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Amazfit Nexo VS. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which One Is A Better Choice? Save Over $100 without Compromising on Functions & Quality!

Amazfit Nexo VS. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Which One Is A Better Choice? Save Over $100 without Compromising on Functions & Quality!

In June this year, Huami introduced smartwatches from China's Amazfit line and now released one, the Nexo smartwatch of the next century–the one you've been searching for. 

The final launch of Amazfit Verge 2 (Amazfit Nexo) and the Amazfit Nexo international edition finally got on the selling a few months later. Some would title it Amazfit Verge 2, but the official name of the smartwatch is considered AMAZFIT NEXO. 

The next wave of wristwatches is Digital bands or smartwatches. It is a dilemma to choose a SMARTWATCH, a perfect combination of quality and reliability, with every different product on the market. 

The product has a sophisticated feel and is a sporty platform like a hybrid of Amazfit Pace and Stratos. So, what is more reliable and convenient in the AMAZFIT NEXO than in the Samsung Galaxy? You will be given some information in this article.

Distinctive Features of AMAZFIT NEXO as compared to SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH

In the AMAZFIT NEXO smartwatch, the features and detectors are the most innovative and unique. 

This smartwatch system–the accelerometer, geomagnetic sensor, Ambient light sensor, and a BioTracker PPG detector, and so on–comes with the accompanying sensors in the limited ECG version, it has also only an ECG screen. 

The watch includes various sports such as cycling, outdoor swimming, running, jumping, and elliptic, outdoors playing, soccer, and so on. AMAZFIT NEXO also supports sleep tracking, alerts, and the wrist-up display feature in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. 

If we talk about the updates of Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, then the big question is, are the updates big enough to reflect the brand new name or is the Galaxy Watch a stylish sequel to the Gear Sport that should also appeal to a broader audience? 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch puts more stress on fitness and sports than any other feature, with new auto-tracked workouts. Cycling, elliptical machine, auto-tracked walking, running, and dynamic workouts for a total of six exercises that you don't need to enable ahead of time. 

Amazfit Nexo VS. Samsung Galaxy Watch: ANALYSIS 

Capability Of eSim In Amazfit Nexo Vs. Samsung Galaxy LTE Version

Amazfit Nexo allows you to register a digital SIM in the system without a physical SIM card using a built-in eSIM unit. 

Without your mobile phone near you, you can make phone calls directly from your cellular network, which will allow conversations and links more effective and comfortable. 

Now you can leave your phone at home while you are working, riding and traveling at night, and yet still make and receive your phone calls quickly. For greater comfort, you can also attach your Bluetooth earphones to Amazfit Nexo. 

If we talk about Samsung Galaxy watches, the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch costs a bit more: $379 / AU$599 (about £290) for the 42mm model and $399/ AU$649 for the 46mm version.

 In the US, it began life as an exclusive to T-Mobile, but now you can get it on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, too.

In Australia, it's only available with Telstra. In the UK, you can now buy the LTE version of the watch, but it's exclusive to EE. It costs 20 euros per month over 24 months with unlimited data as well as 1GB extra for your smartphone data allowance.

Amazfit Nexo Function: Huami-PAI+Biotracker PPG Vs. Samsung Galaxy Health Tracker

The revolutionary Amazfit Nexo offers the Huami-PAI Health Assessment System to help you grasp your physical condition more intuitively so that your health can be tracked more reliably and efficiently. It is no longer necessary to deal with complicated results. 

Amazfit Nexo improves measuring precision with a minimized battery usage due to Huami's patented BioTracke PPG biomass monitoring system, which delivers a considerably more accurate battery life to control the heart rate throughout the day, even during workouts.

Let's reflect on Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, with Samsung Health. You can expand on Galaxy Watch's existing features to track and log your health in even greater detail, including heart rate and calories.

But it is intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. To use the Samsung Health app with Galaxy Watch, it requires signup and pairing with your compatible smartphone.

Amazfit Nexo Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Functions: Sports And Excercise

Amazfit Nexo will provide a wide range of exercise choices for your everyday workout: outdoor running, biking, outdoor swimming, windsurfing, indoor riding, and elliptical trainers, hiking, running on the road, basketball and jumping rope. 

Built-in GPS is reliable for tracking training data, such as monitoring in real-time, mileage, velocity, and elevation, to help you assess and develop your workout ability. 

However, Galaxy Watch lets you focus on more exercise with less planning. This watch can measure your heart rate and track six activities when you exercise, such as Running, Walking Cycling, Swimming, Treadmill, Cycling, Weight Machine, and Circuit Training. 

Users can select to measure up to 39 kinds of activities, and more as you move from one to the other with Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

Amazfit Nexo Elegant View Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Design

Microcrystalline zirconium ceramic is used for the entire middle frame of Amazfit Nexo, improving the durability and tightness of the system with nanoscale materials. 

The watch radiates a distinctive fruity and brightness with an outstanding refractive index and dispersion efficiency, and the low thermal conductivity gives warm and moistened jade tactlessness. 

The hardness is four times the hardness of the aluminum alloy, making it easy to withstand regular scratching.

The ceramic core structure must be cast for two days, sintered for five days into a high-temperature furnace of 1400 degrees centigrade, and then cleaned and painted with a CNC for tens of thousands of times. This is why Amazfit Nexo's release has been postponed for a long time. 

For contrast, with 326 PPI, the 1.39-inch AMOLED screen offers a Retina-grade display effect. The Corning Gorilla Glass is coated in ten stages, giving the 2.5D display a beautiful 175-degree rounded screen, which provides an immersive experience for users.

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch has a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen (1.2-inch on the 42mm watch), which is bright and color-rich, as we've come to assume from Samsung's stellar display technology. 

It's easy to see everything, even during an open-air run, thanks to adaptive settings. And its smart use of blacks, especially in the background, burns fewer pixels on the 320 x 320 resolution screen. 

The one downside is that the screen is slow to update when it's woken – the time and steps show old figures for half a second. It's like you're waking the watch up from a nap, and it's taking a moment to come to its senses. 

You'll want to wear this watch to bed for its helpful sleep-tracking capabilities, but be warned: it's large and cumbersome to leave strapped to your wrist the entire night. 

The 46mm version is an ever-present 63g, and it can feel like a rock tethered to your wrist. This is the one (and only) area in which you'll be in better shape with the 42mm version, which weighs 49g.

Amazfit Nexo Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: Battery Life

Amazfit Nexo is of necessity not as good in terms of battery as Amazfit GTR. Due to the inclusion and help for 4 G calls with headphones, speakers. 

This lasts nearly 4-5 days if used regularly, which is far higher than Apple Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch because Samsung Galaxy watch has a battery life of 3 days and requires charging every morning if frequently used.


Amazfit Nexo Vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch: CONCLUSION

Amazfit Verge has a 1.3-inch (3.3 cm) AMOLED Display. On the wear-ability side, this smartwatch is lighter than the Samsung watch. Amazfit Nexo has other features like Waterproof, Call Function, Up to 5 Days battery life, Circular, and Flat Dial Design.

Its standard version costs only $144, whereas Samsung Galaxy watch prices begin from $330!! Yes! Amazfit Nexo is almost $100 cheaper and more convenient than the Samsung Galaxy watch.

For those who want technology and budget-friendly smartwatches, then the AMAZFIT NEXO SMARTWATCH is a better choice for them. Specific functions and optional complements that make it unique are provided to you. 

The different sensors and multi-touch functionality offer a compliment to the watch. 

The AMAZFIT NEXO SMARTWATCH does nothing but the finest in this price range, taking account of the features offered. All in all, if you're hunting for a budget SMARTWATCH, you should seek and don't miss the all-new HUAMI AMAZFIT NEXO.

Amazfit Nexo 4G Smart Watch Phone 512MB 4GB Built-in eSIM 1.39 inch AMOLED Screen 454 x 454 Resolution 10 Sports Modes



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