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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs. Huawei Honor Band 4: Which Fitness Tracker is Better?

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs. Huawei Honor Band 4: Which Fitness Tracker is Better?

Today is an age of smart devices, and with every passing month, there are a bunch of new smart devices that are coming into the market. 

In this article, we are going to discuss two new smart bands, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Huawei Honor Band 4. We will compare both of these smart bands based on different factors, including the design, specifications, and battery life, among many other factors. Let us get into more details and see how these two devices perform. 

1. Design and Screen 

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with an elegant and sleek design that is available in multiple colors, including Blue, Pink, and Brown. It has a bigger and better display as compared to its predecessor. 

This display features a 0.95 inch AMOLED touch screen. For better user experience, it has a 240 x 120 screen resolution. In addition to this, it is water-resistant, which is a crucial aspect for any smart band to have. 

Huawei Honor Band 4 has a bright and vivid color display and is more vibrant in comparison to that of Xiaomi Mi Band 4. 

However, the display size and screen resolution are the same for both products. Honor Band 4 is water-resistant up to 50 meters. 

2. Performance 

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with NFC technology, with which you can make payments easily with the wrist band. It allows you to store your access card, debit card, and metro card details. 

So if you are someone who tends to forget all of these while going out on a city tour or for shopping, Xiaomi smart band is your perfect assistant. Please note that the payments through NFC are limited to China only. 

It is quite comfortable to wear all day long and comes with features like heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring system. It captures all of your data in real-time, once you wear the device. 

Thus, it is suitable for people who want to analyze their stamina and endurance levels during sports. Apart from this, it can record data such as blood pressure levels as well. It is your trustworthy companion if you are anxious about your health and want to keep track of it. 

Honor Band 4 is also equipped with features like NFC, heartbeat monitoring, and it allows you to track other data as well, including calories burned, distance covered, and steps. However, Mi Band 4 provides more accurate data of your day time activities (like calories burned and distance covered) in comparison to Honor Band 4. 

The Honor smart band, on the other hand, provides accurate data of your sleeping activities, because of the TruSleep features that it has. The TruSleep feature helps in data collection and then analyzes this data, to verify how bad or good your sleep quality is. 

The band of your choice depends on what requirement you have. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and want to monitor that each day, then Xiaomi Band 4 is the right one for you. 

However, if you want to analyze the sleeping habits, Honor Band is the right choice, because of its TruSleep feature. 

3. Battery Life

The Mi Band 4 comes with a battery size of 135 mAh, and the company says that it can last up to 20 days, with a single full charge of the battery. Thus, you do not need to charge the device often. 

When I tested the battery life, it performed well, and I was able to use the device comfortably for over 2 and a half weeks on a single charge. When compared to other smart bands available in the market, the battery life of Xiaomi Band 4 is more longer-lasting than most of them. 

The battery part of the Honor Band 4, however, could have been much better in comparison to the Mi Band 4. The company claims that the device can last for two weeks; however, for me, it lasted around 12 days, with a full battery charge. 

It is maybe due to the vibrant colors of the band that it consumes so much battery power. In terms of battery performance, Xiaomi Band 4 is a clear winner as compared to Honor Band 4. 

4. Bluetooth Connectivity

The Xiaomi Band 4 comes with Bluetooth 5.0, thus providing wireless connectivity with the smartphone. You can use the Bluetooth functionality to share and transfer real-time data at a faster and improved speed. 

Even Honor Band 4 has a Bluetooth connectivity option, like Mi Band 4. However, according to some reviews, Honor Band 4 has some problems while pairing the device with your smartphone. But when I was tested the connection, I didn’t meet any problem although it took some time for me to connect my mobile devices with the smart band. 

In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, Xiaomi Band 4 offers a higher speed as compared to the Honor Band 4. So, if you are someone who regularly uses your wrist band with your other devices, I would recommend Mi Band because of its improved and faster speed. 

Xiaomi's AI Voice Assistant

Another fascinating addition by Xiaomi in its Mi Band 4, is the application of AI technology that allows you to operate voice assistance and control all of your Xiaomi devices, right from your wrist. 

You can control your smartphones, Mi Air conditioner, Mi vacuum cleaner and Mi Smart LED bulb among many other products. In short, nearly every Mi device that you have in your life can now be controlled right from your wrist, with a Mi Band 4 and its built-in voice assistant. 

You can even control the music player operating in your smartphone by using the Mi Band 4. Isn't that great?

Final Thoughts

Both of the smart bands are exceptional in terms of their feature offerings and performance. One of the significant differences between the two devices is battery life. Mi Band 4 has a longer battery life in comparison to Honor Band 4 because it lasts for over two weeks, whereas, the Honor Band 4, is only working for around 12 days on a single full charge. 

As for other features, Mi Band 4 comes with AI technology which is not to be seen in the Honor Band 4. 

Overall, in terms of functionality and accuracy, I would recommend Xiaomi Band 4 because it provides more accurate data, blood pressure monitoring, and advanced AI technology along with a much longer battery life. 

The Honor Band 4 is a bit cheaper (available at about $35) than Xiaomi Band 4 NFC version that is available at about $45. By spending just a little extra money, the dazzling Mi Band 4 will be yours.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version



Huawei Honor Band 4 Smart Wristband Amoled Touchscreen Display Swim Detect Heart Rate Sleep Monitor



Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet NFC Version



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