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MacBook Pro 16-inch Review: Bigger Screen, Powerful Configuration, Upgraded Keyboard

MacBook Pro 16-inch Review: Bigger Screen, Powerful Configuration, Upgraded Keyboard

If you have high requirements for the screen and keyboard, you might be attracted to the new MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Without any announcement about the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple launched this new product on the official website on 13th Nov. It is unexpected; however, it still has some upgraded functions and fresh features. Next, let's go into the details of MacBook Pro 16-inch.

MacBook Pro 16-inch: Bigger Screen and Superfast Processor

Narrow bezels laptop is a trend in recent years, no matter the DELL XPS series, or Huawei MateBook series are both showing that a larger screen brings a better visual experience. Of course, MacBook Pro 16-inch also has this advantage.

The new MacBook Pro adopts the narrow-band design, by decreasing the width of the left and right bezel, introducing a 16in screen and keeping the size small - 35.79*24.59*1.62cm. 

Compared to MacBook Pro 15in (34.93*24.07*1.55cm), it is a slight increase in size, but it comes with a larger display. Maybe that's the main reason why it replaces MacBook Pro 15in.

Apart from the increased screen, MacBook Pro 16-inch has numerous features: IPS screen, 3072x1920 (226PPI) resolution, 500 nits brightness, P3 wide color gamut, and true-to-life color.

MacBook Pro 16-inch runs on the 9th-generation Intel Core processor (i7 or i9 version). You can choose up to 2.4GHz, Octa-core Intel Core i9 processor. 

The RAM of MacBook Pro 16-inch is 16GB (maximum option is 64GB), and it supports up to 8TB SSD. As to the graphics, it uses AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series. 

In comparison with the basic model of the previous generation, it runs at least two times faster in graphics processing speed. Moreover, the rendering is faster, and the playback of the ultra-high-definition video is seamless. 

In addition to the above, MacBook Pro 16-inch equipped with four Lightning 3 (USB-C) port. These upgraded configurations mean a higher requirement for heat dissipation.

In comparison with the previous products, Apple announces that the airflow volume has increased by 28%, and the heat sink has been enlarged by 35%. It results in an increase of the maximum sustained power of MacBook Pro 16-inch by 12 watts, i.e., stronger heat dissipation.

MacBook Pro 16-inch: Touch Bar and Keyboard Improvement

Aside from upgraded hardware configurations, the most significant change of MacBook Pro 16-inch is the improvement of the Touch Bar and keyboard.

It was found by some developers that the Touch ID button has been separated from the Touch Bar as macOS Catalina 10.15.1 was being updated.

This measure can solve the problem of the previous Touch Bar well because some users have proposed that the value of screen backlight will back to 0 after MacBook Pro connected with other monitors and restarted. 

To adjust the screen backlight, you need to log in again by the unworkable Touch ID, which is in Touch Bar. So the previous design is not reasonable and needs to be improved.

When it comes to the keyboard, Apple's controversial butterfly keyboard finally is replaced by the new Magic Keyboard in this model. 

It modifies the touch feeling and makes it more stable, and fixes the malfunctioning keyboard due to the built-up dust. Other than the processor, it is likely to be the most attractive point for many users.

MacBook Pro 16-inch: Better Sound, Longer Battery Life 

The six-speaker sound system creates a better stereo sound. And Dual force-canceling woofers effectively reduce the influence of system vibration, and then the bass has been further enhanced. 

At the same time, the built-in three-mic array allows you to create pure audio whenever you want. It also provides a longer battery life - up to 11 hours for creating sound.


MacBook Pro 16-inch: Price

MacBook Pro 16-inch has two versions, i.e., the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and 5500M; the starting price is $2,399.00 and $2,399.00 separately.


Since the production of MacBook Pro 17in has been discontinued in 2012, the MacBook Pro series only have 13in and 15in versions. 

It is no doubt that it affected some users who needed a bigger screen laptop to work. With a larger screen, MacBook Pro 16-inch aims at the professional users than normal users in the office, such as video editor, artistic creator, or other content producers.

For one thing, a larger screen can show more content, which is more convenient to work under different situations; for another, the redesigned magic keyboard offers a better touch feeling. Besides, the speaker is much better than before.

You can decide to buy it or not according to your demand. Usually, Apple will update a few functions of MacBook Pro 16-inch in the early next year after Intel Core i10 released at the end of this year. So, you can wait if not in a hurry.

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