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A Report On How A Shut-in Uses Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A Report On How A Shut-in Uses Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

I have bought this Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner from Gearbest for almost a year. Since the newly open Gearbest Community is an excellent platform for Gearbest users, I want to share my experience about Mi robot vacuum cleaner with you. (I am not doing this for remuneration or points.)

Let's dive into the subject.


Although the styles of robot vacuum cleaners on the market are the same, Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum looks pure white and simple, pleasing the eye, harmonizing with any decoration styles.

However, the white color is vulnerable to the dirt, stain, bump, or collision. If only the vacuum cleaner were in black. After the vacuum cleaner sets about working, you will find it adorable.

Thanks to this hard-working robot, I am truly able to enjoy leisure. Now, supervising its work is the only thing I need to do, which is fantastic.

According to the instruction, the Mi robot vacuum should be placed in spacious space, but my room is relatively small, so I stuck it in the corner next to the refrigerator. 

In case of low battery, Xiaomi robot vacuum can quickly find its way back to the charging dock and resume working after a full charge.

User experience

I think everyone cares most about the performance of the robot vacuum cleaner. It's much better than I expected. This is my room which has not been cleaned for two days. You can see dust, hair and other impurities on the floor. Surprisingly, after sweeping, even the tiniest dust is gone.

If you keep a pet in the family, you won't be troubled by the hair and allergens anymore. Such is the case with my French Bulldog. Mi robot vacuum cleaner takes in the pet hair and filters out the allergens everywhere on the floor, no matter they are under the sofa, under the bed, etc. 

I used an iRobot before, however, after I bought Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, the former is no longer in use. Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner outperforms the iRobot. To help you understand the difference, I would put it this way: Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner behaves like a trustworthy adult, iRobot behaves like an idiot or a naughty kid. What's more, the iRobot vacuum cleaner is even more expensive!

I always set the robot vacuum working in the Powerful Mode, namely, with maximum wind speed and deep cleaning. As a result, the floor will be spotless. 

Honestly, after each cleanup, I am confused because I don't know from which the hair comes. Is it from the sheet, quilt cover or clothes?

However, long hair will be entangled in the main brush, so it is necessary to use scissors to remove it. (Generally, I empty the dustbin inside once a week.) I hope the upgraded version will be less troublesome. 

The robot is good at climbing. Anyway, it can climb up to my carpet effortlessly (which is about 1.7cm high). However, it is not capable of going over a stool but bypassing it to clean somewhere else. 

Surprisingly, it can detect obstacles well, such as the legs of chairs, the corners of beds, and so on. On the APP, you can see the zigzag routes and where the obstacles are. After returning home, you can target these areas which are not missed by the robot. 

Besides, the height of its rover wheels is adjustable. In most cases, when it encounters narrow space, it can lower the height and move in. Now,

I rely on Mi robot vacuum to clean the entire house. Constrained in a small area, it deals with these areas less carefully. As for other places, it cleans thoroughly, satisfying me. 

You can remote control Mi Robot Vacuum, schedule cleaning time, empty the dustbin conveniently, configure the voice prompts. On a full charge, it can clean a small apartment three to four times.

Nothing is perfect; neither is the Mi Robot Vacuum. Its only shortcoming is, if any, the loud noise when it is working. Even though in the quiet mode, it sounds a bit noisy. Anyway, I won't be at home when it is working. 

Once I went desperate when my dog threw up onto the floor. The robot failed to recognize the vomit, and I had to clean it by myself. 

I don't recommend those whose house is messy to buy the robot vacuum. If you like to stack up things on the floor, buying a robot vacuum is the right choice. Change your habits first, or you should give up the idea of liberating yourself from the housework by using a robot vacuum.


1.Reliability. Up till now, I haven't met any problem. It seems that every fault can be fixed.

2. Please avoid cleaning area where there is water because the service life of the filter will be reduced after it absorbs water. Water will turn the filter cartridge sticky and difficult to be cleaned, although you use water to clean the filter cartridge.

3. I found that the robot vacuum is not as tall as it was a year ago, maybe the elasticity of the spring lost a little. As a consequence, the parallel plastic sheets near the main brush is in contact with the ground. Although the problem is minor, every time the vacuum cleaner zigzags on the conjunction of different tiles, you can hear the noise resulting from the collision. Thus, the product needs to be improved.

4. In general, it is impressive that Mi Robot Vacuum is close to perfection at this price range. Now, I am dependent on it, since it relieves my fatigue by cleaning the floor well every day. Because of its extraordinary performance, I like Xiaomi. Nothing is more worth buying than it on Gearbest.

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