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Hairdryer From Xiaomi Ecosystem: 2 Minutes Fast Drying & Hair Care Comparable To That Of Hair Salons

Hairdryer From Xiaomi Ecosystem: 2 Minutes Fast Drying & Hair Care Comparable To That Of Hair Salons

Girls have a say about drying hair. My hair has become much longer recently. 

Every time I wash and dry my hair, it almost becomes dry and frayed, whereas, and the inner part of my hair is still a little wet.

It takes too long to dry the hair naturally. I wait and wait, however, when I am sleepy, it is still a bit wet, and I don't bother to use the hairdryer again.

That's why I need a hairdryer that can quickly dry my hair without doing any harm.

I wanted to buy a Dyson hairdryer before, but my friends don't think it is easy to use. Later, they recommended SOOCAS to me. According to them, it is an affordable alternative to Dyson. 

Out of curiosity, I bought and tried it. After trying it, I have to say it is the right choice. What a wonderful piece of luck! I've got such a great hairdryer - SOOCAS negative ion hairdryer.

The reasons why you should have it: 

Large air volume for fast drying and no harm to the hair

3 modes to meet the needs of different people 

Negative ion to protect the hair so that it will be moisturized and bright

2 kinds of nozzles for both straight and curly hair 

⑤ Thoughtful humanized design

⑥ Good-looking, an excellent choice for yourself or as a gift

Drying the hair is not up to the high temperature, but the strong wind. 

It is cool only when the wind is big enough.

The 1800W power is equivalent to 180,000 revolutions per minute, which means that boys with short hair (not flattop) can dry it in about 2 minutes.

My friend, who has long hair says that it can dry her hair in about 5 minutes. 

After drying, her hair becomes fluffy and smooth, as if shaped in a hair salon.

There are 3 modes: hot wind fast drying / constant temperature hair care / natural wind shaping. 

Hot wind mode: the hot wind of 83 degrees Celsius.

Natural wind mode: the wind of about 36 degrees Celsius. 

Constant temperature mode: 57 degrees constant temperature. 

The constant temperature mode can ensure uniform heating, preventing the high temperature from damaging the hair. It is great for those who have thin and soft hair which needs special care. 

This mode is not hot or cold. The temperature is just right and comfortable. 

Highly concentrated negative ion

Hair can't be in a mess. Whether for men or women, making a hairstyle is commonplace.

However, the hair will be frayed and messy over time. By then, you need to take good care of it. If you choose the wrong hairdryer, the health of your hair will be worse.

I am confident in the SOOCAS hairdryer. It has a high-density negative ion generator. 

After plugged in, the concentration of negative ion can reach 10 to 20 million per centimeter, so that the hair will be more moisturized and lustrous. 

Choose any hairstyle as you want

There are two nozzles, namely, a collector nozzle and a diffuser nozzle. 

The collector nozzle is suitable for making straight hair or inward curls.

For example, you get up early to blow the bangs, and get straight, smooth, and flowing. 

The diffuser nozzle is suitable for getting big waves and curly hair. 

After washing your hair, dry it directly. When you've done, it will curl naturally.

Double-layer scald-proof nozzle

There is an additional insulation layer on the air outlet. 

The heat will not be directly in contact with the outer layer of the nozzle, effectively avoid scalding caused by excess heat. The design is considerate.

Other thoughtful designs

The giveaway anti-skid pad can keep the hairdryer from water; while the cloth bag facilitates storage and prevents dust. 

Although the power cord is long, 1.7 meters, the buckle for the cable makes for secure storage.   

Moreover, the hairdryer is very light, with a total of 550g. Theoretically, it is as lightweight as five oranges.

The appearance is impressive as the full body is made of aluminum alloy. The hair dryer features the integral and seamless design - you can't find a screw.

Needless to talk about other things. In short, the rating of the product is quite high on the Internet.

To sum up, this hairdryer is the right choice as a gift to your beloved girlfriend or wife. After all, you won't be scolded for drying her hair and getting it untangled.

Girls, of course, you've got to love yourselves! After all, the hair grows on your head. 

It is the same with boys! Prevent baldness as soon as possible! Haha!

SOOCAS H3 Professional Electric Hair Dryer from Xiaomi youpin



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