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You May Not Know Every Girl Wants to Put Her Body On This Thing

You May Not Know Every Girl Wants to Put Her Body On This Thing

This foam roller is a multifunctional foam roller, which you can use for massage and stretching your tired muscles after a hard working day or workout. It can serve as a workout accessory.

The roller is made of EPP (expanded polypropylene), which is a very soft and durable material in wide application. The material is recyclable and classified as low to moderate hazard according to organizations like Environmental Working Group.

I bought this product to avoid muscle strain as much as possible after hard and exhausting workouts. For a very long time, I've been looking for a product similar to this that would meet my needs and requirements. There are many similar products but none like this one.

I used both softer and harder foam rollers. Softer ones do not last for long, they get deformed and dirty, so they become unusable in a short period. When they get deformed, they can cause injuries. You can not use the harder one in as many cases as the softer one. It can cause injuries due to material hardness.

The main advantage of this EPP “two in one“ foam roller is that you can adapt its softness by removing the smaller inner foam roller.

If you like harder and deeper massage, you can leave the inner narrower roller inside the wider one. By the removing of the narrower foam roller, the wider one becomes softer and more deformable. You can use both inner and outer roller separately.

I recommend this EPP foam roller because it offers the best value for money on the current market. It substitutes at least two to three similar products with its adaptability of roller softness by removing the narrower one.

Within less than a month after I have bought this foam roller, I got three more for my family and friends. I think that's speaking more than anything else about the recommendation of this product.

They were also very pleased and happy with the product and continued to spread the word and recommendations for this foam roller.

By purchasing this product, you get two foam rollers in one, a narrower and a wider one, which expands the application range of this product.

I have been using this foam roller for a year to massage and stretch tired muscles after a hard working day or workout. I can say that it is very high-quality and durable. It is easy to maintain and clean. Sweat and heavy loads have not left traces of wear and tear on this item. You can clean it with a cloth dipped in mild detergent, and shower it.

I'm happy and satisfied with it. Since I am a very active person, it goes everywhere with me. It is very light and can't be damaged in transit. I recommend this product to everyone since there is no age or any other restriction - who can or can´t use it. 

The main advantage, in addition to the variety of uses, is the material which guarantees safe use without injuries. It's soft and pleasant, great for your muscles.

15 / 5 x 33cm Yoga Gym Exercises Fitness EPP Foam Roller



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