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Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB Smart Light Bulb Under $22, The Most Energy-saving Intelligent Light Control Bulb from Xiaomi Ecosystem!

Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB Smart Light Bulb Under $22, The Most Energy-saving Intelligent Light Control Bulb from Xiaomi Ecosystem!

Yeelight is a well-recognized name in the home lighting industry worldwide. It made a smart move from Xiaomi to step in the intelligent lighting industry - it is now popular on the market across the globe. 

Making use of Xiaomi’s latest smart technology, specialized optical research, and perfect designs, all the products by Yeelight speak for themselves. 

Yeelight is also popular for promoting good lighting and certified by TÜV Rheinland for low blue content, which has a soothing effect on eyes. 

Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB latest smart bulb is known as ambient lights. They are designed to match the lighting with the atmosphere, furniture, clothes, or nearly anything you want to. 

It is available in two different varieties, white and colored versions. As suggested by the names, the white one gives warm white light with variable brightness. 

While the colored one gives you 16.7 million different colors to choose from with adjustable brightness, both come with an E27 connector that can be found in most light fixtures globally.


What makes Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB special? 


The bulb consumes 8.5W power. In comparison with the previous generation bulbs, it’s 15% energy-saving. In the house of Xiaomi Ecosystem products, it can be declared as the most energy-saving intelligent bulb. 

Supports various smart home systems and Homekit

The bulb can not only be operated by the Yeelight app but also works well with Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Amazon Alexa. Whenever you need to adjust the brightness or change the color, it will follow your voice command. 

It means you don’t need to get out of your bed if you forget to turn off your living room lights. The app can be downloaded by any Android or iOS device and is extremely user-friendly. 

You can even set the power on and off time to make the light turn on as scheduled. Even if your alarm can’t wake you up, the bright light will do the job. Similarly, the lights can dim automatically at bedtime. 

Better luminosity

These bulbs are manufactured using an upgraded version of the integrated color light beads so that you can enjoy a more uniform glow and experience better performance. 

The bulbs are protected against lightning, overheating, and overload, all that with 25,000h long lifespan, which means no bulb replacement needed for the next 11 years.

Lighting with rhythm

You don’t have to install spate disco lights the bulb can change colors by following the surrounding music rhythm. Moreover, the app offers preset themes that can suit any mood or occasion. 

If you enjoy sunset or moonlight, you can set the lighting theme accordingly. No matter you are a fan of blue or the bright red fascinates you more, Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB Smart Light Bulb can satisfy you. 


Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB Smart Light Bulb proves itself as a smart addition to your home. It is energy-efficient, easy to control via Bluetooth, and offers 16 million different shades with adjustable brightness and much more. 

If you want to light your room with your mood or match it with the theme of your party. Buy now to experience smart change. 

Even if you need to buy a dimmer light for daytime, Yeelight YLDP13YL RGB Smart Light Bulb is an excellent choice, and you can control the brightness according to your needs.

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