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Yeelight USB Powered Small Night Light: A Smart Night Light That You Can Put Anywhere

Yeelight USB Powered Small Night Light: A Smart Night Light That You Can Put Anywhere

You can hang the light, attach it to the wall, or fix it by making use of the magnetic attraction. Soft and non-glaring, the light turns on when someone approaches it. A full charge enables it to work for four months. 

When we get up at night, we often grope in the dark for the switch, and likely to stumble.

The smart night light is from the leading brand of smart lighting from the Xiaomi Ecosystem, Yeelight. 

It has a PIR sensor, and when it detects the movement of the human body within 5 – 7m on the front, it will automatically turn on. 

Moreover, it turns off 15 seconds after the person leaves. 

The smart night light is useful for the elderly, pregnant women who have difficulty in moving. 

There are many ways to fix it.

Use the hook on the back, and you can hang it from the clothes hanger or door handle.

On the back is a magnet with which it can be attached to the surface of appliances like the fridge. 

In the package box, there is a steel plate with a 3M adhesive sticker for sticking onto the wall.

It’s not only suitable for the bedroom, but also the bathroom. When you go to the toilette at night, the light will automatically turn on. 

If placed beside the sink in the kitchen, the light makes it unnecessary to open the light manually to wash fruits.

If placed in the doorway, the light allows you to find the key more easily.

There are two modes, including the Auto Mode and the Always-on Mode. These two modes differ in brightness, and they are switchable via the button on the side.

It can always be steady on, as a bedside lamp. 

The light is very soft, with a color temperature of 2700K, suitable to be used as an atmospheric light. 

Note: The light whose color temperature is less than 3000K is warm white light; over 5000K is cold white light. The most comfortable color temperature range for the human eye is 2700K – 6500K. 

In the Always-on Mode, the brightness is 7 lumens; in the Auto Mode, the brightness is 3.5 lumens. In the night, the light won’t be glaring even if your eyes stare at it. It’s extremely suitable for the elderly, children, or nursing mothers. 

Note: Lumen is the international unit for luminous flux. The bigger the value, the brighter the light is. Generally, the brightness of most household LED lights is 80 – 100 lumens.

The light is far from glaring; therefore, it won’t disturb the baby or family members who are sleeping at night.

The detection rage of the little night light is 120-degree, which is wide enough. It can detect 5 – 7m in the front, 2 – 3m on both sides. 

When the surrounding is dark, and it detects that someone passes by, the light will automatically turn on. 

It won’t turn on during the daytime, so you won’t need to switch it off in the morning, which is convenient and power-saving. 

In terms of appearance, the little night light looks simple and fashionable, matching all styles.

The light is so small that it can be placed in the hand for moving around as you like.

It is 7.3cm in diameter, 3.43cm in height, with a net weight of 72 grams. 

There is a built-in 750mAh lithium-ion battery. The charging interface is a Micro USB port. Used in Auto Mode, the light can work for four months on a full charge. 

Product Package

Yeelight USB Powered Small Night Light ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product )



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