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An Incredible Short Video Creation Tool! Thumb-sized Insta360 GO Stabilized Action Camera

An Incredible Short Video Creation Tool! Thumb-sized Insta360 GO Stabilized Action Camera

Recently, the famous Chinese camera brand Insta360 has officially released a thumb-sized stabilized action camera, Insta360 GO. The most prominent feature of the camera is the wireless charging case. 

The camera weighs 18g, offers you the powerful Insta360 FlowState image stabilization technology for realizing the footage of various unique perspectives. At 1288 yuan (about$179.99), the product comes with a charging case, magnetic string, clip, omnidirectional base, and so on. 

Insta360 GO is now readily available in white on Insta360 official store. Other colors will also be for sale later.

Capture the first-person view effortlessly

The weight of Insta360 GO is as light as 18.3g. Though small as a thumb, the action camera can shoot 1080P videos and 6.5MP stills. It inherits the exclusive FlowState image stabilization for ultra-smooth footage in daily sports, such as basketball, football, running.

Insta360 Go is magnetic, comes with a magnetic string, and clip so that you can hang it from your neck or placed it on the edge of your cap. In other words, you can release arms to achieve the creation of true-to-life videos in the first-person view. 

By using the omnidirectional base, the small and light Insta360 GO can be attached to any hard surface to capture those angles which are impossible for other cameras. 

For example, from the outside of the car window to the skateboard under your feet. You can play with various perspectives and enjoy endless fun. You can start/pause recording by pushing a button, or wake up the device via Bluetooth.

Different from its predecessors, Instao360 GO is IPX4 splashproof. Thanks to the charging case, you can record 200 videos whose duration is around 15 - 30 seconds.

Insta360 Go is compatible with iOS and Android system. Through the pocket charging case and USB Type-C cable, it can be connected to your phone, which makes importing, editing, and sharing files more convenient.

Unique AI Video Editing 

Insta360 GO not just helps users to shoot effortlessly, provides AI-powered post-production. The unique AI video editing functions include automatic identification of images, sorting, ordering the files. 

What’s more, it can select corresponding files according to different themes (such as travel, food, sports), image quality and user preference, automatically editing and producing rhythmic, stylized video clips.

As for those who prefer manual editing, Insta360 GO App offers a full-featured video editor for freely adjusting the transition, colors, speed, etc.

It is the debut of Insta360 AI video editing function. Max Richter, Insta360 marketing director, says, “Insta360 is dedicated to simplifying video creation so that users can focus more on the content itself. 

We’ve just started developing the video editing functions. More surprises are coming.”It is said that the function will be accessible in the Apps for other Insta360 products. 

Various Creative Ways For Realizing Blockbusters Like Inception

Insta360 GO includes functions of time-lapse, motion-lapse, slo-mo, and supports 6x, 15x, 30x time-lapse. It can record 6x time-lapse videos for 30 minutes. With FlowState image stabilization, the footage is super smooth even though you shoot while walking. It can also realize 100fps slo-mo videos. 

As for post-production, you can take advantage of the innovative free-rotation function and adjust the image in the App to achieve the rotation effect in blockbusters, for instance, Inception

Insta360 GO will allow users to customize with their personalized patterns and have their own GO action camera. 

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