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Most People Forget That They Should Protect This Body Part Carefully! Look Cool While Wearing TS Custom-made Sunglasses

Most People Forget That They Should Protect This Body Part Carefully! Look Cool While Wearing TS Custom-made Sunglasses

In this summer, the temperature is high, and the scorching heat is intolerable. 57 people have died in Japan, and 1,800 have been sent to the hospital. 

You should avoid outdoor sports in such terrible weather.

If you have to go out, be sure to drink enough water in time and protect yourself from the sun.

When it comes to skin protection, some parts of our body are constantly exposed to ultraviolet light. They require the most protection, but few people know about it.

Yes, they are eyes.

Intense ultraviolet light in the sunlight hurts the eyes, which you shouldn't overlook.

The ultraviolet light penetrates through our cornea, lens, and reaches the retina.

Over time, it not only damages the retina, lens, etc., but also causes eye diseases, such as corneal lesions, cataracts, maculopathy, and so on.

Now, you know the reason why I suggest you wearing sunglasses.

The most practical and easiest way to protect the eye from the sunlight is to wear sunglasses.

A pair of qualified sunglasses not only absorbs, reflects, and weakens the glare, but also serves as a shelter and relief for the eye. It also prevents the skin around the eyes from being damaged by ultraviolet rays and prevents it from aging.

More specifically, those who often ride, drive or walk outdoors need sunglasses to shade and protect their eyes.

An umbrella or a hat is useless after the light is diffused and reflected on the road. A lot of ultraviolet rays still come into the eyes. A pair of qualified sunglasses can effectively block 99% to 100% of UV rays and filter 75% to 90% of visible light.

However, not all sunglasses can effectively prevent sunlight.

Those cheap sunglasses at several dollars can't block the ultraviolet light, but significantly reduce the transmittance, so that our pupils will be less vigilant and larger.

As a result, a large amount of ultraviolet light will enter the eye directly.

Over time, your eyes will be damaged.

Even if you can't afford luxurious brands that stars are using, you can still buy stylish, attractive, and all-match sunglasses within your budget.

For example, this pair of sunglasses is the right choice - TS Custom-made Sunglasses for Travelers from Xiaomi.

Simple & integrated design instead of sophisticated

The frame of this sunglasses is made out of stainless steel sheet. Its lines are smooth and superior. They look reasonable, as cool as the modern industrial design, highlighting the masculinity.

Practical with extraordinary performance

The frame of TS sunglasses features excellent tensile strength, sweat resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, as well as high stability in spite of the excess temperature. 

According to the official introduction, there won't be any cracks, fractures. Moreover, the permanent deformation will not be over 5mm.
In the absence of human-made damage, a pair of TS sunglasses can serve you for several years.

The frame is as thin as 0.5mm

After wearing ordinary sunglasses for a long time, you will find that there are indented parts on the nose due to the heaviness.

Xiaomi sunglasses whose frame is as thin as 0.5mm, weigh less than 24g.

The nose pads and rubber sleeves of the TS sunglasses are made of selected silicone material, which is soft and comfortable. They will not cause indentation on the skin, and you won't feel any pressure after wearing it for a long time.

Innovative structure, free of screws and solder joints

Different from traditional glasses, TS sunglasses have an innovative design, which does away with screws and solder joints. Thus, you won't run into the trouble of missing screws. 

For one thing, the design highlights the texture; for another, there won't be any maintenance cost.

Nylon polarized lens for a clear field of view

The physical properties of the nylon polarized sunglasses are stable, so the sunglasses are robust and durable. They can also prevent ultraviolet light and glare, protecting the eyes.

The sunglasses are perfect for those who drive, travel, go fishing, and often stay outdoors!

TS Custom-made Sunglasses for Travelers from Xiaomi mijia



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