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The Latest Xiaomi Mi Band with AMOLED Color Screen, NFC

Excellent: AMOLED color screen; 50m waterproof; NFC transit card for convenient transportation; built-in Xiao Ai Voice Assistant for controlling home appliances; 24h heart rate monitoring
Competitive: It has a brand new AMOLED color screen, with 39.9% larger screen area than the previous generation for more details at a glance. More importantly, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 supports 50m underwater so that you can swim, surf, etc. to your heart's content. Meanwhile, by using Mi Fit, you can record a variety of fitness data, including heart rate and sleep data. The App also offers courses to help you shape your body and burn fat, vitalizing you at any time. What's more, you can control home appliances by voice.
User Experience: The sedentary reminder of Mi Band 4 is user-friendly. When you focus on working and forget about time, the smart fitness tracker will remind you to stretch your body and move to improve your state. Additionally, it can be a transit card to pay for public transportation in over 187 cities in China, including the subway and bus. Just swiping the card is needed, you can take a bus/subway in time even when in a hurry. It can also serve as an access card. View More View Less

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