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I Dare Say, No Other Razor Better Than So White ES3 in the Market Right Now in This Price Range

I Dare Say, No Other Razor Better Than So White ES3 in the Market Right Now in This Price Range

For a person who has to shave his head, an optimal head razor is very much important. 

I have to choose the best head razor as there are many razors out there that do not have the required quality. 

Most of them hardly even meet the required expectations. 

And then after long research and taking a look at all the ratings, I found the Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor. I was never really aware of the fact that Xiaomi made razors too. I felt like I should give this a try as Xiaomi is a company that we all trust. 

So, I finally decided to buy Xiaomi ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor. 

The delivery was quick. And at first, the build quality is great. 

I have to say that this thing is an all-rounder. I immediately used it, and I realized that it is completely different from other razors, as it has a better feel while using and also it is more comfortable than the other razors that I have used in the past. 

And again, it felt great. 

It has three blades which make a circular mesh. That means that when I use this razor blade, it can shave from all the sides. Thus, there is no need for repetitive shaving in the same area, and hence, it helps save energy of the battery. This also saves a lot of time while using this thing.

This razor blade also has a 3D floating tool which works on the skin to give a smooth shave. The tool helps to shave the area while also soothing the skin in that area. 

Next, I would talk about flexibility. This helps as it allows us to shave without having to worry about getting cut. This is because of its flexibility. It shaves well, and you don't have to be cautious. It just works as expected. I have never faced any accidents due to this razor. 

All in all, this helps with a pleasurable shave.

There are a few more features about this head razor that I would like to share after my usage with this thing for more than a month.

Firstly, it has excellent battery life. That means that I can use the electric shaver without charging it frequently. 

On one charge, I can use this thing nonstop for a long time. That is something that most of the head razors lack right now. They lack a great battery, and because of that, when you are in the middle of a shave, you might need to charge your razor again. But not with this. 

With this, one can have one whole hour of shaving without having to worry about the low battery. Even when the battery is about to be over, this thing will work as usual. 

Most of the razors slow down when the battery is about to get over; this Xiaomi razor has a constant speed throughout the shaving process.

The most important part of this razor is that it has two shaving modes. One is the high-speed mode, and the other is the extreme speed mode. The high-speed mode is used when the hair that has to be shaved is not too long. 

And the extreme speed mode is for hair that is considerably long. This can be achieved by actually pressing the switch for three seconds continuously. This feature enhances the experience of shaving. 

So, if you are looking for a razor blade that is not too costly but will cater to all your needs, then, you should probably go for this one. 

I should say that there is no other razor better than this in the market right now in this price range. I can guarantee that once you use this, you will stay with this only and you will keep using this. 

And yes, you will also like the look and feel that this device offers to you.

So White ES3 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor from Xiaomi youpin



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