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Less Than $15! The JJRC H8 Mini RC Drone Deserves All the Compliments! No Wonder JJRC H8 Mini is the Best-selling!

Less Than $15! The JJRC H8 Mini RC Drone Deserves All the Compliments! No Wonder JJRC H8 Mini is the Best-selling!

This article is about my own user experience of the JJRC H8 Mini 2.4G 4CH RC drone. 

I bought it for myself because my previous drone made me scared of getting hurt when I was using it. 

JJRC H8 has the following features that differentiate it from other drones:

✈  One key return-to-home

✈  360° flip

✈  Dual flight mode (100% and 40%)

✈  Headless mode

✈  Indoor and outdoor flight

✈  It is lightweight

I had to be on the lookout for a better drone than what I previously used. I was looking forward to higher specs. I checked out a lot of drones before I eventually came across the JJCR H8 Mini Drone.

When I was testing the JJRC H8 Mini drone, I was able to use its four channels. They enabled me to control the drone to whichever side I wanted. I could move it to the left and right, fly it forward and backward, make it ascend and descend. It could also be spun 360° in addition to the fact that it can move left sideward, and right sideward. 

In a word, I can move it in all possible directions. It comes with a controller that is easy to use. It is quite small in hand, but the controls can easily be accessed while in use.

The drone also has the Headless Mode. A little calibration enables it to fly from any position. What’s more, the drone can easily find its way home with the one key return-to-home function. These two functions make the operation much easier, so I do not have to look for the drone when I am done with it.

After using it for a while, I can say that the functionality of this drone is quite satisfying and decent. The remote control that comes with it might be small but simple for everyone to control the drone with ease. The motors will stop immediately in case the drone goes out of range. Both adults and teenagers can fly the drone without difficulty. The drone can fly for around 5 - 7 minutes, and it takes 25 minutes to charge it. 

The H8 mini has its pros and cons. JJRC H8 Mini is a nice drone at a very ridiculously low price. The small gadget, which is light, can be easily carried around. 

Its specification sets it aside from other types of drones. The poor implementation of the headless mode and return-to-home are the downsides. 

The drone does not have a designated headless mode button. This means that you have to activate it through the return-to-home button, which might cause a problem if you are trying to get the hang of its functionality. 

Secondly, the transmitter keeps making the beep sound as long as the headless mode is activated. The beeps produced by the drone while the headless mode is active might piss you off, so you have to be careful. 

However, I prefer the H8 mini to the HY-852 and the JJRC JJ-1000 as I had the opportunity to handle them before I got the H8 mini. The H8 mini has a lot of exciting functions that set it aside from other types of drones.

Anyone above 14 years old can make use of the drone. If you are, one who needs a simple yet cost-effective drone, then you should definitely buy a JJRC H8 mini. It is pretty sleek, easy, and exciting to use.


I believe that the JJRC H8 Mini 2.4G 4CH RC drone is for both the beginners and the pros. 

Although it has some cons, the gadget is in the balanced point of being good and bad, which in essence is fine. 

JJRC H8 Mini 2.4G 4CH Brushed RC Drone - RTF



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