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Will Mavic Mini Be in Your Black Friday Shopping List? Slightly Heavier Than a Smartphone, the Drone Offers 30 Minutes of Battery Life

Will Mavic Mini Be in Your Black Friday Shopping List? Slightly Heavier Than a Smartphone, the Drone Offers 30 Minutes of Battery Life

As is often said, DJI has only itself as the rival in the field of drones.

It has been more than a year since DJI released a new drone product, and DJI has updated many Osmo products in this "window period," which can be said to have gained a foothold in the field of portable photography. 

Compared with these sidelines, I believe many people, like me, are more looking forward to continued innovation in drones; after all, the industry has been a little boring in the past year.

On October 30th, DJI officially released the new drone, Mavic Mini (hereinafter referred to as Mavic Mini). To share our experience with you, the details of the review are as follows.

Mavic Mini: with 249 g in weight, 30-minute of battery life

The volume and weight control are the reasons why Mavic Mini is attractive. First of all, I would like to share some real photos with you.

The Mavic Mini looks like a reduced version of the Mavic Pro, which is folded similarly. Moreover, the rear end is about the same as a mobile phone.

There are some structural changes in the Mavic Mini. However, the most significant difference is that the battery is installed from the tail rather than from the top.

Another detail is that Mavic Mini is the first drone in DJI not to have a heat dissipation fan. According to the official statement, the aircraft body has been specially designed to reduce the weight, while ensuring the heat dissipation effect.

When it comes to the weight of Mavic Mini, it only weighs 249g, which is very targeted, because the drones over 250 grams should be registered in many countries (including China and the United States). 

It means that the Mavic Mini can be used directly without applying for registration. It is worth noting that DJI directly printed the weight on the side of the drone.

The first time when I played with the Mavic Mini, I was surprised at its weight. It is because we are accustomed to the big screen smartphone, we feel the weight very "cordial," which means it won't be a burden while we are carrying it. 

If you were unwilling to carry the UAVs in travel due to the bulkiness, choose Mavic Mini, and it will come in handy more often.

Please note that in spite of the registration, Mavic Mini is still subject to flight restrictions, this is the same as other drones. Pay attention to the No-fly zones in your city, and be sure to ensure flight safety.

Although the volume is smaller, the Mavic Mini has a good battery life, which supports a maximum flight time of 30 minutes, exceeding many "standard-sized" drones. 

This time, a two-way charging hub included in the Fly More Combo version can charge three batteries at the same time, which is very convenient to use.

Mavic Mini: Sufficient performance & parameters

The Mavic Mini comes with a small three-axis mechanical gimbal (which DJI says is harder to make), which consists of a 12MP 1/2.3 inch CMOS for shooting 2.7K/30p videos. 

Although the 2.7K resolution doesn't seem more attractive than previous generations, it's wholly satisfying, especially now that many people will give priority to posting aerial videos to social networks. The sensitivity to high specs is not that high.

Because the wind resistance of Mavic Mini has been reduced to a certain extent (i.e., resistant to wind within 0 - Level 5), moreover, Mavic Mini is not equipped with obstacle avoidance function, so the extreme flight ability is worse than the original Mavic.

Fortunately, the flight performance of Mavic Mini is as smooth as ever, and hovering is also outstanding indoors and out (GPS positioning + downward vision system), which is helpful to enhance the self-confidence of novice pilots.

Perhaps to make up for the lack of obstacle avoidance, this time, DJI specially introduced the 360-degree propeller guards for Mavic Mini. After they are put on, you don't need to worry that the propellers might collide with other objects. Undoubtedly, the collision will reduce flight performance.

Mavic Mini supports 4km video transmission via WiFi. The remote control, which comes with the drone, does not have a screen to display parameters. For the release of Mavic Mini, DJI has also launched a new DJI Fly app. 

Compared with the previous DJI GO, the app has a simpler interface but no complicated settings (In the video mode, you won't need to operate the drone manually). The App interface is mainly for real-time aerial images.

DJI Fly provides many built-in flight modes so that users can achieve dronie, rocket, circle, helix, and other effects, helping so everyone can produce a short video clip by merely touching a button. 

Although DJI GO also offers some automatic short video modes, the operation of DJI Fly is much simpler (which is more beginner-friendly).

I appreciate this kind of "lazy editing" for videos. Now many sports cameras and mobile phone manufacturers are paying more attention to such experience. 
Additionally, I think this app has a convenient feature. That is, it can tell you the popular places nearby to fly for amazing aerial photography. You were told the places where you couldn't fly the drone, but now you know the suitable places to fly. Such an innovative mode of thinking may be more valuable to ordinary users.

Mavic Mini: Lower requirements for beginners

Mavic Mini is a product that has lower requirements for beginners in all respects. Considering the size, weight, continuation, operation, and even policy, Mavic Mini is more suitable for beginners than any previous drone. 

In other words, there is no exaggeration to say that Mavic Mini is "the first drone for young people." If you have followed drones before, but have not yet placed an order, then you can keep an eye on it for the upcoming Black Friday.

Here are Mavic Mini accessories, including the charging hub, and a small backpack (this small backpack is nice-looking), etc. 

We can see that DJI wants drones to be more associated with our lives, dismissing the original perception of UAV geeks and professionals.

The Mavic Mini is available in two versions, the Everyday FlyCam costs $399, whereas, the Fly More Combo version only costs $499. Although the price tag of $399 seems more attractive.

I highly recommend that you "buy at one go" by choosing the $499 version, because you can get two more batteries, a two-way charging hub, a pair of 360-degree propeller guards, a carrying bag, etc. in exchange of the extra $100. 

These accessories are quite practical for significantly improving the playability of the Mavic Mini.

As for more details of Mavic Mini, including the actual samples of aerial shoots, we will share it with you in subsequent reviews.

Currently, the page price of DJI Mavic Mini on Gearbest is too high. However, be patient, hopefully, there will be a surprise for you on Black Friday. Stay tuned!

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