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Xiaomi Debuted 30W Wireless Mi Charge Turbo. Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G Will Be Released, Supporting 4 Charging Ways

Xiaomi Debuted 30W Wireless Mi Charge Turbo. Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G Will Be Released, Supporting 4 Charging Ways

Currently, most mobile phone manufacturers think highly of wired quick charge; generally, they offer low wireless charging output power. 

However, Xiaomi held a conference yesterday when it launched the 30W Mi Charge Turbo and claimed that it was probably the fastest wireless charging technology in the world.

According to the introduction of Xiaomi Official, by using Mi Charge Turbo 30W, a smartphone with 4000mAh battery can be 50% charged in 25 minutes, 100% charged in 69 minutes. 

The charging speed is higher than the 27W wired charging.

Xiaomi’s 30W wireless charging technology is as good as the prevalent wired fast charging technology, thanks to the breakthroughs in the past few years. 

As First Look knows, Charge Turbo 2.0 is in use, and the single conversion rate reaches 98%, much higher than 80% - 90% in the past. Meanwhile, the receiver chip for the mobile phone has been improved for the maximum output of 30W. It uses the 5-layer nanocrystal receiver coil to realize 30W flash wireless charging.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi has upgraded the reverse charging technology. The output can be 10V 1A, which also means the fastest wireless charging. Seven safety protections are provided for both 30W wireless charging and high-power wireless reverse charging. 

Therefore, a phone can be in the wireless charging mode or wireless reverse charging mode. 

 In general, the 30W Mi Charge Turbo features four technological advancements, including the efficient 4:1 direct charging architecture, high-power wireless reverse charging, more stable dual-frequency transmission, as well as a universal charging mode. 

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G will feature this technology and come with a 30W vertical air cooling charger and smart tracking wireless charger. 

It means that Mi 9 Pro 5G will support four charging modes, including wired fast charging, wireless flash charging, wired OTG reverse charging, and wireless reverse charging. The charging solution will be omnipotent for charging at any time for any device.

For example, when the phone is in the wired charging mode, it can charge another device which supports wireless charging, such as smartphones and earphones. 

Or, it can supply power for other devices via OTG by using a cable.

So far, Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G version has obtained the network access license from MIIT. 

Apart from the 30W Mi Charge Turbo, it is expected that Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship processor will power the new smartphone. 

Moreover, it will be equipped with UFS 3.0 flash memory. Hopefully, Mi 9 Pro 5G will be released this month.

Therefore, we might be able to witness the appearance of the first smartphone whose wireless charging speed is faster than wired charging speed. 

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