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Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar: Review.

Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar: Review.

Xiaomi's TV Soundbar. Great for a little money.

The latest of Xiaomi's home gadgets is their 33 inch Mi Soundbar that wouldn’t look
out of place on the shelves of Ikea. The full textured minimalist grey front
gives only a small clue to the devices function.

Although Xiaomi are known for creating exceptionally good value products with
great craftsmanship, the Xiaomi TV Soundbar sits firmly in the budget spectrum
when it comes to build quality, good but not premium.

This soundbar looks great and once setup, you won’t be touching it much anyway. Plus, it is one of the cheapest soundbars on the market. 




Tweeters: number 2.36 mm
Subwoofer: number 2.65 mm
Passive membrane: number 4.70 x 55 mm
Output power: 2x 14 watts
Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
Frequency response: 50 - 25,000 Hz


* Toslink socket
* SPDIF socket
* Line-In (RCA)
* AUX-In
* Bluetooth 4.2

Size: 87 x 830 x 72 mm
Weight: 1,925 kg



The scope
of delivery includes the soundbar, a power supply unit with a NEMA-1 connector,
an SPDIF cable, two screws and two dowels as well as a Chinese operating


One of the best bits about this soundbar… is how it doesn’t look much like a
soundbar at all. The grey fabric covering the front, the rounded curves and the
minimalist white plastic add up to make one stylish soundbar.

In the box, you’ll also find a screw kit allowing you to wall mount. The port
area is recessed so you’ll still be able to access any cables and the power

Overall, it’s a refreshing change to most of the budget soundbars out there but
can look a little garish if you already have a black setup.

The rubber
pads on the underside ensure a non-slip and cushioned stand for the 1.92 kg
Xiaomi Soundbar. Wall mounting is possible. A wall bracket for hanging the
soundbar in a screw attachment is located on the back of the housing.


When measuring the audio quality of a soundbar, you can’t fairly compare Xiaomi
soundbar twith expensive audio systems.

True to form Xiaomi have created a product that impresses on the budget end of
the spectrum. You get low deep rumbling bass combined with okay mids and highs.

Watching the trailer  "Venom" on YouTube really show off how
well this speaker has been tuned to get the most out of cinematic effects.
Venom’s low growling voice is captured well with plenty of bass in the explosions.
Cinematic sound effects are bright and push out a sense of realism your TV
speakers can’t match.

Without a dedicated sub though, you don’t get the chest rumbling bass effect,
but, the bass is definitely still there. While the mids & highs could be
clearer, this soundbar doesn’t suffer from any cheap tin can speaker effects

Another nice effect of the Xiaomi soundbar is that the 33″ length gives an
improved stereo soundstage compared to smaller units.

Overall though, the Xiaomi TV Soundbar does an excellent job considering its
price-tag. If you’re listening to your TV’s inbuilt speakers, you’re going to
be getting a big upgrade!

It also works as a Bluetooth Speaker for Music & Games. 
Built into the soundbar is Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. With a high max volume,
no rattle and very little distortion it doesn’t make a half bad music speaker. 
If you mainly listen to acoustic or vocals, you’ll probably be disappointed as
the lack of clarity in mids can make some songs feel a little muddy.


Setting up the soundbar is very simple. The reason it’s so simple is that there
is no remote, no fine tuning and nothing to fiddle with. The lack of remote can
cause some volume issues depending on what connections you use during setup.

Connect to your TV using either an AUX cable, Optical Cable, SPDIF (included)
or Bluetooth. Depending which connection you’ve picked and your TV’s own
controls you can tailor the sound using your TV’s menu.

This is where you realise not having a remote for the soundbar can be really
annoying. On the Xiaomi Soundbar, using optical, you physically have to get up
to alter the volume.

Bluetooth 4.2 Connection

Included is Bluetooth 4.2, allowing you to connect and play sound from your
smartphone or tablet to the TV Soundbar. The connection is stable and it’s more
than loud enough to get the party started.


On the pros, we have the excellent Scandinavian fabric front design, cinematic
bass and Bluetooth capability. But, on the cons, we have a lack of remote,
sometimes muddy mids and Bluetooth delay.

Connectivity availability is good, but relying solely on your TV for output is


• Good Overall Audio Quality – Price Considered

• Decent Cinematic Bass

• A big upgrade from TV Audio

• Modern Scandinavian Design

• Wall Mountable


• No Remote

• Only a SPDIF Cable included

• Chinese Plug (easy fix)

• Bass can overpower treble

Xiaomi 33 inch TV Soundbar



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