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Vlog Beginner's Guide: How To Choose A Stable Gimbal For Vlogging

Vlog Beginner's Guide: How To Choose A Stable Gimbal For Vlogging

We are in summer, a beautiful season. It's summer vacation now, which is so pleasant. 

Traveling is an excellent choice for you guys because it can relax your body and mind after working hard for half a year. 

While enjoying the trip, I believe you guys want to record all the beautiful scenery, or memories with good friends during the journey through video. You can't achieve the smoothness in a blockbuster, then, using a gimbal can help you shoot high-quality blockbuster successfully.

This time, I'd like to recommend several cost-effective handheld gimbals to you. There must be one which meets your needs.

For Filming With Mobile Phone. 

Hold It In Hand, And Here Comes The Blockbuster. 

ZHIYUN Smooth 4

For those who are new to Vlog, the most important aspects when choosing a gimbal is "stability" and "convenience" to make the picture more stable and smoother simultaneously. 

The special appearance quickly attracts most people's attention. The surface of ZHIYUN Smooth 4 also shows the excellent workmanship and futuristic style. Its distinctive spotted texture avoids the monotony of appearance.

The phone holder of ZHIYUN Smooth 4 supports horizontal and vertical shooting. The interior uses rubber material, which effectively prevents sliding. Meanwhile, the lock and latch design of the axes has been upgraded. 

Thus, it can keep the phone upright after power off, preventing damages to the mechanical axes and mobile phone. 

The quality is excellent, so is the functionality. ZHIYUN Smooth 4 offers a great number of function buttons, i.e., up to 17 hotkeys. Each is dedicated a single function, simplifying the operation. 

The upside is that we can use these buttons to operate without memorizing the functions, which significantly saves time.

It is worth mentioning that ZHIYUN Smooth 4 has added a focus wheel. In zoom mode, by rotating the wheel, you can zoom in and enlarge the picture. 

Pressing the follow focus button allows you to adjust the focal length. Therefore, we can achieve more possibilities during shooting. 

However, it is a pity that ZHIYUN Smooth 4 doesn't have the directional control button compared with the previous generation, ZHIYUN Smooth 3. 

As a result, when it takes a while for ZHIYUN Smooth 4 to adapt and change the direction. Alternatively, you can adjust the direction directly manually. Overall, the user experience is quite impressive. 

Zhiyun Smooth 4 / SMA04 Handheld Gimbal PhoneGo Mode



Portable, Stable, Easy-to-use. 

Carry It With You To Record Whatever You Want


For traveling, I choose to use my mobile phone directly because the camera is too heavy. However, I have to bring a big handheld stabilizer for stable and smooth footage now. Do I come to the wrong end? 

Well, the following description of MOZA Mini-S mobile phone stabilizer is sure to convince you that it's lightweight and portable. 

In terms of portability, MOZA MINI-S not only features a foldable design but also weighs only 480g. 

Compared with other handheld stabilizers, it has many advantages in size and weight. It makes it easy for us to put it in our pockets and record wherever we go. 

From top to bottom, on the front of the MOZA MINI-S is the LOGO, remote sensing button, circular function key, and power indicator. 

Please note that although the function key is round, it can't be rotated, and the button feels hard. It is difficult to operate if you hold the gimbal with a single hand. The handle is rough and anti-slip. 

A gimbal is not only for image stabilization. All functions for shooting are also essential attributes of a handheld gimbal. 

The MOZA stabilizer also provides an exclusive APP, MOZA assistant to you.

In addition to the basic mode, professional mode, and time-lapse photography, there are a lot of exciting photo modes, for example, the inception mode. After you turn on the mode, the stabilizer will make the phone and the handle of the gimbal vertical for spectacular effects. 

MOZA MINI - S Smart Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer



An Integrated Gimbal As Big As A Lipstick For 4K 60fps
Osmo Pocket 

When it comes to a handheld gimbal, DJI is the front-runner in this field. Except for DJI, none can produce such a small gimbal which features three-axis stabilization. 

As big as a lipstick, it can be taken out of your pocket at any time. Thus, it offers a better experience than a mobile phone for those who like traveling.

In terms of imaging, Osmo Pocket boasts an onboard lens with effective pixels of 12MP, and it can shoot 4K 60fps UHD videos. 

Combined with the three-axis gimbal and a powerful internal processing chip, Osmo Pocket can achieve time-lapse photography, intelligent following, panoramas, slo-mo videos.

For girls who vlogs outdoors, in addition to capturing scenery, they think highly of selfies which play an essential part in vlogging. You can edit photos with ease, whereas, you can't do that to videos. 

Osmo Pocket supports Beauty Mode. Of course, compared with phones dedicated to selfie and beauty mode, DJI's approach is conservative. It only offers 3 levels of beautification.

The mechanical structure and algorithm of DJI gimbals rank top in the industry. Impressively, the 3-axis stabilized Osmo Pocket has the same mechanical structure and algorithm as DJI Mavic 2 drones, but the former is much smaller. However, the stabilization performance is the same. 

Meanwhile, Osmo Pocket provides several modes for you to choose from, including Tilt Locked mode, Follow mode, FPV mode. There are two options of the sensitivity in Follow Mode, allowing you guys to cope with different scenes easily. 

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal PTZ Camera 4K 60fps Smart Shooting




You guys must expect the summer vacation in midsummer for a long time and hope to enjoy the sunshine on the beach with your friends. It's great to record these moments in your life, which will become one of the most beautiful memories.

For such essential moments, choose a gimbal to help you shoot so that you can quickly realize a smooth and creative film. Live in the moment, and take advantage of the youth!

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