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Bonus for Boys: A Step-by-step Photography Tutorial - Don't Worry That Your Girlfriend Can't Take Great Photos!

Bonus for Boys: A Step-by-step Photography Tutorial - Don't Worry That Your Girlfriend Can't Take Great Photos!

After I posted the tutorial of taking photos of a girlfriend last time, my friends are envious about me. 

They think that girls know how to pose better than boys, and hope to find a tutorial of taking photos for boys. 

So, here I go again. 

Today, I'm going to talk about the boys' photography skills and teach you "how to style your short hair"! 

If girls want to look cool and handsome, remember to take notes! These poses are also suitable for girls! 

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First of all, the composition has nothing to do with gender, suitable for both boys and girls! 

In the last tutorial for girls, I mention three requirements of composition: 2:3, 5:5, and 1:9. 

Please refer to the composition skills in the previous post and use them flexibly. 

I know that the previous illustrations are ugly, but you must have seen them, right? 

▼ 2:3

▼ 5:5


Then, there's the pose combination for boys.

Similar to the pose combination for girls, it is a set of formulas and simple free combination. Because boys want to look manly enough, it is not recommended to add too many gestures when taking pictures. For example, in the last post, girls are instructed to hold the hat/chin, half-expose the shoulder, and so on. 

First of all, you've got to have pretty shoulders!

Haha, to sum up, all the boys need to do is to act "cool"!

The look on your face when you take a picture should also be natural. 

Maybe that's why boys don't take pictures as often as girls.

I find that when taking pictures of many boys, everything is fine when they are not in front of the camera. As soon as they stand in front of the camera, they appear stiff, unnatural, with a smothered grin, as if they swallowed a big fly and felt sick.

So, please look natural! Forget that you're taking pictures. Take it easy! Think of something else to let your body relaxed, and make your expression look more natural. Please show your most comfortable, cool, and eye-catching expression!

Additionally, there is one thing that boys need to pay special attention to when taking pictures: the leg postures.

When you take photos, don't move your hand too much, because it will make you less manly. Thus, the essence of poses is mostly in the feet and a small part in the face. 

Open your legs whether you are standing or sitting because putting knees together will make you look less masculine, but a little bit girly instead (try it if you don't believe me). Therefore, knees should be apart to have a good standing position. 

▼ Leg postures

Most boys look more handsome when they don't laugh. (Of course, there are a lot of boys who look handsome boys when they laugh). The back appears more masculine than the front. Men looking away from the camera seem more thoughtful than those looking at the camera. 

Many boys like to put their hands in the pockets to take pictures because, in this way, they look cool with hands well positioned. So, when you don't know how to do, it's nice to put your hand in your pocket. 

Of course, you need to explore to find out the best angles and postures for yourself. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself.

Here's an example! 

First of all, the back! 

Taking pictures of the back alone is more suitable for boys than girls. It is because most boys' back can engage you, letting you feel that you are following him to explore the world. 

Here are a few examples. 

▼ Back + looking far ahead + putting hands naturally on the knee + leg D (Don't you feel as if you were traveling with him? ) 

▼ Back + looking far ahead + leg F

▼ Back + looking away from the camera + looking far forward + this leg posture also looks manly

▼ Back + looking away from the camera + looking far ahead + leg F

▼ Back + opening hands

▼ Back + hands on the waist + leg F 

▼ Back + hands in the pocket + leg F


The tricks of taking profile photos for boys is different from those for girls. After all, men don't have soft outlines. That's why the boys take profile pictures, they need to look thoughtful and inspiring.

How to reflect the "thoughtfulness"? The trick is not to look at the camera! Don't look at the camera! Look at the sky or the ground instead. I reiterate the important thing.

▼ Looking far ahead + putting hands in your pocket + no laughing

▼ Sitting + looking far ahead + putting your hands naturally + leg D 

▼ Side + looking far ahead + putting your hands naturally + leg F

▼ Side + looking at the sky (do you notice the spot of light? Such an element can make your picture more natural)

▼ Looking far ahead + a hand in the pocket + the other on the scenery + no laughing (please pay attention to the facial outline)

▼ Side + looking down in contemplation

▼ Side + passing by + looking down in contemplation + hands in the pocket + grasping the hair 

▼ Passing by with your head down

▼ A different composition + side + looking down in contemplation

▼ Side + hands in the pocket + climbing stairs

▼ Side + in different locations (such as the car roof) + looking far away + putting hands down naturally + leg G

Let's talk about the front! 

The photography skills for the front and profile are similar. 

Have a cool pose, a very cool one!

Appear careless, instead of having a stiff expression. No posing! Use the most comfortable pose! If you don't feel comfortable in a specific posture, you won't look good in the picture, either. 

▼ Inadvertently looking at the camera + hands in the pocket + leg A

▼ Front + sunglasses + hands in the pocket + leg F 

▼ Front + passing by + sunglasses + inadvertently looking at the camera 

▼ Front + passing by + looking at the back + putting your hand in the pocket

▼ Front + different viewing angles + opening hands + legs F (feeling on the road) 

▼ Sitting + looking at the camera + leg G

▼ Front + head down + looking away from the camera + leg G 

▼ Front + head down + hands in the pocket + leg F

How to use props? 

Using props to take photos for boys is very similar to that of girls. 

You can refer to the last post for girls. By combining the two, you can take full advantage of props close at hand. 

▼ Camera, taking pictures

▼ You can also look down at the camera

▼ Set up a chair and read a book in the middle of a road

▼ Boys can also hold flowers! 

▼ Be with a dog

▼ Be with delicious food


When taking pictures, girls can turn in circles and let their hair and skirt drift in the air. How about boys? 

There are far more poses for boys to have snapshots because boys have an advantage over girls in physical movement. 

In some postures, girls look less polite. The angle might not be good enough, or their legs are too wide apart. However, boys won't be constrained.

Thus, all you have to do is to turn the shutter fast and ensure the lighting. 

Then, ask your photographer(maybe your girlfriend) to press the shutter when you move! 

You can run, jump, do all kinds of crazy postures that are considered impressive. 

After that, choose one from the pictures. So handsome you'll look that all your friends will envy you!

Let's have a look at these examples! 

▼ Skateboarding

▼ Jump!

▼ Jump again!

▼ Run like Mario!

▼ Of course, you can have funny snapshots, too.

Interpret the significance of travel from different perspectives

Boys don't love selfies as much as girls do. However, during the trip, nearly everyone wants to take some good pictures and share them with others. Why not interpret your journey from a different perspective? Can a picture be cool enough without a soul? Sure!

Let's look at these awesome photos.

▼ In the wildness! 

▼ The leakage of a corner of the tile makes you fancy traveling in a different place

▼ On a business trip, take an extraordinary photo of your workbench

▼ Watching a match, direct the focus from the match

▼ Waiting for a plane, show off your sneakers and pants

▼ A creative interpretation of "vacation" is by using the sunshine, beach, bikini, and fresh fruit! 

Not all girls got to have long hair to the waist and wear a long dress! On the road, girls can also take a cool-looking photo!

Here are awesome postures for girls!

The specific poses and leg postures are the same as what is mentioned earlier. 

Girls can use these poses to present wandering on the road freely. To be a little aggressive, you can't have too many gestures! It's better to put hands casually, or in the pocket.

However, when you use these poses, don't wear skirts or dresses! These poses are for those who wear pants! 

Accidental exposures likely happen when girls wear a dress. Moreover, they will look too manly, disharmonious with the dress. That's why girls with beautiful long legs should wear shorts and pants when it is cold.

Come on, look at the examples below. 

In Samet Island, Thailand, deploy a Cambodian blanket on the beach, As the sea wind blows the hair, it's ideal for posing as a wanderer. 

▼ Looking at the camera + putting hands on the knees + leg C 

▼ At the end of the sea + sitting cross-legged + smiling to the sun + sunglasses + putting your hands on the knees casually

▼ On the cliff + looking far ahead + leg F + sunglasses

▼ Looking at the sky + smiling + sunglasses + putting hands casually + leg E 

▼ Sunglasses + smiling + leg F (10, 000 times more manly than the men next to you) 

▼ Looking at the camera + smiling + putting your hands on the knees + leg G

▼ Looking far ahead + camera + leg A

▼ Looking far away + sunglasses + no laughing + profile + camera + leg C

▼ Looking far away + hands in the pocket + leg F + no laughing (only shadow in the setting sun)

▼ Girls can also get a photo of their back, which indicates "going on an adventure with me"! 

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Now I would like to introduce these top 3 camera phones in 2019 for you (Yes, the same as I did before because these 3 phones are really awesome, maybe I will introduce some cameras to you guys next time).

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No.3 ASUS Zenfone 6 - flip camera ( 2 rear cameras )

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