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i9S TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Hands-on Review

i9S TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Hands-on Review

Now I'm going to start unboxing and evaluating i9S TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. 

First, let's have a look at the package, which looks minimalistic. It is a square box on which there is "I9S-TWS" and a picture of the product, and at the top right corner is "double V5.0." The "double V5.0" means that both earbuds pick up the sound while you're making a phone call, which improves the call quality.

In the box is a Chinese product description, a white USB cable, a metal buckle, a white rubber cover to protect the storage case, a charging case covered a piece of blue film. 

After opening the charging case, I see a brand new white charging box in which there are headphones. The rubber cover serves as a protector of the charging box, just like a phone case. I usually hang it on the keychain or directly put it in my pocket. I think this metal buckle is especially suitable for outdoor use. 

At the bottom of the charging case, you can find the USB interface. During charging, the bottom of the charging box emits a soft blue light which looks very beautiful on the solid white plastic case. 

It takes about an hour to charge the charging box fully; in comparison, it takes much less time to charge the headphones, only about 20 minutes needed fully. The headphones can work for an hour and a half on a full charge. 

I don't recommend using headphones for a long time, because no matter how good headphones are, they will harm your hearing if you wear them for too long.

Nevertheless, when you go running, you'd better use them to spice up the outdoor activity.

Let's see how it works. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and turn on both earbuds, then “pair” them. When the Bluetooth connection is complete, we can use the headset. 

Put on the headphones to enter into the world of music. The earbuds are small and fit the ears very well. 

When I was wearing headphones, I worried that the headphones would fall off when I shook my head. To my surprise, they didn't. 

However, I turned my head, both vertically or horizontally, the i9s TWS Bluetooth earbuds stayed at the same place! 

Moreover, when I was running on the treadmill at a speed of 8km/h, they remained in my ears, too. They fit my ears comfortably and securely.

As the most critical thing for headphones is sound quality, let's focus on the sound now.

A friend called me. I gently pushed the control button to answer the phone call, and my ears didn't feel hurt as the earbud was pushed down. My friend's voice was clear, and although I was in the street where there was a lot of noise, he didn't ask me to speak up. We communicated to each other well at a normal volume and had a good time. The noise canceling worked so well.

I chose a soprano singer's song and found that the headset performed satisfyingly, with just slight noise in the high frequency, it reproduced terrific sound in both low and medium frequency.

Whenever I put on both earbuds, I become immersed in the music. The sound doesn't drift out too much. The i9s TWS Bluetooth earbuds also help me to relax, and I feel that my life is much easier with acoustic enjoyment. However, for safety reasons, I only use one earphone when I am walking in the street.

In the end, let's draw a conclusion. The performance of this headset is excellent. Considering its price which is less than $15, you won't find anything attractive in other Bluetooth earbuds at over $20 though with basically the same functions. There is no doubt that i9 is the most cost-effective Bluetooth headset. 

In general, I use the i9 TWS Bluetooth headset on the train, when commuting, running and so on, it is more than enough for me. If you need such satisfying wireless music experience, just go for this pair of true wireless headphones!

i9s TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Binaural Wireless Stereo Earbuds - White



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