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Without Going Out, Without Sweat, WalkingPad Helps You Lose Weight Fast Made Simple.

Without Going Out, Without Sweat, WalkingPad Helps You Lose Weight Fast Made Simple.

Even expectant mothers, little kids, and the senior. All can do it.

Life is difficult for a fat guy.

There is discrimination against obesity in daily life.

Japan: Since 2009, it is stipulated that the waistline of men over 40 years old should not exceed 85cm, women's should not go over 90cm, or they must accept physical education. 

U.S.A: The salary of a fat man is 4.5% lower, and the wage increase is 6% lower than those with an average weight.

Denmark: In 2011, Denmark became the first country in the world to introduce the "fat tax."

European Union: If employees fail to finish their work because of obesity, their companies are allowed to regard the fat employees as the disabled. 

You might not care about others' opinions, but you should realize that obesity is a kind of disease. 

Obesity might lead to various diseases, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, malignant tumor, and so on, which are hidden killers to our lives.

To achieve weight loss, or keep your weight under control to prevent diseases, you should go on a diet and move your legs

You might start complaining, "Easier said than done!"

Gym: Too far away from home and the membership is too expensive to afford!

Outdoor running: It's getting cold in autumn, and it will often rain. Safety is a big concern! 

Treadmill: It takes up too much space, and it makes a lot of noise. 80% of people end up leaving it unused! 

Perhaps, it is time that you should buy a WalkingPad C1 walking machine.

You'll be slimmer effortlessly by walking at home.

The rest of the article is about the details of the advantages of WalkingPad C1. Read on if you're interested in it. 

Xiaomi Walkingpad C1 is the Most Worth Buying Home Treadmill for 2019.

For your reference, here are the reasons why I chose WalkingPad C1, rather than the gym, outdoor running, or a treadmill.

√  Economical
√  Time-saving
√  Safer
√  Space-saving & quiet
√  Family members can share it and use without worry



Effortless weight loss, 2 cents needed for each day

As we all know that gyms require membership. However, the gyms in the complex are old, with a jumble of people, which seem unsafe.

You need to pay for over $100 to work out in a better gym once. I had a monthly fitness card in Los Angeles, which cost me $230 per month. 

It added up to nearly $3,000 for a year, too expensive for most people. 

The WalkingPad C1 only costs $389.99. 

Without vandalization, it can normally work for at least 5 years, which means less than 2 cents for each day.

What's more, a fitness card is only for one person. 

In comparison, a walking machine can be used for every family member.

It costs only 2 cents each day, more affordable than a coke. 

More importantly, you can do exercise, lose weight quickly, and build good health. It is such a cost-effective choice. Isn't it? 



It's the best sport for lazy people.

Obesity makes a person lazier.

It takes over 2 hours to work out in a gym every time. You don't have time on workdays, so you can only go there on weekends. In addition to the time for preparing fitness gears, taking a shower, changing clothes, transportation, you would spend nearly half a day.

Thinking about it, you are unwilling to go there. How can you stick to it?

However, you neither need to prepare anything by using a walking machine nor spend extra time on it.

You can even watch an episode of Games of Thrones while walking on it.

See? You work out with the time spent on an episode. I believe that it is the best sport for the lazy.


Regardless of rainstorm or hurricane outdoors, you can walk with ease at home.

After the autumn comes, it's getting colder. If one does sports outdoors on rainy days, he/she is likely to stumble and get sick. The loss might outweigh the gain. 

As long as you have WalkingPad C1, you don't even know the weather forecast or hesitate whether to go out to do sports. 

Whenever you feel like doing exercise, turn on the machine, step on it, and you can start walking and reduce weight! 

Whoever will be slimmer other than you? 

 Space-saving & Quiet 

A 100% better choice than a treadmill

As mentioned earlier, most people leave their treadmills unused after the purchase.

It's because treadmills have two downsides - they take up too much space and make a loud noise. 

No matter in a living room or a bedroom, the bulky treadmill seems abrupt and disharmonious with the surroundings. The noise is too loud when it operates.

After calling it a day, you have free time to do exercise in the evening. However, the noise is so disturbing for others that you want to dispose of the treadmill at once. 

It would be fine if you live in a separate villa; if not, neighbors in the same apartment complex will come and complain, or they might even sue you. 

Additionally, many people are afraid that running might do harm to the knees, make the lower leg grow bigger, or lead to sudden death. I'm also concerned about these problems.

WalkingPad C1 is less than 0.5 square meter after folded. You can put it anywhere when it is not in use. 

Its weight is only 22kg. There are 2 rollers on the bottom, and even a girl can make it slide back and forth without difficulty.

The entire machine is as thin as 66mm, which reduces the noise to the lowest level. 

Thus, it will never be disturbing at all. 

Whether you use it alone or share it with your family members in your own house/rental house, there's a better choice other than the WalkingPad. 

★ Family Members Can Share It 

It's good for the health of expectant mothers, kids, the elderly! 

If your parents are old, in bad health, and they can't do intense exercise, they will likely suffer from more diseases. Exercise is a must! 

If they have WalkingPad C1, they only need to walk at home, which is not only beneficial for health but also safe. 

Expectant mothers conceive babies, so they should avoid stumbling. Walking at home is probably the best sport.

Little kids can walk every day to prevent obesity under parental supervision, which is reassuring. 

The machine is suitable for the entire family. 

It's worth buying for the health of your family members!

Now, WalkingPad C1 is debuted on Gearbest global site.

The original price is $499.99; 

now, the flash sale price is only $389.99.

The promotion will end at 23:59:59 on Sept. 25, 2019.

A gift (Xiaomi Mi Band 4) will be given away if you order it now! The number of gifts is limited. Hurry up! 

WalkingPad C1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine App Control Electric Gym Equipment from Xiaomi youpin



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