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NITECORE TIP SE : Small Dual-Core Handlly Lamp That Can Let You See Things Clearly at Night

NITECORE TIP SE : Small Dual-Core Handlly Lamp That Can Let You See Things Clearly at Night

Coupon: GB$NTIPSE 丨 Coupon Price: $19.95

NITECOREIt is well-known in the industry for its "small size, high energy" key light, and its new TIP SE dual-core metal key light is no exception. TIP SE uses two OSRAMP8 LEDs, which can burst out 700 lumens of high-brightness light, with a range of up to 90 meters, illuminating the darkness for you.

Let's unpack the box first. The main body of the TIP SE can be clearly seen through the packaging, a small metal body, a switch button and a function selection button.

The packaging and the back have product characteristics, patent introduction, contact information etc.

Take it out of the box and hold it in your hand to see how mini the SE is. Two lamp beads, two-way holding clip, double switch, and even the tail ring is made of two stainless steel in one piece. The colors are also available in black and gun gray, giving customers a reason to buy two at a time.

SE is not only good-looking, but also richer in content-TYPE-C charging interface, 500mAH high-capacity lithium battery , hidden power indicator, four-level brightness, up to 700 lumens, constant current circuit, ATR patented temperature control, one-key bright...

All the necessary configurations are stuffed into this small body.

Two OSRAM P8, double the firepower. The night performance also reflects the benefits of two lamp beads, a wider field of view, and an illumination angle of nearly 160°. It makes you calm and comfortable in the dark, and the constant current circuit without flicker will not cause you to cause head or eye discomfort after using the light for a long time.

The above is the performance of the SE in the basement and the corner of the stairway . When the photo was taken, it was compared with the real scene as much as possible to ensure that the brightness difference is not large. You can refer to it.

The TYPE-C charging interface is cleverly hidden under the holding clip. When you need to charge, gently push the holding clip away, and you can blindly insert it regardless of the front and the back. There will be a red indicator light when charging, and a green indicator light when fully charged. The designer of ergonomics really has nothing to say. The tail can stand upside down, if you have to pick something wrong, it is more convenient if the tail has a magnetic attraction.

Some friends always ask me why I use hand power, and the flash on my phone is not enough.

If this thing is said to be sufficient, mobile phones are indeed sufficient in daily life. But enough to use does not mean easy to use, holding the phone and burying your head and trying to see the abnormal noise of the engine pulley is definitely not cool and unhurried with the SE.

The two-way holding clip is really convenient. It can also be used as a brim light when working at night, and it can be firmly clamped on the brim. Release your hands and accompany you through the busy night.

Since the SE's waterproof rating is IP54, that is to say, it is waterproof for life and cannot be used underwater. When I tested it, I wanted to see if it reached the IP68 rating. I turned it on and placed it in a fish tank more than one meter deep. . The SE went out instantly when it sank to the bottom, and mine was also taken aback, thinking that Knight's products would not be so ineffective. When the SE was taken out, its battery indicator was faintly flashing, and I thought it might not work. To be carried away, like the picture below.

After I got it out, there was fog in the lens, the screwdriver was not around, and I didn't open it and wipe the circuit board with alcohol. What surprised me was that it came back to life after a few hours, hahaha as it was before. I advise everyone not to throw it in the water, you can use it on rainy days.

TIP SE is a very good portable key light, bright enough small enough delicate. Two-way holding clip, stainless steel tail buckle that can bear 30kg weight, 700 lumens high brightness, meet the needs of light use in life. It is your best choice for EDC.

I think that NITECORE TIP SE is worth it so here is a coupon to get it for most low price possible : GB$NTIPSE.

Coupon Price: $19.95

NITECORE TIP SE Dual-core Metal Keychain Lamp LED Light 700lm



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