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Huawei P30 Pro Rewrite The Rules Of Photography - A Pocket Telescope That Everyone Rushes For It

Huawei P30 Pro Rewrite The Rules Of Photography - A Pocket Telescope That Everyone Rushes For It

This is the best choice in the market, which comes with amazing camera functions. Few rivals can match the P30 Pro in shooting pictures as it has the best triple Leica camera. 

Since photo-taking features play an important role in attracting consumers, the move shows that Huawei is consistently experimenting with new hardware and software solutions to bring better experiences. 

I have been using this product for one month. I purchased the black one, 8GB RAM 128GB ROM, as others are out of stock. It only took me 3 days to get the phone (See below pictures when I received the product). 

The screen size is lanky compared to iPhone XS which I have used before and the appearance is quite nice. The camera is totally unbelievable, especially the night shot. 

The second main reason why I chose this phone is great battery life

I can use my P30 Pro as I like when I'm outside without enabling the power-saving mode. Just take yesterday as an example, I spent a lot of time waiting for a friend, so I watched a lot of videos to kill time. I used up the battery more than usual but still had 30% left by the time I got home. 

Although watching and streaming video consumed more power but the battery of P30 Pro wouldn’t be completed drained. That is fantastic as it is inconvenient for us when we are away from the power grid and the phone is powered off. 

Moreover, 40W super quick charging really benefits all of us. I believe most of you must encounter the same situation in which the battery of your smartphone runs low because you forgot to charge it last night. 

With P30 Pro, you only need to charge in the morning for 20 minutes to resume 50% power. Isn’t it amazing?

Some people think that it bears the resemblance of the iPhone with all the Apps present on the screen. However, I think it is awesome because I don’t need to adapt to Huawei P30 Pro after using the iPhone for a long time. I have no complaint about the quality of the screen. 

In fact, I already dropped this phone once in my office, face down. There was neither crack nor scratch and the phone still worked perfectly. There is no denying that it's durable.

I think you’ve already heard about the amazing camera functions of this smartphone. 

Huawei P30 Pro has an unrivaled combination of rear cameras, namely, the four ultra-sensitive lenses: hypersensitive lens, super-wide-range lens, periscope telephoto lens and TOF lens. You can zoom in 50X to see those you can’t see clearly with your eyes. 

To make you believe what I said, I did three tests below. Let’s see what happened.

Test 1: Super night shot makes every pixel bright

I borrowed my boyfriends’ iPhone XS and tried to compare them. It was 9 p.m. and I stood in the alley, taking the following two photos simultaneously by using P30 Pro (Left) and iPhone XS (Right). Obviously, the differences are huge and the left one is unbelievable. 

You can clearly see what are at the end of the alley in the left photo, while the right one, it is too dark to see any detail. Huawei P30 Pro uses ultra-sensitive sensor and the new Quad Bayer filter, which integrates more light into pixels by merging the four adjacent pixels. 

At the same time, with the help of the independent ISP2 and super sensitive AI graphics engine, the camera performance is stunning even in the dark. By using this, you will be able to explore the hidden beauty of the night without tripods and long exposure. 

Test 2: SuperZoom which brings the moon in your view closer with up to 50x zoom

This test was carried out at the riverside. I used the phone to shoot the cruise on the other side of the river. The left photo is the panorama of the opposite side and the right one is the cruise (Please see these two photos below). 

Together with the color saturation provided by the 40MP main camera, and OIS (optical image stabilization), the SuperZoom lens offers 10x hybrid zoom to capture all details far away with great resolution. That is the reason why I could catch the cruise on the other side.

Additionally, it can bring the moon closer with up to 50x zoom, so you can appreciate the beauty of the moon and the charming moonlight, with unexpected clearness. 

This marvelous function keeps you at a distance but still able to witness the exciting story. You are free to capture incredible moments.  

In fact, macro photography, zooming and night shots... all are fascinating!

Test 3: Great battery & super quick charging

I did this test on a Saturday morning. After fully charging the phone, I started to watch videos with the speaker and this lasted for three hours without interruption. 

What shocked me is that only 30% battery was used. When I was preparing to dine out, I found I was almost running out of the juice. I immediately plugged in the phone and felt anxious because my friend was waiting for me. 

Fortunately, the battery resumed more than 50% power within 20 minutes. That was really great! This phone is totally worth purchasing because of the fast charging.

What else should you know?

Another cool function I’ve found is the screenshot. You only need to knock the screen twice with your knuckle-bone. This looks really cool. You just need to hold the P30 Pro comfortably with one hand to unlock with face ID or a more advanced on-screen fingerprint sensor. 

However, I found the interface is granular and there is jitterbug once I zoom in till 50 X. Besides, there is always system update reminding even if I just updated a couple of days ago. This is a little annoying but I am totally fine with that.

Last but not least, for those on a budget, the price of Huawei P30 Pro -$899/$999- may be a bit too high.

The Verdict

Huawei P30 Pro is an amazing device and in my opinion unparalleled compared to the other flagship smartphones. All in all, I like this phone and I have recommended it to my friends. I believe you will like it as well.

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