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Viomi V3 with 2600Pa Super Suction, Disinfectant of 99% Covid-19 Viruses, Is a Must-Buy Robot Vacuum for Cat Owners in 2020

Viomi V3 with 2600Pa Super Suction, Disinfectant of 99% Covid-19 Viruses, Is a Must-Buy Robot Vacuum for Cat Owners in 2020

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000 Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020


I believe that the robot vacuum ranks in the top 3 of the home appliances for improving family well-being. It's perhaps because I am kind of lazy, I find the assistance and relief that the robot vacuum brings to me intuitively – it is labor-saving and time-saving. This is especially true since I keep two cats. They shed a considerable amount of hair, and I had to sweep the floor to clear the fur every day.

Two Roborock vacuum cleaners have been used for several years in my family and when I was considering replacing them with a new updated one, I happened to find the Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner.


Let's take a look at the body of Viomi V3. It is in black, which looks elegant and classic, suitable for most decoration styles. I'm fond of the color of home appliances.

The extruded part is the LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) module, which works as soon as Viomi V3 is turned on. The part can be regarded as the eye and "radar" of the smart robot vacuum. It can scan the surroundings 360-degree, map, and display on the App in real-time, while enabling the vacuum cleaner to clean, steer, accelerate/decelerate, avoid obstacles, etc.

This is one of the most surprising things that can't be found in my old Roborock vacuum cleaners – they bumped into furniture every time during cleaning.

There is only a physical button at the bottom. However, in actual use, it's only in 0.01% cases that you will need to push the button because you can get total control of it conveniently with the App on your mobile phone.

At the front of the Viomi V3 robot vacuum is a bumper with a multi-purpose sensor on the top, which realizes a series of functions, including steering, self-charging, obstacle avoidance, etc. There are also two versatile sensors at the sides for multiple functions including positioning.
There's a side brush at the left bottom of Viomi V3, which can automatically adapt the speed according to the surroundings, taking into it dust nearby, along the wall.

Here is a deluxe combo, a total of 12 other sensors around the rim of the Viomi V3, which effectively avoids the robot vacuum falling from high places accidentally and causing damages.

Viomi V3 run over whatever on the floors with 2cm in differences without the slightest difficulty. The two main wheels are indispensable for such a capability.

The main brush of the Viomi V3 robot vacuum seamlessly fits the floor. The bristles are ultra-fine and dense. Meanwhile, the main brush features moderate elasticity, making Viomi V3 more suitable for different kinds of floors and carpets.

After opening the cover of the cabin, you can find a 550ml dust collector inside that is clip-on. The dust collector is large enough for cleaning the interior of my house with cat fur two or three times.

The water tank is also 550ml, with brand new micro-precision electric water tank controls for more accuracy and lower noise. Filled with water, the water tank can mop up to 250 square meters each time.

The charging cable is unique, hidden inside the robot vacuum. Such a design improves the appearance by avoiding the extra length of the cable exposed and troubles in cleaning at the same time.

Viomi V3 supports Mi Home App, which is great for those who have a lot of products in Xiaomi's ecosystem.

Intelligent Operation

The reasons why Viomi V3 is considered intelligent are as follows:

1. LDS (Laser Distance Sensor) enables the Viomi V3 robot vacuum to "see" 

The first time when you use Viomi V3 with the App, the robot vacuum has not yet finished cleaning the entire house, and that's why the map of your house isn't available. However, its LDS starts up in place, scanning the general environment, which can be found on the map, even though Viomi V3 doesn't set about cleaning. This is a great leap forward, compared with vacuum cleaners without LDS. In a word, Viomi V3 has an outstanding capability of making smart predictions. In actual use, the capability can be translated into smarter cleaning route planning, obstacle avoidance, self-rescue from complex surroundings, intelligent acceleration/deceleration,  

2. SLAM algorithm serves as a great mind for Viomi V3

Viomi V3 robot vacuum is equipped with a Cortex-A7 Quad-Core CPU, coupled with the SLAM algorithm, which means great improvements in sensor management, sensing, mapping, navigation, and so on. It can easily cope with complex surroundings, and "bear them in mind." Through observation, I've found that a complete cleanup enables Viomi V3 to remember risky high places, too low places where it might fall off or be trapped, and places with assorted items and complex routes.

When it is in the same place, in combination with LDS, the SLAM algorithm allows the Viomi V3 robot vacuum to predict in advance.

3. Smart map management

Viomi V3 supports working in the duplex with multiple floors. Up to 5 maps can be stored. Each time the floor or the environment is changed, Viomi V3 can automatically identify it to match the right map, so no manual switching is needed.

Every room on each map is partitioned automatically and colored differently.

Based on this, you can clean the entire house without differentiation. Just select the vacuum suction, water discharge. Then, click "Start" to begin the task.

Or, you can control at will by "customizing" the mopping of a certain area.  

Use "Set a Zone" and "Custom Mode" to specify the cleaning mode for each zone. For example, as for my living room, the settings are powerful suction and gentle mopping; the bedroom, low power suction, and strong mopping; study, only vacuuming, no mopping. See? You have absolute control as you wish.

Sometimes, if only a little area is dirty and needs prompt cleaning, what should you do to avoid complex settings?

As for places that you don't want to clean, set virtual walls on the App, and the Viomi V3 vacuum cleaner will never go into the off-limit areas as you wish.

It also has other functions, like the timer for scheduling cleaning tasks. I've already set a timer, which makes Viomi V3 clean every afternoon before I go off work so that a clean home is welcoming us when we return.

Mopping Performance

Apart from being intelligent, Viomi V3 also surprises me with cleaning performance.

There was a time when my two cats tore the bag of activated carbon used as the deodorant, making a mess of the residue. I was freaked out at the scene the moment I returned home.

Unexpectedly, by using Viomi V3, the mess was cleared away, without leaving a tiny bit of it, which made mopping unnecessary. It was because all black specks of the activated carbon on the surface of the floor were completely removed (Certainly, I used the powerful suction mode)!

When it comes to the cat litter, as all cat owners know, any types of cat litter will be spilled out despite their quality, scattering here and there in the house. By using Viomi V3, no cat litter will be left after the cleanup.

Viomi V3 controls the water discharge precisely when mopping and offers three different levels of water flow. At the highest level, the mop is even drier in comparison with however hard I struggle to squeeze the mop. Therefore, it is reassuring to use it on the wooden floor. Moreover, mopping makes the floor quite clean!

Additionally, Viomi V3 also comes with 5 disposable mops that can filter bacteria and viruses. Up till now, I've used the mop twice, and I can't feel the disinfectant rate intuitively. However, it's better than no having such a function, especially amid the coronavirus spread, because it always brings psychological comfort.

The noise differs when Viomi V3 works in the powerful and gentle suction mode. I tested it when my family members were having a rest at the bedroom which had been set as an off-limit zone and the door to the bedroom had been closed. Viomi V3 didn't disturb my family members while operating at the gentle suction mode. When you don't care about the noise, the biggest suction can bring you the best result of cleaning.


After I got Viomi V3, both old robot vacuums retired as they deserved. Now, I use Viomi V3 every day, and I've concluded its pros and cons as follows:


1. Attractive appearance suitable for almost all decoration styles;

2. 2600Pa super suction, free adjustment of the suction power, and gentle suction that doesn't disturb the asleep family members. The highest suction power works the best, allowing you to clean the floor at home in everyday life, and easily cope with extreme cases;

3. LDS, SLAM algorithm and smart map management make Viomi V3 know your house probably better than yourselves. Various cleaning modes, customization options allow you to clean in all imaginable ways, and enjoy a clean home;

4. Smart management of multiple maps, and support for the duplex;

5. Unique disinfectant function.


1. Relatively expensive – at $539; but now it seems to cost only $469.99 to buy it on Gearbest. I think this price is very reasonable and cost-effective. I recommend you to start.

2. Moderate charging speed.

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Coupon: E49E0C32365EB000

Expiry date: 00:00 June 11, 2020

VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Antibacterial system from Xiaomi



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