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Amazing Gift That You Didn’t Know Your Kids Have Been Dreaming Of...

Amazing Gift That You Didn’t Know Your Kids Have Been Dreaming Of...

I was looking for a notepad for my kid to make his entire learning experience more interesting. I went through a lot of products and finally found this writing tablet.

Honestly, I did not expect much from this tablet initially with the given price. I just wanted a tablet that can fulfill my basic requirements like writing short notes and drawing things.

But after receiving the product, and getting to use it, I found out that it worked better than what I expected. 

Generally, the Colormix 8.5 inches writing tablet comes in many attractive colors like red, green black, blue, yellow and white. I got a red one for myself!

What’s in the box?

The box includes the LCD writing tablet and a plastic stylus (pen).

Even though later on, I figured out that we can use any blunt object as a stylus, even nails. But I do not recommend this because the plastic screen must be used very carefully to keep it from scratches.

After unboxing, when the first time I used the Writing Tablet, I was impressed at the smooth black 8.5 inch LCD screen

My first impression…

The digital notepad worked much better than I have ever expected. The build quality of the product was fair with the price range it comes. 

There are no sharp edges, and the overall product seems sturdy. 

The screen provided is black and has a white tipped black stylus clipped at one of its sides. The provided stylus is quite useful and has given me a smooth writing/drawing experience.

The contrast with green colored ink goes perfect with the black background, thus making it eye-friendly and safe for kids use. 

I also found that the screen has some kind of pressure sensitivity tricks that can be used to draw thicker lines. 

The LCD is pressure-sensitive and creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you press the stylus. 

There is a trash-bin icon at the bottom of the screen which is used to erase something completely.

Now, this is something I think we must keep in mind, there is only one erase button that can delete the whole thing, so I feel a bit upsetting because I cannot delete something partially. 

As mentioned in the box, there is also an in-built CR2016 coin battery inside that claims to work for approximately two years, depending upon its usage.

Did this Digital Tablet impress me?

First of all, the tablet is thin and easy-to-carry. Also, the 8.5-inch screen is quite big and suffices for a paper notepad too. 

I can use it to draw, doodle, teach alphabets and basic drawings to my kid, write to-do lists, messages or reminders, grocery lists, and calculations.

The writing tablet is essentially a much budget-friendly alternative to paper. Usage of paper is not eco-friendly as it causes a lot of waste.

Also, the LCD uses a pressure-sensitive sensor to create the writings or drawings with no power consumed. It’s just unbelievable!

The only battery is consumed when the page is refreshed by pressing the erase button. 

However, I have heard that if the erase button does not work, we can assume that the battery has exhausted and we can replace it with a new one.

I can now say- Yes, with the super smooth writing experience, the 8.5 inches digital tablet did impress me. 

What makes it ideal for kids?

No duster, no dirt! 

I am so happy that this product is equally appealing for both boys and girls. Most importantly, it is safe to use for any kid.

Since the screen is black, so we can use it only in the light or during the daytime, it is not going to work in complete darkness. 

I love this technology as it is good for our eyes, different from the harmful radiation from our smartphones. Hence, we can use the tablet regularly without causing any harm to our eyes.

I consider the digital LCD tablet as the best way to prevent kids from getting addicted to cell phones. I can now see my kid spending his free time on creative scribbling and drawing.

Lastly, I must not miss appreciating such a great environment-friendly initiative towards "Save Paper Save Trees."


Overall, I will rate 4.8 out of 5 for the LCD tablet. 

I ruminate that the LCD notepad is not only a meaningful plaything for kids to develop a good habit of drawing and writing, but also superb for writing warm reminders or messages, for my family and me.

Experience the difference and go Paperless now with LCD Writing Tablet!

8.5 Inch Writing Tablet Kid Drawing Board



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