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Filco MiniLa Air Bluetooth Keyboard and Logitech G304 Lightspeed Mouse for Portability

Filco MiniLa Air Bluetooth Keyboard and Logitech G304 Lightspeed Mouse for Portability

The reason why I bought them

I used iKBC DC87 + Logitech G603 for my work. Why would I think of replacing them? Here are two reasons: first, they are not portable enough; second, the battery life of DC87 is too poor. 

Thus, I was considering replacing them with a smaller 60-key keyboard and a more modest mouse. Finally, I’ve got such a wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Logitech G304 Mouse

Why choose Logitech G304 for my work? First, the connection is stable, and I don't need to worry about lagging, frame drops, and so on. Second, because I always need to use Photoshop, the tactile experience of the mouse is also essential. Thirdly, it has a rechargeable battery, and I won’t charge or replace the battery frequently.

As a Logitech entry-level wireless mouse, G304 boasts reliable performance and long battery life. It feels very comfortable in my hand, which is about 17.5cm wide.

I won’t focus on the performance; after all, I use the mouse for office work. The only thing I want to say is that the cover of the mouse easily gets oil stains, and it will be greasy, making me feel uncomfortable. That’s why I apply a carbon fiber sticker on the mouse.

Unlike G603, this mouse does not have the Bluetooth mode. Thus, if your computer doesn’t have extra USB ports, think twice before you buy it.
In general, G304 is a mouse worth buying, great for work and play.

Applying a protective cover is a smart way to improve the look of the mouse. For DIY, you can make a protective cover and choose several colors made of different materials. However, you must be patient, because apart from tricks, perfection results from carefulness.

Filco MiniLa Air Keyboard

Next, let's talk about the MiniLa Air. I have used the keyboard for 3 months. This keyboard stands out with 60 keys, long battery life, and wireless connection. Although the number of keys is too small, MiniLa Air is a great solution for me.

Most people complain about the keyboard layout of MiniLa Air because they can’t get accustomed to it in the beginning, especially the position of Space, Shift (Right), Delete and so on.

Nevertheless, after using it for two weeks, I am completely used to the keyboard layout. More so, the keyboard has other highlights.
First, let me talk about the space bar. The space bar of this keyboard is much shorter than the space bar of ordinary keyboards. 

There are Fn keys on the left and right sides. My solution is to reverse the space bar, so a micro-adjustment opened up a new world to me.

When I was pressing the space before, I often accidentally touched Fn, but after the reversal of the space bar, I’ve found that it fits the thumb better because the external outline is different and that I can easily distinguish whether I press Fn or Space. 

Just such a small adjustment allows me to get rid of the spacing mistakes completely.

Second, I feel uncomfortable in the Ctrl on the right side. I’ve mentioned above that I always use Photoshop. When Using the shortcut Ctrl+m and Ctrl+l on this keyboard, I go crazy.

This problem was solved correctly by Sharpkeys, which turned the App key to Ctrl.

The connection speed of the keyboard is in an acceptable range. To save power automatically, the keyboard will stand by, and it takes about 3 seconds to wake it up.

You should note that although the keyboard supports connecting 3 devices. However, if you open the tooth of the three devices simultaneously, the keyboard will connect to the device paired first. 

If you want to switch between them, you can only turn off the Bluetooth of the current device. This is stupid. Fortunately, I don't need to switch devices.

Filco offers the best tactile experience among keyboards, which is one of the reasons I bought this keyboard. Honestly, the feel of this keyboard is the top among the keyboards I’ve used. 

The keyboard uses Cherry MX brown shafts, and I like typing by using the keys. I don't want to stop. 

The large keys are all designed with a balance bar, making no noise when pressed down, so you can absorb yourself in the fun of the typing. Perhaps this is the biggest value of this keyboard.

Everything has two sides, so as Filco MiniLa Air. On one thing, the feel is good; on the other, the keyboard is made of ABS. I changed the ABS keycaps to the PBT keycaps before, but after the replacement, I would still choose the original ones.

However, it is unavoidable that the ABS material will be greasy after a long time. As you can see from my keyboard, it makes me feel bittersweet! By the way, the plastic keycaps have not been specially processed, rather raw in front of us; in contrast to its high price.

The above is part of my user experience about this keyboard. Of course, due to my work, I might not discover other functions of the keyboard.


The keyboard mouse combo is perfect for me. I’ve not met any problem since I use them. They may accompany me for a while. In general, I highly recommend Logitech G304 because of its long battery life, good tactile feel, stable wireless connection, and affordable price. 

MiniLa Air is recommended to those who require long battery life, portability, great tactile experience. However, I don’t like the way it switches between wireless devices, the ABS keycaps that are prone to get greasy, and period of adaptation to the keyboard layout.

The above is all I want to share with you. If you enjoyed the article, please hit the applause button and share it.

Logitech G304 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse with HERO Sensor 12000dpi for Windows Mac



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