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Alfawise S60 Pro: The Best Vacuum Window Cleaner in 2019

Alfawise S60 Pro: The Best Vacuum Window Cleaner in 2019

Whether it's in a house or a high-rise apartment, cleaning windows has always been a big problem.

There are so many windows in a house and cleaning them can be very tiring work!

Of course, not cleaning them will affect the light.

Even if you ask the housekeeper to clean them, it takes half a day to clean windows in two of the rooms.

That's not even to mention the danger associated with high-rise apartments, where over 1,000 accidents occur every year from people falling when cleaning windows!

People should not do cleaning windows.

Now, I would like to recommend a very easy-to-use window cleaner ——


Alfawise S60 Pro window cleaning robot

  1. Strong suction: Maximum suction of 2400Pa ensures there is no risk of dropping;
  2. Efficient cleaning: Simultaneous suction and cleaning for removal of all water stains and dust marks;
  3. Fast cleaning: Clean 1 square meter in just 3 minutes;
  4. AI: Autonomous route planning for full coverage;
  5. Multi-purpose: Suitable for use on tiles, marble, wooden doors, stainless steel, and mirrors.



The front of the Alfawise S60 Pro window cleaning robot is cool and stylish, just like a cool sports car.

The power key and start/stop key are located at the front for smooth operation.

The integrated body has a matte surface and first-class texture. The middle part of the device is shrunk and sunken, which makes it easy to carry.

On the back of the device are two rotating discs, covered with a special cloth, and used to clean the windows.

The device is only 8.2cm thick, much lighter than many window cleaners on the market.

One of the significant advantages of the thin body is that it can fit into narrow space on anti-theft windows. It's because thick window cleaning machines cannot be used in narrow space at all.

Generally, the gap between an anti-theft window and a glass window is 9-11cm. The Alfawise window cleaning robot can work flexibly and freely in the narrow gap because of its small size.

The super-dense fiber cloth is porous and highly absorbent, able to remove 99% of fine dust on window surfaces.

Moreover, the cloth is incredibly soft (even softer than the towel I use to wash my face) and causes no damage to the glass when cleaning.


2400Pa super suction for more efficient cleaning

With a maximum suction of 2400Pa, the device can firmly stick to glass and can withstand a vertical suction load of 5kg. It can clean both the inside and outside of windows.

The advantage of strong suction not only reduces the risk of the device dropping, but it also ensures better cleaning. It's similar to the principle of manual window cleaning. The harder you wipe, the easier the stain will be removed.

The key is that the robot will never get exhausted!


AI window cleaning

The Alfawise S60 Pro window cleaning robot can recognize different degrees of dirt and automatically adjust the suction accordingly, all while not damaging the glass. It applies the appropriate force every time.

Each time the machine is used on a surface, it will twist twice to understand the friction and suction of the cleaning facade. This allows it to calculate the appropriate suction to be used to ensure that it cleans with enough force and will not fall.

For example, to deal with general rain stains and dust on windows, the suction will be automatically adjusted to 1600-2000Pa, while for stubborn stains like oil stains, the suction will be increased to 2400Pa.


It can automatically plan the cleaning route, or the user can operate it via the remote control to clean a certain area.

Alfawise S60 is designed to twist and clean like a gecko lizard. Each area is cleaned twice to ensure the efficiency of up to 97% for a single clean.


The device also has an intelligent detection function. When it touches the edge of frameless glass, it will automatically move around.

The Alfawise S60 Pro features autonomous route planning to ensure maximum coverage of the cleaning surface (coverage rate of 98%). Even particularly, dirty glass can be completely transformed when cleaned twice with the device.

After finishing the window cleaning task, the device will automatically return to its starting point, where it can be easily removed.


Easy to use, hands-free

1. First, put the cloth on the two rotating discs.

2. Spray cleaning agent evenly on the cloth.

3. Fasten the safety rope to the window cleaning robot. Twist one end of the safety rope into the screw slot on the body and attach the other end to a solid object in the house to prevent the machine from falling.

4. Plug in the power cord and put it directly against the window glass after starting it up.


Before use, please spray the cleaning agent on the cleaning cloth. A wet cloth will produce the best cleaning effect.

One spray bottle and 12 clothes are in the package.


The power cord is 6 meters long, which can meet the needs of most families.

The 8-meter-long safety rope is a high-strength polyester climbing safety rope that can withstand a weight of 180kg, so it has no problem hanging a small window cleaning robot (1.14kg).

If the power cord falls off accidentally when cleaning the window, the machine can cling to the window for up to 20 minutes, depending on its lithium battery power.

It also has power-off endurance memory. After the power cord is plugged in, it will automatically return to its original location and continue to clean until all unfinished work is completed.

It can not only clean windows, but it can be used on any smooth, seamless surface.

Mirrors, bathroom glass, wardrobes, cupboards, desktops, and kitchen tiles can all be cleaned quickly and efficiently with the Alfawise S60 Pro.

Great value for money, the Alfawise S60 Pro is the equivalent to saving a huge amount in housekeeping fees!

It is best to clean windows once a week to keep them clean and bright.

With this window cleaning robot, there is no need to climb up high or crawl down low to clean windows.

Use the Alfawise S60 Pro every weekend on your windows. Not only is it efficient and fast at cleaning, but most importantly, it guarantees the safety of you and others!


You don't have to worry about leaving it idle.

As long as the surface is smooth, the device can be used to clean anything, including ceramic tiles, bathroom glass, marble brick surfaces, wooden doors, and mirrors.


You can buy it for yourself or give it to your parents.

Not only because it is convenient and easy to use, but also because it is safe and reassuring.


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Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window Cleaner Robot



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