120 x 240 RGB

· Brightness: 400 nits or more, adjustable

· Screen protection: 2.5D reinforced glass + anti-fingerprint film

· Battery: 135mAh (standard version); 125mAh (NFC version)

· Battery life: over 20 days (standard version); over 15 days (NFC version)

· Flash memory: 16MB

· Charging time: 2 hours or less

· Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

· Waterproof: up to 50m

· Sensor: 3-axis gyro/accelerometer, PPG heart rate sensor, capacitive sensor

· Extra features of NFC version: NFC, Alipay, Xiao Ai assistant

There are two different versions of Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the standard version and the NFC version. If you want to get the best smart fitness tracker from Xiaomi, go for the latter, because it serves as a transit card, a bank card, an AI assistant.

What’s more about Xiaomi Mi Band 4? Below are 5 facts that you should know. Let’s go into the details.

Fact 1: Over 380 themes for the color display that keep you indecisive.

Yep, it is too bad to have too many choices. Not only does Mi Band 4 have a 39.9% larger display for reading more information at a time, but an extraordinary one which offers probably the most significant number of options to you.

Just imagine that you can't stop trying a different theme each day, and you won't use one theme for a whole year. On the high-resolution color display, there will be your favorite cartoon characters, modern art, the fascinating scenery, the most impressive elements of sports, etc. 

What's more, the vibrant colors keep you looking at your wrist now and then.

As you can see, the latest Xiaomi fitness tracker is too eye-catching. If you want something ordinary and dull, don't try using Xiaomi Mi Band 4!

Fact 2: You will be healthier, and others might be jealous of you.

You didn't care about your health a lot in the past. However, after buying Mi Band 4, you will be excited to try all the fitness tracking functions, or you won't be a perfect match for all these functions of Mi Band 4.

You will:

A. master 5 swimming styles because you can't help testing whether Mi Band 4 can recognize them precisely and give you feedback of 12 kinds of fitness data;

B. explore the world underwater because you know that Mi Band 4 is 50m waterproof;

C. do well in sprint and marathon because you can improve according to the average pace and stride frequency after training each time;

D. admire, the beauty of your muscles, measure heart rate continuously, and become unable to stop obsessing about aerobics;

E. love walking, cycling and get a perfect tanned skin because you don't want to stay indoors at weekends;

F. never stay up late at night anymore, get fast asleep immediately, wake up in good spirits in the morning and catch the bus for work in time.

In short, you will have a healthier life, be more energetic, athletic, confident in yourself. You will not be able to live without workouts each day.

Fact 3: You will forget your phone more often because you can pay without it.

With Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version, you can't be more forgetful than ever as you'll check your phone less frequently. You will be less addicted to your smartphone, because you can access to your apartment, pay for the public transportation or even nearly everything with the Mi Band 4 in China.

You're going to be one of the best travelers who has been to over 200 cities in China, and you might not want to leave the exotic Eastern country, determined to find out more about it because Mi Band 4 can function as a transit card. 

You won't bother with an access card to open the door to your apartment, because; you won't use your credit cards and sign for your purchase at the convenience stores, supermarkets, but instead, you prefer using the QR code on Alipay.


Fact 4: You will be lazier living in a smart home, and you'll speak a language that others can't understand.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version has a built-in Xiao Ai Assistant that allows you to live a smarter life. Instead of doing everything on your own, say a few words to get things done.

Swipe on the screen of Mi Band 4, and say "Play music" when you need to relax; "Start a timer for 1 minute" when you start doing push-ups; "What's the weather like today?" before you go out, or something else in Chinese. It is incredible that Xiao Ai Assistant can respond to you in 120 scenarios.

Although it is a pity that Xiao Ai only supports Chinese at present, you will be interested in learning Chinese in which you can interact with the virtual assistant.

In a few months, you will be unwilling to move after back home, never turn on/off the lights, clean the floor, push buttons to watch movies, and what's worse, you can't stop learning Chinese and buying more and more Xiaomi smart home products for more convenience at home.


Fact 5: You will be shocked by a different you every 20 days when you start looking for the charger.

"OMG, where did I put the charger?" You will ignore the charger because most of the time, you don't need them.  After all, the battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is too long-lasting.

The standard version can work for at least 20 days in a row, whereas, the NFC version can last for over 15 days, which means that you only need to charge Mi Band 4 about twice a month.

You'll be more and more attached to Mi Band 4, and you'll go mad if you fail to find the charger immediately because you can't imagine what life will be like without Mi Band 4.

Looking back when you are charging Mi Band 4, you will be surprised at the achievements you've made in the past 20 days or so, proud of yourself.


The verdict

If you don't want to be fashionable, well-traveled, healthier yet lazier, dependent on smart home, and even capricious twice a month, Mi Band 4 is not the right choice for you.

After knowing about all the five "bad" things which you have to deal with if you use Xiaomi Mi Band 4, aren't you prepared for the ownership? Oh, stop hesitating! You can't buy it, because its stock is limited. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet NFC Version



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