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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version In Mi Fans' Eyes

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version In Mi Fans' Eyes

Why did I choose Mi Band 4? 

I have bought Xiaomi Mi Band 3 for less than a year. A few days ago, I ordered a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC Version.

Why did I want to get the Mi Band 4 NFC Version? Because I am fond of the smart fitness trackers from Xiaomi.


Still, I bought the new Xiaomi Mi Band (referred to Mi Band 4 hereafter) from Gearbest.

This packaging box looks the same as that of the latest version, Mi Band 3. People hold different opinions towards the design; however, as for me, I prefer the design of the Mi Band 3 packaging box, at least, it doesn't take up so much space.

In the box are the Mi Band 4, a wristband, a USB cable, and an instruction.

In the box

Hands-on Experience


The most significant improvement of the Mi Band is the color display which should have been a feature of Mi Band 3. This is was not friendly to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 users.

The screen size is increased to 0.95 inch, in comparison with the 0.78 inch of Mi Band 3. Eventually, Xiaomi has outpaced its counterparts. The official proclaims that the display is 39.9% larger. I don't know how much bigger it becomes, but more text appears on the screen. Compared to that of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, the screen resolution of Mi Band 4 is higher.

Xiaomi announces that the color display can present more than 16 million colors. In combination with different themes available on Mi-Fit App, Mi Band 4 won't be monotonous. This is exhilarating for Mi Band users who have got tired of the black and white screen in the past three years. 

Comparison of Appearance (Photo 1)

Comparison of Appearance (Photo 2)

Comparison of Appearance (Photo 3)  

The screen material has been upgraded to 2.5D glass. In fact, Mi Band 4 is the first Mi Band to use 2.5D glass screen, which is superior to previous generations. The use of 2.5D glass also means that the screen is more scratch-resistant.

However, I insist that you apply a screen protector because you can change the screen protector rather than tolerating the scratches on the screen. 

I don't know whether it is owed to the color screen and glass screen, the screen brightness of Mi Band 4 can be adjusted. Therefore, you can view much better in the sun.

As for the tactile experience, the glass screen is smoother and responsive than the plastic one. Nevertheless, when the screen is off, Mi Band 4 doesn't look as integral as Mi Band 3 for you can easily find that the screen and glass of Mi Band 4 differ in colors. 

The most sought-after color display

Since nothing is perfect, defects also exist in the color display.

Overall, the user interface doesn't look attractive to me, so do the various themes in which Xiaomi takes pride. Neither the user interfaces nor the themes are beautiful, so the color display of the new Mi Band doesn't live up to my expectation.

By the way, the design of MIUI is so impressive. Why not use the design as a reference? It suddenly dawns on me that that's for Mi Band 5.

However, the upside outweighs the downside. Although the design of the user interface is not satisfying, the resolution of the AMOLED screen is remarkable. In most cases, you can't see a pixel, moreover, you can't help staring at the vivid colors.

Mi Band 4 uses the same wristband as Mi Band 3, which means that users can save money for they don't need the accessories of Mi Band 4. After all, the wristband of my Mi Band 3 is in good condition, thanks to its admirable design and the excellent quality.

Unfortunately, the charger is not the same as that of Mi Band 3. However, it is more convenient to charge Mi Band 4, because you don't need to take off the central part to charge the fitness tracker. This improvement comes at a cost.

Well, the metal contact for charging of Mi Band 4 is exposed, so you might be troubled with the problem of oxidation and corrosion over a long period of use. I don't think the charger is better than those of previous generations whose wristbands serve as extra protection. 

How to charge Mi Band 4


Thanks to the large color display, you can interact with Mi Band 4 by tapping the screen to confirm, and tapping the button to exit, which means the operation is simplified. In comparison, the menu of Mi Band 3 is less user-friendly, because it requires you to swipe to the left and right for different functions. The operation is more convenient. 

Featured Functions

1. Xiao Ai Assistant

It is said that by using Mi Band 4, one can control Xiao Ai Bluetooth Speaker, set alarm clocks/reminders, ask about the weather, control the smart home products.

Nevertheless, Xiao Ai only understands/speaks Chinese, so it can't help me at all.

2.Alipay offline payment

Both Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Standard Version and NFC Version support this function.

However, the function is useless for me because I don't use Alipay.

3. NFC

The NFC function is similar to that provided by Mi Band 3, and it supports access cards.

For enhanced security, the building where I live in can only be accessed by encrypted access cards. It is a pity that neither Mi Band 3 NFC Version nor Mi Band 4 NFC Version supports directly copying the encrypted cards. I applied to get such an access card on Mi Band 4 but my request ended up declined by the property management center.

So far, I have no way to clone an encrypted access card by myself. Thus, the NFC Version meets fewer demands.

4. Band displays

Mi Band 4 has three band displays among which you can switch freely without using the App, Mi-Fit.

Thanks to this color screen and official support, there are 58 different band displays available online. Download the display you want, and use it after synchronization with the App. However, I can't find any of these displays that is nice-looking and practical. What's more, customizing a display is out of the question. Well, that's a pity. Up till now, the displays that come with Mi Band 4 look more attractive to me. 


5. Music control

The music control is also one of the essential features of Mi Band 4 that I'd appreciate.

As an iPhone and AirPods user, without using the phone or a smartwatch, I can't control the volume when waiting at the crossroad or listening to music secretly at work. That's why I am happy with the music control function of Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

This music control function supports Apple Music.

You can only access the music control by swiping to the left/right twice, or go to the settings and choose "Music."

Music control interface

The music control function also has a flaw, that is, it impossible to display on the home page, different from what you can do with an Apple Watch. I hope that further update can solve the problem. At least, we should have freedom of choice. 

Functions That A Fitness Tracker Should Have

1.Sports mode

Mi Band 4 allows you to choose a specific sports mode without opening the App. As long as your phone is connected to the Mi Band, and "Location" is enabled in the permission settings, after doing sports, you can get the trajectory after sync. 

Sports interface

2.Swimming mode

I remember that such a function exists in smart fitness trackers released last year. Evidently, Mi Band 4 followed suit so slowly.

Unfortunately, because I can't swim, I am not able to test the performance of the swimming mode. 

3. Ordinary recording function

Mi Band 4 excels in standard functions such as step counts, notifications, sleep monitoring, etc. Now, let's focus on some improvements of Mi Band 4. 

1. Mi Band 4 can display about nine notifications, and you can read them by swiping up/down. However, after reading, you can't see them on Mi Band 4 anymore. 

Mi Band 4 serves as a reminder for quick response to the incoming calls, SMS, notifications. If the information remains unread for a long time, you can still read the whole piece of information by using the fitness tracker.

2. Now, you can see the real-time heart rate on the heart rate measurement interface, which is different from Mi Band 3;

3. The "Sedentary Times" is part of the status reminder, so you can know how lazy you are today;

4. You can be informed of the weather today, and in the next six days, as well as the air quality index and rating;

5. Now you can use Mi Band 4 to turn on "Do Not Disturb" when you want to have a rest or do not wish to be disturbed;

6. Mi Band 4 allows you to adjust the brightness (0, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%) to improve the readability of the screen in different conditions;

7. You can customize "Vibration" differently, in other words, you can configure vibration modes to tag different kinds of notifications;

8. Now, you can turn on/off an alarm clock directly after they are set with Mi-Fit.

So far, this function satisfies me the most, and I depend on it the most. 

I get up at a random time. For that reason, I had to set an alarm clock only after connecting the Mi Band with Mi-Fit before. Now, I can set as many alarm clocks as I want and turn on/off any alarm clock. Excellent!

Battery Life

Mi Band 4 NFC Version and Standard Version have 125mAh and 135mAh battery capacity respectively. Both are higher than 110mAh, which is the battery capacity of Mi Band 3.

I have used Mi Band 3 NFC Version for eight months and charged it twice a month. I am satisfied with the battery life. Besides, Mi Band 3 will remind you to charge it when its power is lower than 15%.

According to Xiaomi, Mi Band 4 can last up to 15 days. With reminders, sleep monitor, wrist-up display, alarm clock turned on, I found that only 21% of power was consumed after 3 days. Thus, I estimate that Mi Band 4 can last for 14 days or so, which is acceptable because it offers more functions. 

The charging time is about the same as that of Mi Band 3. I connect it with the 5V 1A power adapter which came with my iPhone, and it takes me 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge it. Compared with charging my iPhone, it takes less time to charge Mi Band 4. Well, why do I compare it with the iPhone?

What You Should Know Before Clicking "Add to Cart":


1. Color display with bigger screen size and less reflection;

2. Much smarter;

3. Many features allow you to use your phone less often (Will there be a Mi Band working with e-SIM?);

4. Unrivaled cost-performance ratio.


1. It's hard to get one due to hot sale;

2. You must take off the wristband to charge the Mi Band;

3. No monitor for naps;

4. No customized dials;

5. No GPS (I expected it to have).

For me, the NFC version is not very useful, as the most practical functions are the alarm clock and music control. Why did I buy the NFC version?

Whether to buy the new Mi Band or not is a tough question. My suggestions are as follows:

1. The price of Mi Band 4 Standard Version is the same as that of Mi Band 3 last year. No wonder that Mi Band 4 is cost-effective. Just think about it! You can get a larger display, and even a color one, a more long-lasting battery, and more functions. If you haven't used a fitness tracker yet, go for it;

2. If you need the NFC function but you haven't used Mi Band 3 NFC Version before, then, choose Mi Band 4 NFC Version;

If you have Mi Band 3 NFC Version, then, wait for a while until you know what you need and whether you can accept the NFC function. Honestly, I regret buying the Mi Band 4 NFC version;

3. At present, it is insensible to buy Mi Band 3 Standard Version or NFC Version. Compare them with Mi Band 4, and you'll know that Mi Band 3 is less worth it anymore.

Each newly designed product is not perfect, and you'll find a lot of problems with them, whereas, you can try it. (By the way, before reviewing Mi Band 3, I didn't find that a Bluetooth icon would appear on the home page after disconnection.)


Unsurprisingly, the new Mi Band stands out among smart fitness trackers. In fact, ever since the appearance of the first generation, such cases are normal.

I admit that before Mi Band, I didn't know anything about fitness trackers. Eventually, there came Mi Band, so the prices of fitness trackers went down.

It seems that with tens of thousands of fans, the development team of Mi Band is less hard-working. The color display, bigger screen and a series of new functions came out so late, even though the team was faced with criticism from Mi fans, the suppression of its counterparts, and complaints from consumers. 

In my opinion, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 should be called Mi Band 3s instead.

Xiaomi is under tremendous pressure this year, insisting on its mission to provide affordable and cost-effective products to the general public.

The further it goes, the harder it gets. No one knows how far can Xiaomi go.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



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