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Once Again, It “Pushes” the Evolution of Screwdrivers - Bosch GO Electric Screwdriver

Once Again, It “Pushes” the Evolution of Screwdrivers - Bosch GO Electric Screwdriver

Q: Since the device doesn’t have any button, how can we use it?

Master Li: Bosch GO offers an innovative way to power up/off, which accords with users’ habits. The electric screwdriver turns on when pushed, turns off when released.



After switched to the manual mode, it can be used as a manual screwdriver:

Q: It is so small, can it generate sufficient torque? 

Master Li: It can generate up to 5N·m torque, enabling you to fasten a self-tapping screw on the board, let alone the ordinary screws.

* Please choose a proper mode and grasp the device. Pay attention to the momentary recoil.

Q: The torque is so big. How to avoid screws from being broken or stripped?

Master Li: Broken or stripped screws might result from various problems, the low quality of screws and bits, the use of bits in the wrong size, and so on. 

Using the right screw bits can avoid the problem. For instance, the slotted screwdriver bit is somewhat vulnerable. If it is used to turn Philips head screws, both the bits and screws tend to be damaged. A simple solution to this problem is to try turning the screws with the screwdriver to see whether they fit with each other. 

Meanwhile, the torque of Bosch GO can be adjusted for different needs, making your work easier.

Below are my tricks that I’ve concluded over the years, it is for your reference:

Manual mode: Please try the manual mode to turn rusted screws, or you tend to destroy them.

Level 1: For turning screws on plastic objects, such as computers and electric fans. Don’t use too much force, or the plastic objects will likely be damaged. (It is recommended to use manual mode.)

Level 2 - 3: For quickly turning screws on furniture, hardware, and big objects;

Level 3 - 6: 100% more efficiency for turning self-tapping screws, long screws, oversized screws, etc.

Q:How to avoid twisting the hand?

Master Li:When using Bosch Go to turn screws, the electric screwdriver will generate a force of reversal, which is a common fault of small pen-shaped electric screwdrivers. 

Here’s an easy solution. If you find the bit, screw and the base are stable, use a low torque, and grasp the device tightly to fasten it. In the other way, if you find they are loose, use high torque, and loosen the grip of Bosch GO. In other words, ensure the contact with the tool, when the screw will be tightened soon, gradually release the grip so that the device will spin in your hand by itself. Because you let go of it, Bosch GO will automatically stop rotating. 

If you want the screws to be tightened further, you can turn it manually.

Practice makes perfect. A period of adaptation is also needed to master a new tool. 

I believe that you will use Bosch GO more efficiently and safely during the period.

Q: Can Bosch GO apply to precision screws or soft/small objects?

Master Li: I don’t recommend using Bosch GO to turn precision screws or fix objects whose hardness is insufficient. It is recommended to precision screwdrivers or the manual mode. 

Q: Are the giveaway bits of Bosch GO magnetic?

Master Li: The screwdriver bits come with Bosch GO aren’t magnetic, but the extension rod is. You can use the bits together with the extension rod.

Q: Is the battery life long enough? How long does it take to charge Bosch GO fully?

Master Li: I tested the battery life and charging time by myself. Here are data for your reference.

The charging time is 90 minutes. You can use a power adapter and power bank for recharging.

Q: What can we benefit from the push? 

Master Li: Activation via push accords with the habits of operation. There’s no button needed. 

It is more convenient to use, especially when you are turning screws overhead.

In addition to the extension rod, Bosch GO can touch some out-of-reach places like the ceiling.

Q: How to clean the rubber part of the body?

Master Li: You can use a wet tissue to wipe the part and air dry in a ventilated place. For stubborn stains, you can use toothpaste, and brush the entire body of the device; or wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Please don’t rub the device too many times. 

Please note that the device can’t be exposed to the sun or dried with a hairdryer.

BOSCH GO 6 Gears Cordless Mini Electric Drill Screwdriver



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