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The Upgraded Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 Air 2 TWS Earbuds Offer Nearly the Same Experience As AirPods

The Upgraded Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 Air 2 TWS Earbuds Offer Nearly the Same Experience As AirPods

Coupon: Q49DFC0C93E27001 Expiry date: 00:00 June 1, 2020

Apple AirPods make the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds sell like hotcakes, so does Xiaomi. It has released Bluetooth headsets, including Xiaomi Air, Redmi AirDots, Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version, and more. 

Although the cost-effectiveness is quite high, the previous generations are not comparable with AirPods. On the launch event of Xiaomi 5G smartphone, Xiaomi Air 2 earbuds were released. 

After using it for a while, I’ve found the Bluetooth earbuds are significantly improved, offering nearly the same experience as AirPods. Let’s have a look at the product in the rest of the article.

Unboxing & Impression

I had used Xiaomi Air Bluetooth earbuds before, and I am not satisfied with the first-generation product because of the latency and short battery life. I was looking forward to Xiaomi Air 2. By the way, the upgraded Bluetooth earbuds have been developed by the 1More Audio Lab from Xiaomi Ecosystem. 

After unboxing, you will be impressed by the appearance of Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth earbuds, because they differ from the previous generation a lot. Air 2 earbuds feature the partially in-ear design, like AirPods. Additionally, they look "plumper" than their predecessors.

Thanks to the innovative design, no silicone ear tips are needed. In the box are Bluetooth earbuds, a charging case, a USB Type-C cable, and an instruction.  

Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth earbuds are in pure white, shorter, and bigger than the previous generation. They look attractive. However, each earbud weighs merely 4.5g, 1.3g lighter than the previous generation. You will feel them ultralight when wearing them. 

The half in-ear headphones offer more comfort in wearing than the in-ear headphones. However, the half in-ear ones are inferior to the in-ear ones in sound isolation and firmness of wearing. 

Nevertheless, Xiaomi Air 2 TWS earbuds feature a better structural design, fitting the ear canal perfectly. They don’t fall off even if you wear them while running.

On the inner side of the earbuds, you can find an infrared sensor that can detect whether you wear the earbuds or not. As soon as you take off an earbud, the music will pause automatically, or the sound will only come from the other earbud on a phone call. 

You’ll be pleased with the change, because Xiaomi Air 2 earbuds not only automatically pause the music when taken off, they also resume playing after put on. The design is ergonomic.

There is a highly sensitive microphone in both earbuds for bilateral calls. With ENC noise-canceling technology, they can effectively reduce the background noise for HD calls, ensuring that you can be heard clearly.  

You can control the earbuds by tapping them. You can also customize the settings by using the App of Xiao Ai Assistant. By tapping the left or right earbud twice, you can switch to the previous/next song, play/pause, and wake up the voice assistant. 

Apart from tapping, Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth earbuds allow you to wake up the voice assistant by calling “Xiao Ai.” Then, the earbuds can play music, tell a story, provide voice navigation. 

Additionally, Xiaomi Air 2 earbuds support voice control without Internet access. Directly say “previous song,” ”next song,” or else. With later updates, more voice commands will be supported - you can control the volume, play/pause, etc. 

Magnetically absorbed into the charging case, Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth earbuds start charging automatically. Both the earbuds and charging case support quick charge. It only takes 1 hour to reach 100% charged. However, they don’t support wireless charging.

Battery Life

The battery life of Xiaomi Air 2 is longer. The earbuds can work for up to 4 hours on a full charge. The charging case can extend the battery life to 14 hours. Because the charging automatically starts after you put them back to the charging case. In addition to the quick charge, the battery life is quite satisfactory. 

Because the Xiaomi Air 2 Bluetooth earbuds are intended to work with the MIUI system, after pairing for the first time, a prompt will appear after you open the charging case, and the earbuds will automatically connect with your smartphone, which is more convenient. 

Meanwhile, you can check the battery level of the headphones and the charging case. Of course, not all Xiaomi smartphones allow you to do so. However, more models will be compatible with the Bluetooth headphones as more and more Xiaomi smartphones install the update of the latest MIUI system.

Sound Quality & Acoustic Experience

Now, let’s focus on sound quality. Xiaomi Air 2 supports the LHDC audio codec for lossless music, precise and honest voice, and sound of instruments. 

As for the hardware, they pack the 14.2mm speaker, and composite diaphragm, and the dynamic coil. You won’t disappoint at the style of the sound, as they are good at reproducing popular music, folks, catchy songs which mostly consist of lows and middles.

The Bluetooth protocol of the latest Xiaomi wireless earbuds is upgraded to 5.0, which is faster than Bluetooth 4.2 used in the previous generation. 

It means that the sound and image can be truly be synced in real-time when you play games or watch movies. Please note that there is still slight latency, due to the limitation of the current Bluetooth technology. 


In general, the improvements of Xiaomi Air 2 are quite significant. The half in-ear headphones ensure the comfort of wearing. Meanwhile, the latency is lower, and the battery life is longer because the Bluetooth protocol has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0. 

As for the sound quality, they can produce nearly lossless music because of LHDC decoding. More surprisingly, the price is as low as $53.98 - you can’t find a better choice!

Coupon: Q49DFC0C93E27001 

Expiry date: 00:00 June 1, 2020  

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 Bluetooth Earphone TWS Wireless Headset Air 2 - White Original



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