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Yeelight YLXD41YL 320mm Smart LED Ceiling Light: A Wise Choice to Brightening Your Home Every Day

Yeelight YLXD41YL 320mm Smart LED Ceiling Light: A Wise Choice to Brightening Your Home Every Day

Smart lighting is the all-new trend in modern homes. While making your home & spaces beautiful, we present the futuristic range of smart LED lights by Yeelight. 

Enabling perfect lighting for every room & corner in your house, get access to a simple & convenient way of lighting up your home or office with just a single click.

Sporting a wide range of cutting-edge features, the innovative range of LED ceiling lights by Yeelight is a must-have addition for every modern home. The light modes of the lamp can be controlled by connecting the light technology to your smartphone via the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems. 

The light setup also features a Bluetooth-powered remote controller, allowing the users to switch to the desired LED light mode remotely. Whether you are physically present in the room or not, control the settings of the LED lights with the remote controller.

You can't find an LED ceiling light integrated with so many features at a low cost elsewhere. Are you interested? Let's have a look at it!

Irreplaceable Superiority

Yeelight brings forth the revolutionary range of LED smart ceiling lights to brighten your home intelligently. Utilizing the cutting-edge technology of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi and Voice Control, this LED ceiling light setup stands out from the others in the industry. 

Some of the major functional highlights of the product are:

· Multi-smart Control along with Bluetooth + Mi Home or built-in Yeelight app support through smartphone compatibility;

· The exclusive Moonlight Mode of the LED lights aims at creating a warm, welcoming environment in the house;

· Mi Band Linkage can be easily achieved with the help of the Yeelight smartphone app or the MIJIA app, the Mi band binding, and the ceiling lamp. Based on your state of sleep, the remote controller will decide whether or not to turn off the ceiling lights while not interrupting your light sleep;

· Intelligent voice control for controlling the light anywhere in the house –compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home.

Design Highlights

Unlike traditional LED ceiling lights, now is the time of SMART lights. Bring home the elegance and functionality of high-end Smart LED Ceiling Lights by Yeelight. The revolutionary LED lamp features cutting-edge specifications powered by modern smart-home technology.

· Varying Lighting Modes –Right from dimmable to moonlight mode, the LED ceiling lights feature various lighting modes for a great experience. Feel the presence of pleasant lighting at all times in your home by switching to the desired lighting mode of your choice. 

· Brightness and Accuracy –The presence of as many as 240 pieces of top-grade OSRAM ceiling LEDs featuring high value of CRI allows you to be assured of a bright lighting effect whenever you need it.

· Goodbye to the Intense Glare –At most times, we wish to sit down and relax in a pleasant environment. It is now time to say goodbye to the intense glare of the conventional LED ceiling lights available in the market. Bring home the elegance and warmth of cozy lighting tones offered by Yeelight Smart LED ceiling light.

Practical Performance

· Ease of Installation: The simple design feature of the LED light allows you to follow a simple 5-minute installation process. The light unit features the creative coupler module that comes with a sliding lock mechanism for ensuring the quick assembly & disassembly of the lighting unit.

· Easy operation: Mi Band Linkage –link the LED light to the Mi Band as the light switches off automatically as fall asleep (the Mi band tracks your sleep); Bluetooth-enabled remote controller to control the light switches from any corner of the house.

· IP60 dustproof design protects the unit from dust & debris, ensuring its long life and ease of maintenance.


While you might come across a myriad of LED lights online, the innovative technology & high-end features of the revolutionary Yeelight LED ceiling lights is something worth buying! 

Delivering the applications of the modern era, the latest range of LED lights for the ceilings is an excellent choice for modern homes & offices. Get access to the contemporary technology of innovative LED ceiling lights with the help of Yeelight Smart LED ceiling lights! Get yours now!

Yeelight YLXD41YL 320mm Smart LED Ceiling Light Upgrade Version (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)



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