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10 Facts About Xiaomi Everyone Needs to Know

10 Facts About Xiaomi Everyone Needs to Know

Xiaomi stands for the modern-day premium features at insanely affordable prices. The company has taken the smartphone world by storm, through its innovative technology and features like none other. 

1. All in the Name

Xiaomi, when translated to English, means “Millet and Rice,” which is a hint towards a popular concept from Buddhism, which entails starting from humble beginnings and then eventually moving up towards the top. 

Xiaomi’s policy is congruent to this age-old principle, and the company is already on its way towards the top of the ladder as a leading smartphone manufacturer. If you think about it, the letters “M” and “i” are also an abbreviation for “Mission Impossible.” 

It all makes sense when one discovers the numerous problems the company has faced in its path towards globalization. Offering such quality products at unbelievably low prices is an incredible feat in itself.   

2. The Incredible AI

One would think that a company as new as Xiaomi would seriously lack behind in any Artificial Intelligence-related aspect. 

Xiaomi surprises the on-lookers and fans alike through its feature-rich Artificial Intelligence software, embedded in its very own MIUI. The AI was introduced in the MIUI 10 back in May 2018.   

3. Xiao AI

Xiaomi’s voice assistant, the Xiao AI has also been a huge hit with its users. The AI works to save both time and power on your smartphone by observing your behavior, which allows the AI to predict your habits and give suggestions based on your input. 

As a result, the AI selects the particular applications that you may use at that time of the day and preloads them for virtually instant load times. 

4. Root It. Boot It. But You Can Still Claim It

This is something that made me instantly fall in love with Xiaomi. You can root your Xiaomi phones all you want, and it still won’t void your warranty. 

Seriously, how awesome is that? No other smartphone manufacturer offers such generosity with its entire lineup when it comes to warranty. 

Even to this day, only a handful of other manufacturers’ smartphones can be rooted without voiding the warranty. This functionality is to help App developers and average users alike. 

5. The Record Breaker

While you can rely on Xiaomi to keep its oath of providing reliable and quality smartphones, there’s one thing that the company likes to break again and again. And that is the record for the number of smartphones sold in one day. Xiaomi currently holds the Guinness world record for selling a whopping 2.11 million phones in a single day. 

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer set this record at the 2015 Mi Fan Festival. The company achieved this feat by breaking its one-year-old record of selling 1.3 million devices in one day, from the 2014 Mi Fan Festival. The sales volume is impressive for a brand that started from having no physical stores to being an arch rival to the likes of Apple and Samsung. 

Xiaomi also holds the Guinness record for opening the highest number of stores simultaneously. A total of 500 stores were opened in a trice for the brand’s expansion all over India. The company’s motto of “Millets and Rice” has indeed come to fruition as it sees immense success all around the globe. 

6. Headed By The Best

In its quest for becoming a household name, Xiaomi has succeeded in bringing the top brass tech leaders on board. One such example is the recruitment of Hugo Barra as its Vice President. 

Needless to mention, the company took a massive step by naming a former Google executive as one of its leaders. Hugo Barra’s recruitment has served as a double-edged sword for the growing brand, as the new Vice President is also acting as the face of the company towards the Western, English-speaking world. 

7. MIUI forum

Xiaomi boasts its highly responsive and helpful forum, dubbed as the MIUI forum. While other smartphone brands also sport dedicated forums on their websites, they are not nearly as responsive and well-managed as the MIUI forum. 

Got an issue with your Xiaomi device? Or maybe you can’t figure out a feature or a setting. All you have to do is to ask. 

The forum is populated with experienced and dedicated fans, as well as official MIUI team members. This goes to show how much Xiaomi cares about its fans and the heights that it can go to, to facilitate the users who put their faith in the company. 

Before making your purchase, you can visit the forum to get an idea of how things work in the Mi world. 

8. Mi Fans

Since the company puts so much thought towards customer satisfaction, the users also pay back through their loyalty and dedication towards spreading the word about Xiaomi’s awesomeness. 

Xiaomi has been very successful in garnering a huge fan base within a minimum period. The company’s fans, known as Mi Fans, attend its festivals and product launch ceremonies with full zeal and zest. 

Xiaomi is also known to regularly reach out to its consumers for their input and views on their products. This data is then used for the further improvement and enhancement of the Xiaomi products. Take the MIUI for example, numerous new features and improvements were made, owing to the considerable user input and their growing connection with the brand. 

9. New Horizons

What started as a simple ROM developing venture has now expanded into a full-fledged tech giant. After immense success in its home market, Xiaomi initialized the global-level production of its other tech products as well. 

A myriad of reliable products, such as the Mi flashlight, the Mi Air Purifier, and the Mi Drone has been a huge hit worldwide. Most of these products are sold out pretty quickly on release, and their demand is increasing by folds with each passing day. 

10. Wang Cai - The Xiaomi Dog

Let’s end this list with another fun fact about Xiaomi. Xiaomi has its very own pet dog, named Wang Cai. The story goes that a stray dog stayed at Xiaomi’s Beijing headquarters premises, during the HQ’s construction. 

The dog stayed even after the construction was complete, so Xiaomi decided to adopt it under the company’s name. 

The dog now goes by the name of Wang Cai and enjoys a royalty-like treatment in her comfy space.

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