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The Best Electric Screwdriver From Xiaomi That Can Make Your Life More Easy

The Best Electric Screwdriver From Xiaomi That Can Make Your Life More Easy

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When it comes to hardware tools, screwdrivers are the most commonly used. Almost every household has them. Like myself, there are dozens of large and small screwdrivers in the house, but they are all manual. Originally, last year, the crowdfunding of Mi appliances drill-shaped screwdrivers The suit is too high-valued, and I was cut off by a friend within a few days of playing. I was forced to screw the screw and returned to the original state. Fortunately, some time ago, I was qualified for the experience of this Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver. So let's find out if this screwdriver set is good or not.


Within a few days of receipt, there are not many screws with it, but for a person who has nearly a hundred screwdrivers, it is easy to use it. Directly talk about the experience: the size is appropriate, the hand is very comfortable, the force area is large, it does not slip, the front and back switch is convenient, there is no eccentricity visible to the naked eye, the manual and electric combination can be used for most of the daily disassembly and assembly scenes. Personally think it is the best one among the Mi series electric screwdrivers.


The packaging of Mijia Automated Electric Screwdriver is pure white. Like most Mijia product packaging, there is Mijia logo on the front, product rendering and product features: Automated manual, intelligent overload protection, S2 steel long bit, compact and portable , And the batch size.

On the lower right corner of the back is some basic parameter information of the product, such as the model and implementation standards. Overall, the packaging is simple and focused. From the product rendering, you can see the difference between this product and the traditional screwdriver.


In this way, the internal packaging is equally attentive. The screwdriver body and accessories are fixed in separate bins, which can reduce shock and avoid scratching products.

There is a charging cable with a Micro USB interface, 6 batch heads and a batch head storage box on the accessories. Of course, there are also instructions for use. In this way, the screwdriver body has a good texture, and few in the industry can compete with it.


In appearance, there is no screw in the whole body. The new engineering plastic shell, the fine UV paint process brings a matte texture, the tentacles are delicate and non-slip, there are no fingerprints in use, but it is easy to stain, and usually keep the front and back buttons Clean. Another detail of this screwdriver set is that the body and the handle adopt a double-cut design, which can fit the shape of the hand well, further enhance the comfort of holding, and increase the stress surface, even when facing the TV rack and furniture. The long screws can be tightened easily and easily.

In addition to the fuselage without screws, there are only two buttons, and it is also an integrated design. The R block is forward rotation, used to tighten the screws; L is the reverse block, used to screw out the screws. Thanks to the single-shaped design of this screwdriver, there is no obstacle to pure manual operation. Especially when you encounter a relatively large screw that needs to be tightened or loosened, you can use a combination of manual and electric to tighten or loosen the screw. It saves effort and can also protect the bit and avoid screw slippage.

The bit is fixed by an inner hexagon socket, and the bit is absorbed by the magnetism in the sleeve. It should be noted that the maximum torque in electric mode is 3N.m, and the maximum torque in manual mode is 8N.m. Please master it during use. Do not use too much force, just right.

A good power tool must be used with high-quality accessories to get twice the result with half the effort. Looking at it roughly, the material of the rice screwdriver bits is made of high-quality S2 alloy steel, which can reach a hardness of 60HRC. This screwdriver provides 6 bits of C6.3×50mm, which are flat-headed SL5.5. , Cross PH1/PH2, plum blossom T15, hexagonal H3/H4. Generally speaking, cross and plum blossom bits are the most used. After all, most of the household appliances, furniture, digital products , bicycles, and toy cars are It is a Phillips or Torx screw. In actual use, I basically mix these two types of bits. The place I use the two hex bits is when installing outdoor cameras or disassembling car wash equipment.

Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver bit is fixed by sleeve magnetic suction, as long as it is a C6.3mm size bit, it can be used universally, and many bits like the rice series can be used, which also broadens the Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver. The use of screwdrivers can be as large as TVs, wardrobes, computers, and as small as a screw for children's toys .

The battery capacity of Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver is 1500mAh, rated voltage: 3.6V, lithium battery 1.5Ah (3.6V), it can be charged with a 5V 1A charger, and the no-load speed is 220r/min. The charging port is located at the bottom of the screwdriver. It is designed with a rubber dust-proof tail cap to prevent dust from entering, and it can also play a role in insulation, but it is not waterproof, and cannot be used and stored in rain or damp environments.


First of all, the 50mm lengthened bit is really easy to use. Old TV base screws are generally recessed into the case. The bit bit of the Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver is just suitable; there are many kinds of wires inside the desktop, and this kind of lengthened bit The head doesn't block the line of sight, and the disassembly is quick and effortless.

The magnetism of the bit head is pretty good. A TV bracket screw weighing 6 grams can be easily absorbed, so that it is much easier to unscrew and screw in; and the screw will not fall out all day under static conditions.

To unscrew this kind of relatively large TV bracket screw, you need to loosen it manually, and then use the L block to easily unscrew it without any effort.

Tightening the screws can also be easily dealt with, as long as they are skilled enough, they can be tightened once with the R block without slipping. The body with a matte texture of less than 30mm holds very well and is particularly powerful.

A simple battery life and charging test was performed. When fully charged, the force generated by the elasticity of the rubber band made the Mijia Auto-integrated electric screwdriver to keep idling, and it could continue to rotate for about 160 minutes, and the case did not heat up. Tighten 180 screws at full power and there should be no difference. Of course, you have to charge it if you are out of power. Charge it when the screwdriver can't turn at all. It takes 2 hour's to fully charge.


The length of the Mijia self-integrated electric screwdriver is only 172mm, and the weight does not exceed 185g. The bit storage box is only 10mm thick. The overall look is relatively small and portable; the extended bit can handle most disassembly and assembly scenarios; manual Electric switching is convenient, low learning cost, easy to use, stable speed in use, high efficiency, just right for home use.

Coupon Code: GBGJ4715639 丨 Coupon Price: $27.99

Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD002QW Portable Manual and Automatic Integrated Electric Screwdriver



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