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QCY T2C TWS Bluetooth Headset: The Best Wireless Music for Under $30

QCY T2C TWS Bluetooth Headset: The Best Wireless Music for Under $30

I bought QCY T2C recently. I must say that he QCY T2C headset is definitely a good Bluetooth headset in the 100 yuan price range. High appearance, good sound quality, smooth and stable signal, strong endurance, but also the use of close to the auricle ergonomic design, wearing for a long time will not feel uncomfortable, performance and price are extremely high. I love it.

QCY T2C: Appearance

The design of the QCY T2C is very simple, there are no redundant complex color lines, and the keys on the headphones are completely integrated with the headphones. The oval design allows it to have a very high recognition, and wear comfortable and stable, as a whole through a low-key atmosphere temperament. 

QCY T2C: Sound quality

QCY T2C built-in high-resolution audio decoder, combined with the composite diaphragm, the sound presented is very fidelity. Many people say that headphones are good, especially its performance of bass. When you put on the QCY T2C, you should be like me, surprised to find that this 100 yuan Bluetooth headset in the bass presentation is not less than 1000 yuan headphones. 

QCY T2C: Bluetooth connection

For the Bluetooth headset connection problem that everyone is concerned about, after using QCY T2C, it is found that it is difficult to connect, slow connection and unstable connection when using Bluetooth headset before, which is not a problem at all. 

For everyone is concerned about the connection problem of Bluetooth headset, after using Bluetooth T2C, it is found that the connection is difficult, slow and unstable. 

QCY T2C Bluetooth 5.0 connection speed is very fast, as long as the headphones out of the charging module, can be connected immediately, and the sound is completely synchronous transmission, watching the video, playing games will not appear when the sound is out of sync. 

QCY T2C: Impression

The endurance of the QCY T2C is definitely first-rate. The headphones can be charged once for about four hours. I tried it myself. It only takes an hour for the headphones to go from dead to full, and the charging cabin can be recharged eight or nine times. 

Fully meet my usual commute and occasionally go to the park for a run, I believe that even if it is a business trip, the electricity is fully enough. 

Two other points are very commendable. The button is really simple and sensitive enough to answer the phone, cut songs without pressure, and this headset has a certain waterproof function, test runs more than three kilometers, ears covered with sweat, also did not affect the use of headphones, very good. 


Many people for Bluetooth headphones, maybe love and hate, love its convenience, but also hate good Bluetooth headphones are ridiculously expensive, cheap Bluetooth headphones are not easy to use. 

I just want to say that if you experience the QCY T2C, you will deeply feel what an inexpensive and easy-to-use Bluetooth headset is.

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