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The Best Electric Toothbrush Under $15, SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush!

The Best Electric Toothbrush Under $15, SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush!

Get up and empower yourself. Refresh your breath by brushing teeth. Brushing teeth is also for dental health. 

Brushing tools continuously change, from ordinary toothbrushes to electric toothbrushes with the advancement in technology. People are glad at more convenience. Recently, I have bought a great electric toothbrush, the SO WHITE electric toothbrush.

Appearance and design

You can see the beautiful toothbrush easily through the transparent package. SO White electric toothbrush doesn't look different from a regular toothbrush. The product name and features are printed on the top, including waterproof, wireless charging. The toothbrush comes with a wireless charger. 

I have picked the cherry pink one, which looks very lovely. Unlike regular toothbrushes, SO WHITE has a round handle, and the entire toothbrush is about 50 grams, light and comfortable. 

The product brand SO WHITE is printed on the handle, and there are several indicator lights on the top of the logo. From the indicator light, we can see the working status of the product. The white control buttons are very prominent on the handle, so as the power indicators.

It seems that the round handle rolls easily, but there is an anti-roll design on the back, so you don't need to worry about it. The model and power of the toothbrush are also printed on the back. Only 0.5W, it is quite energy-saving. 

The brush head and the handle are distinct from each other. The former can be pulled out with force. However, the connection is stable between them. The brush head is the same as that of a regular toothbrush.

Deep cleaning and dental care

TThe bristles made of DuPont bristles are soft and agreeable, and they will not cause damage to the gums. The curved brush surface fits the tooth surface so well that it can penetrate the gap of the teeth to effectively clearing away the food residue. 

The advantage of the electric toothbrush is that it does not require you to brush back and forth. In comparison, manual brushing is not so efficient, only 100 - 200 vibrations per minute; SO WHITE electric toothbrush achieves 31,000 vibrations per minute so that the teeth will become much cleaner.

This toothbrush has three built-in modes, standard mode, soft mode, and massage mode. Usually, we can choose the standard model. If the gums are sensitive, you should choose the soft mode. The massage mode takes care of the gums as the name suggests. 

The toothbrush will pause for a while every 30 seconds, reminding us to change the brushing area. After 2 minutes, it will turn off. 

SO WHITE has a memory function, you will find that the toothbrush is in the same mode as the last time, which is user-friendly. 

Long battery life and convenient charging

A lithium-ion battery powers the toothbrush, and the wireless charging is very convenient. As long as the toothbrush is placed vertically on the charging base, the concave hole at the bottom of the toothbrush touches to the protruded part of the base, charging starts.

The battery life of the toothbrush is also perfect. After fully charged, it can be used for more than half a month. After brushing the teeth, you can wash it directly with water. Isn't it so convenient to clean?

I'm loving SO WHITE sonic toothbrush

As far as I am concerned, the electric toothbrush costs about $15, whereas, this budget toothbrush satisfies my needs well. With such a great electric toothbrush, I will never brush my teeth manually in the future.

SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oral Cleaner



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